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CSR 129v2 - The Midnight Courier


I believe going over 300km/h almost doubles your service costs. So inherent with a car going over that magical line you get higher service costs. Mine are rather high too, but hey that’s why I added a Haynes repair manual. So I am wondering if it will be an important factor against my car too in the next round.


Oh yeah, I forgot how much tires play into it. 200+mph tires are unbelievably expensive in Automation (and possible IRL too). Just lowering the top speed reduces my maintenance costs by half, because it reduces the tire costs and that’s what most of the maintenance cost is. Could even be cheaper with higher profile tires but I liked my 1.20g cornering.

I was wrong about interiors making a big difference though. It seems that they’re linear, so going from basic to premium makes a huge difference on a small economy car but interior doesn’t matter as much relatively when your service costs are already in the thousands.


I can’t wait to see my car getting dissed!


Mental note: Xepy does not like :cheese:. Not surprised that monstrosity didn’t make it on looks - even I didn’t like it! The longitudinal mid-mounted boxer 6 twin turbo was also a bit out in left field :joy:


Negative rear camber is your friend, especially for mid engine and rear engine vehicles.
I like to have around -2 degrees.
This should also let you run wider front tires without oversteering into a tree.


Already have -2.1!


Reducing positive front camber and installing a thicker anti-roll bar at the front than at the rear can also help.

Judging Part 3

@LS_Swapped_Rx-7 - Tallahassee Stuwkracht

This German supercar breaks the mold of what you think a German car should have: a whole lot of engineering issues that they took their sweet time engineering.

[Binned for over Chassis ET by 13.4]

@TheLapTopX20 - APD Triaga 87RR

Sometimes life comes at you with difficult questions. Other times, it asks if you want to spend 50 grand on an oversteering uncomfortable deathtrap.

Depending on who you are you may say yes please but Jakob was not that kind of man.

@Aaron.W - Tanaka X4 Street

Nice looking car, but definitely has a lot of the group B dna still in it, as it is not exactly the best roadcar. The weird tire sizes don’t help either, do they need to be ordered over from Japan?

@yangx2 - Hirasawa 455R Longtail

The Hirasawa was much like the Tanaka before it, with a real racy design and engineering. But it is a fair bit faster also and doesn’t have as many uncommon parts so its worth taking a further look at.

Jakob added the 455R Longtail to his consideration list.

@On3CherryShake and @Chickenbiscuit - Rolland 400 RoadSport

The Rolland 4400 Roadsport was a nice looking coupe that unfortunately is in a field that costs more and thus outguns it by quite a bit. Also its a bit too tail-happy for Jakob’s tastes.

@titleguy1 - RJM 55-8R GT

Using the same base Farox engine as the Rolland, though tuned up a bit with .2l higher displacement, the RJM looks to provide a very solid car for a low price tag. A bit low on safety equipment however but it is workable for Jakob’s purposes.

The RJM was added to the consideration list.

The following has made it passed this round of the bin:

Judging Part 3.5

Seeing as he now had a considerably large list of cars to consider, it was time to get some test drives…

There was of course, no way he was going to get all 15 high end cars to test drive in any reasonable amount of time. The list was going to have to be cut down to size.

This of course, was no easy feat, each car was picked for one reason or the other. So, he had to sort the cars out in a logical way. Simplest one was by price point, to take out anything that simply wasn’t worth it, and thus will be left with the strongest cars with the best value.

For the ‘cheapest bunch’, all hovering around 60k or under, was the RJM, the Sendo, the Gallagher and the Voltari. The Voltari was definitely the fastest of the four, with the RJM just behind. That said, despite being the cheapest of the four, the RJM was also the best equipped of the four cars, matched by the Gallagher. Really, the only downside the the RJM compared to the rest was its below average safety equipment… It wasn’t an easy thing to do, but it meant the Sendo, Gallagher and the Voltari were eliminated.

Next was the 70 grand gang, with the Turbol, the Imola, the Zephorous and the Arion. Comparing the four like this, both the Imola and Arion were slightly weak compared to the packages the Turbol and Zephorous gave. The Zephorous was the strongest of this group on paper, while also being the second most expensive, but with the Turbol being the cheapest and still very capable, Jakob decided to keep both on the list for now.

The fastest group was next, with the Howler, the Morton, the Hirasawa and the Nazzaro. All priced around 80 grand, the Morton was immediately the outlier, being the least powerful and the slowest of the group. The other one was the Howler, though comparing it to the other cars it was a bit suspect. Could he really trust the numbers it was putting out, especially with how fast the other cars with automatics go? Jakob decided he’d rather take something he could trust than a performance wildcard .

Either way, that left the Nazzaro and Hirasawa, which all in all were very similar cars in the end, though from different origins and thus different approaches to roughly the same solution. Ultimately, Jakob preferred the Nazzaro’s approach, with a big V12 rather than the turbo V8 in the Hirasawa. That and it simply was faster.

Last group was the roughly 90 grand group, consisting of the Galera, MAHG and LCE. The MAHG with the aforemention understeering tendencies was the first to go, as that did not suit Jakob’s driving. The Gelera and the LCE were similar in many ways, but the LCE seemed to be more worth it with the V12 and AWD system.

The final five remaining now was:
1987 RJM 55-8R GT
1988 Turból F4
1982 Zephorus Kigore V12 S Touring
1988 Nazzaro Tempest
1988 LCE LP12 AWD Concept

Jakob then made a call, arranging for one of each of the cars to be available for a test drive.


oh well, guess that jakob isn’t the kind of person to buy some RUF kind of thing
It’s undertandable, since you would have to be quite out of your mind to buy an 80s RUF.


Yaaay! I never thought that I would finish in the top 5 this round, especially when the stakes are so high, but I feel elated and relieved having just realized that I am guaranteed to do so - and regardless of the final results, I can be justifiably proud of my entry, knowing that I beat out dozens of strong contenders for a place in the finals.


get absolutely destroyed @yangx2 i am the superior clutch master :sunglasses:


damn the worst thing isnt the fact that the tallahasse was binned, it was the fact that they thought it was german and not belgian like it is :pensive:




Getting binned because it’s in a safer state means how tough the compétition was!

Well done to the others!!


Exactly what I was about to say!


Google translate momen


First looking at your add I was like: “why did you put the German flag on a car with a Dutch name?”, but then I saw the Belgian flag on the side of your car and realised it wasn’t the German flag that is going over your bonnet and roof. It took me a few seconds to realize though. So I can only assume that people not knowing Dutch and/or German have mistaken the name for German too XD.


Yeah, similar with my car: Getting binned because the other car had the bragging rights of a V12 and AWD with similar stats.

Too bad my car is out, but well done and good luck to the finalists!


the navy was called