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CSR 72: Fancy on the Farm


Work in progress… Still lots of tuning to do (those dang brakes!)

Meet the Webber Hampton Custom

Tag line:

“Webber gonna pick you up,
Never gonna let you down”

Pics are lower than spec suspension right now… min maxing the comfort and utility is always ending up with a monster truck, haha!


And for less than $11,000


PMI Roamer-Spirit Vogue '59 Superglide

The Model II PMI Roamer is a formidable pick up truck. However, in cooperation with PMI Spirit, and replacing the trusty inline-6 with the reliable 305 V8 with superglide automatic transmission, we have made it faster, easier to drive, and vogue.

Roam. Impress. Country. Sprited. City. Vogue.

~ Elected best Utility Vehicle of 1957 by Motor World Review ~


Deer And Hunt Fallow MKIII Deluxe


Packard WX-T560
The New Face of Trucks.
Available for 11609$.


I’m fucking done.

This was my entry

And this is my entry after taking screenshots



that exact thing happened to me…


Ow that’s bad…

Time to start exporting before screenshots… Although just exiting to the sandbox might have the same result.


Yeah I export everycar before screenshots now :disappointed_relieved:



LUXOR Vulcan


Albatross Motors Presents the 1959 T100, the company’s nth entry into the truck market. This truck is powered by a 317 CUI V8 making 187 horsepower and 279 lb-ft of torque. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a “3-on-the-tree” manual transmission with column shift. With the T100, you will be able to carry more than 3000 lbs in the bed of the truck, while still not sacrificing comfort. The truck comes standard with leather seats and an advanced AM radio, as well as seatbelts and a safety glass windshield. Best of all, you can get your very own, brand new Albatross T100 for the low, low price of $1,099*. See your local Albatross dealership for more details.

*$9376 in-game converted using inflation calculator to 1959 dollars


Americar Dixiecar Freedom V12


1959 Gasril Barnside

Luxury without compromise


Brooks Idaho DeLuxe 350


1959 Washington Motorworks Bull

Take on whatever task comes at you with the new 1959 Washington Motorworks Bull and its high quality 4.1L Heavy Duty inline 6 engine with 125hp and 2 speed easy-matic automatic transmission. for just near $9000 it’s all the truck you need and nothing extra you don’t!


Aaand entries are closed. Thanks to everybody who participated, first round results will be out tomorrow!


I missed it! And yeah, my one also removed all the fixtures after I quit the photo mode… Bummer!

Good luck all!


Don’t take screenshots from the photo mode button of the editor.