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CSR 71 - Dye-ing for beauty



I think I may also revive a classic, A 40 year anniversary car maybe…


2001 Cordia Spada 40

The new Cordia Spada 40 comes standard with everything you wish for in a car. CD Player? Electric seats? Smooth V8 engine? Multi-link suspension? Airbags? That’s typical for a luxury car by now. Try stuffs like a very clever Electronic stability program, Electronic controlled springs and dampers, Mitsushita computer controlled transmission, and Kashmir lined convertible top all to make Cordia Spada the ultimate in luxury convertible.

All of this for $22,150.

2001 Cordia Spada 40
So Smooth
So Luxurious


'01 LLA Minx 40 Year Limited Edition

Been waiting for a good reason to bring out the minx, it is most likely one of the best looking cars I have ever created (In My Opinion) It was planned for the 4th round of JTT, but that went quiet. Also it has a Godlike feature… POPUP HEADLIGHTS!!!


The Coupe version of Erin’s seminal Mk 1 Tauga, the company’s first ever midsize saloon.

249 hp, 0-60 in 6.4s, 160 mph, 1404kg.




Ninomiya XFR SSR-T (shown color: SSR Prism Blue)

The Ninomiya XFR SSR-T is the child of a super car and a luxury car - at a reasonable pricepoint. It has a targa top to feel the air, while the heated full leather seats inside enables comfortable experience in colder weather. The V6 engine with 6-speed manual transmission provides great driving experience, allowing the car to reach 100 km/h from zero in 5.5 seconds, without the jerkiness seen with automated manual transmissions. The suspension is controlled by computers, tuned for a balance between comfort and sport.
All these features are available for 20,681$.


I simply cannot believe that my approach to building an entry for this round turned out to be similar to yours - offer Melanie a two-door coupe version of a mid-sized saloon and hope for the best. Early on, I realized that my entry would work better as a coupe than as a convertible; I suspect you also came to the same conclusion.

And given the year in which this round is set, I couldn’t help but shamelessly insert several Kylie Minogue references in my ad - 2001 was when she reached the peak of her popularity, in the UK at least. Those words in bold italics? They refer to some of her songs or albums.


The Sofa S1100-T is a car designed to offer great value. With a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine derived from the legendary Sofa 1100, it can pack the performance to match it’s body with over 100 hp. It’s also not bare, this fully optioned out trim comes with features like fake leather seats, a CD player, and power steering. And this all fits in a reasonable price of $6,706.


Inspired by the Nissan Figaro?


I had never heard of it until you asked…and I Googled it :stuck_out_tongue:


But maybe you got the point when you saw it? :wink:




Maybe Melanie wants to do some online car shopping.


Did anyone ask for sport?


It did well in CSR69. Hopefully with a few major changes it can do well here.


Ignoring the amateurish ad, what are the differences between this latest trim and the one which won CSR69?

Also, this round really is as open as the rules suggest it would be - I’m seeing sports saloons, restomods and even the odd SUV among a bevy of coupes and convertibles.


Quite a lot actually, but you can’t tell that just by looking. Not that there’s any rules to say you can’t reuse cars.

Why fix what ain’t broke?


Luxor Privateer the best combination of luxury and sportiness.