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CSR 71 - Dye-ing for beauty


Awesome round, great writing @Cheeseman😁


Early in the round, I was thinking of building and submitting an FR V8 coupe (reminiscent of contemporary SVT Cobras and GM F-bodies, but with more refinement) just like yours, but changed my mind because I thought I could get better results with an I6 sports saloon… Oh well. At least I had fun creating an interesting ad for it.

It turned out that getting a V8 to fit within the tight PU/ET limits for this round was more difficult than it would be for an I6 or I4, which immediately ruled it out for me. Unless it was a simpler (but less economical) pushrod unit, of course.

Also, I noticed that your car was one of only two finalists not to use either the small or large version of the NSX body - neither of them have any provision for rear seats anyway, which might actually have tipped things ever so slightly in your favour. In contrast, both the small A4 body (which I used) and the S15 body (which you used) can be fitted with full-sized rear seats, allowing them to be used for making four-seaters, not just 2+2 coupes.

And congratulations on your second CSR win, with special thanks to @Cheeseman for hosting such a compelling round!


One sale for Enactor!
That’s way better than expected and, in the accountants books and the world of wild cards, it’s a win.

Cheers cheeseman


Congrats to Chipskate for winning!
For me, this actually is pretty good for what basically is my first entry. But I should’ve taken a look at more coupe bodies, as I was loosely trying to make whatever the S15 convertible is called - only to look away from it as I couldn’t decide how to style the body I was trying to use, while I decided I nailed it on the Not-SX body.
EDIT: I actually used the longer Not-SX body, so 2 entries in the finals uses that body.


It’s always a bit disappointing to get rejected, but definitely a fair call on the MM. I was struggling with the front end design, it’s one of the most cramped bodies, it only has 100L of storage space, and I suspect Melanie wouldn’t have minded it being a bit fussy in maintenance if all those other things weren’t an issue but they were. Props to Chipskate for nailing it and props to Cheeseman for a smoothly run round with fun characters!

CSR 72: Fancy on the Farm

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