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CSR 72: Fancy on the Farm


1959 Vanquist Bitty Boy
The Future of Motoring is Now.


Where did you get that bodystyle?


That truck has an unlock year of '46. It’s one of the very first bodies you can play with in the game.


It’s just one of the early truck bodies. 1940 maybe.


What’s the wheelbase?


'59 MUD Ouray Classic

Affordable, reliable and able to carry lots of cargo all day long, our Ouray Classic is all the truck you need (or want) for just over $9900, excluding markups.


ooh, yay! Time to re-create the American Eagle Automotive D-100 in UE4 for this challenge!


2.6 meters, or 104", but IIRC there’s a 2.9 meter variant (although I think that’s only the SUV) 116"


Faux dually! Ha!


Yes, the crazy mad-scientist team at Sinistra did it again, this time with a front-wheel-drive light-duty pickup coupe. At $11,288 without markups, it’s expensive, but that’s because Sinistra Motors’ engine design lab finally managed to crank out a V8.



1959 Bogliq Mutineer Custom

Check out the Leeroy Custom Program HERE

Buy better, buy Bogliq


New for 1959, the Epoch M40 Special

Able to tow >850kg, load capacity >750kg, cargo volume >2250L, and without sacrificing comfort or features you would expect in a premium sedan. Retaining the famous Epoch reliability, the Model 40 Special performs like no other and all whilst returning 13L/100kms*. And only for $892.28**, we guarantee you won’t find a better deal.

[* Fuel economy rating calculated as unladed combined cycle.]
[** $7651]


Montes 200V 2200 Deluxe

The well-known Montes 200 series I, but in wagon version!

Built with European quality standards, it features a comfortable interior, with an Arel Commodor radio, plus advanced safety standards.

As extra, you can choose a double wishbone rear suspension (caution: it decreases the cargo load, but provides extra confort).

And it costs only $958!!!




It’s perennial from gta:sa?


What car is this?


GAZ-21 Volga. The front of yours is pretty much identical.


Yep. It looks too similar.


So ofc he would want a wagon with DW rear suspension