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CSR 71 - Dye-ing for beauty



I can just hear those classic American On-Line sounds going on in my head… As expected from a professional ad maker, his work is good at promoting a car and sending you back in time!

As for my entry, it’s still receiving a few touch-ups as we speak. The ad itself will come soon, tomorrow at earliest, but for now here’s a thing not often seen in these threads. A visual teaser;


Dun-dun-duunnnnn! A new challenger('s) name has appeared! And yes, it would only make sense for it to be a Hugi. I mean there’s no red accenting anywhere, CSM would be ashamed to release such a car… :laughing:


It was either this, or another M3 clone.:sweat_smile:



The MY01 TSR Kansai RS

For those who wants affordable performance…

TSR has been making the 3rd generation Kansai for a year (since 2000). This version is the RS. With 267HP, 228lb-ft of torque and AWD as standard, the RS will propel 0-62mph in 6.07 seconds, a top speed of 142mph and able to do 1.08g’s. You’ll be able to get the RS for $22813/£16898 (without mark-up).

-TSR Kansai RS in Flaked Rich Red


Oh cool! I think I’m gonna enter this. Expect my entry later today :wink:


I like the late 90’s - early 2000 design, but I do find it slightly underwhelming for something with a name as massive as Betelgeuse. (Note: I’m not calling the design as such underwhelming).


The 2001 Farox Presto.

The Presto is refreshed for 2001 with new suspension, transmission and engine refinements. Fuel economy in excess of 26 mpg, sports-car-like handling, and room for two people, their luggage and their dog.

Yours for only $21,500.


Presenting the Griffonne. The gladiator in a knight’s shining armor. Available now for £11,309

(price taken from the car’s original 0% markup price of $24,902, which was then converted to British pounds and modified with an inflation rate calculator)

Additional press photos found below;



2001 Ios RL280
Come and test drive the exclusive Ios RL280. For the RL280, Ios has partnered with the UK fashion house “Brambleberry” for the design and manufacture of the interior of this stylish two-door coupe. Featuring only the best Italian leather and accents colour matched to any material from the “Brambleberry” core range of tartans, you will be the envy of all the town in the RL280. Ios has ensured that this focus on quality and luxury has flowed through to the engineering and design choices for this car, with a responsive yet refined turbocharged 2.8L V6 powering and advanced and intelligent 5-speed gearbox that can propel you to 100km/h in under 6.5 seconds. Perfect poise awaits you as you traverse to your destination, no matter whether it lies beyond dappled mountain roads, or busy boulevards, thanks to the advanced suspension layout that deals with any road easily and comfortably.

Finally… A Sport Car for those who don’t want to compromise.

Prices start at $21,879.00


did it ever occur to you that green text on a green car was a terrible idea?


I felt the some portions of the text had to match the green in the car… But yes, placing green text on top of the green car wasn’t the finest placement idea I’ve had. But what’s done is done, sadly…

Edit: Disregard that last sentence. Turns out there was a problem with one of the Griffonne’s stats, which has been fixed. Both the ad and the press photos will be updated accordingly in the original post to reflect the changes.


Well it’s a big name for sure, but in the lore I’m developing for FABEL, the Betelgeuse is the largest, most expensive and most luxurious car they make, so it fits!


That certaintly makes sense! the car itself doesn’t really look like calling up the image of an exceptionally large, expensive, luxurious car. It looks nice, but more like a sports coupe, than an exceptional luxurious car.


how are you achieving pushrod suspension in a midship car without blowing the engineering limit of 40 units?


Rodley Restomod: An official classic car built by the original company with modern elements. Under the retro body style you will find an advanced AHS chassis and a 1.8l turbo engine with amazing efficiency. Sports style wheels and suspesion also mean you can have fun with this exciting engine, with FWD for great drivability. premium interior and radio also included. Safety in this car is just as good as in a modern rodley, as it the ABS and power steering.
Just $22500 today!


This will crash and burn in the purest SARA tradition, but, well, I have to try these

Honey, what about cruising the Riviera tonight ?

To celebrate its return on american markets, SARA is proud to present its new, roaring roadster, the SARA Riviera. Get on board, and feel like a 60’s movie star, with all the glamour and smoothness of a silky smooth inline 6, and a silky smooth interior.

The decadent luxury of the chrome and leather trimmings will propel you in an era where freedom and joie de vivre were the rule…

But don’t get the wrong idea !
We may have banished plastics* from our car trimming, but underneath the classical design, you’ll find all the good things technical progress has given us.
Astutely hidden GPS, advanced automatic with sequential mode, variable hydraulic power steering, ESC, EURO NCAP and emissions 5, under 10 l/100 mileage NEDC (EPA 26 mpg), over 200 km/h and under 29 seconds on the standing kilometer, close to 1 g on the skidpad, and a standard 3 years guarantee we feel confident to offer on such a reliable model.

(* chrome trimmings in SARA exclusive verychrome PVC)
Model presented SARA Riviera in Cannes trimming, starting at 23500$ MSRP (21380 w/o markup), 2 seats, 188 hp DIN - SARA Riviera Menton and Turini also available, refer to dealership
(I’m ashamed by this front fascia, yet I chose to show that and not the rear, which tells a lot)


Gasmean Speedworks Interceptor 4000

Stylish boulevard looker by day, savage track animal by night and, thanks to the T-Top roof, exhilarating open air cruiser in between, the GSW Interceptor 4000 is your ideal everyday sports car. The spectacular looks will give you all the attention and street cred you’ll ever need, while the surprisingly spacious trunk will hold grocery for two or luggage for the occasional weekend trip. Predictable handling characteristics and the latest in driver assists make harnessing the grunt of the 350 hp V6 and the phenomenal cornering capability a breeze, and with a combined economy rating of 7.8L/100km (NEFZ rating; real world comsumption: 13.4L/100km) it won’t eat you out of house and home. And talking about affordability: It can be yours from $34,450 ($24,607@0%).


Presenting the Albatross 300S, the latest convertible sports car in the Albatross Motors lineup. This car features a mid-engined, rear wheel drive layout, coupled to a naturally aspirated 3 liter Inline-6 cylinder engine making 237 horsepower. Power is delivered to the rear wheels via a 6 speed manual transmission, and the 4-wheel double wishbone suspension provides best-in-class handling without breaking the bank. When you’re not racing through the back roads, the Albatross 300S will even get 33 Miles per Imperial Gallon. The best bit - you can drive yours home for only $16,894. See your local Albatross dealership to learn more.


“Riiiiiiiiiiiddddddee meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

Literally own the World Serpent for just 17,037 hacksilver.