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CSR 76: Rock 'n Rollin'


One of the last tabs, near power:weight ratio, iirc


Yeah, just found it. I don’t really build performance cars so I don’t ever go to the test track tab.

Now here’s the next question.

How the eff do you build a car that actually populates a value there?

ALL of my vehicles show 0 KG.

Including my 1.5 ton trucks.


having the same problem, I was going to go a non van route, but everything shows 0KG towing value.

Edit: Figured it out, the game is very picky about gear spacing and tow rating, as an FYI


Engine torque highest at the lower revs and high gearing will help you with towing.


Need to carry lots of stuff and several friends on a road trip? Then check out the Genra GVC Combi, a cargo/passenger van with five seats, an immense load bay, and enough towing capacity to haul around a sizable amount of additional cargo. All this can be yours for just under $8500.


Ah, my kingdom for an A-Team GMC-esque body… There aren’t many late-'70s boxy American bodies currently in the game. And the Nash might be too smol to cater to the band’s metal needs.

Man, who said the rockstar life was just fun and games?


Not only is there a lack of decent van bodies, there are absolutely no crew cab pickups at all!



So that’s the top two best choices for a band van already out of the window… Well, this will be a challenge about adapting, that is for sure.
In a very subtle way, I shall say "psst modders, this is your cue to add those sweet box bodies for our Rob Van Man needs, if you can".

But in a very subtle way, mind you!


If I don’t see the mystery machine, I will genuinely be dissapointed…


Nah, I’ve done that before, and it got trashed


If you are talking Automation Sunday Cup, that thing will be in the race.


1978 Wisconsin Motors Valhalla QuargaTop

Hey, I heard there was a Rock show around here somewhere but I seem to have found the Folk stage. Where the Rockers at?

There’s a little extra in the budget to help with fuel costs. If you’ve ever driven across the mountains in a loaded minibus, you might hanker after one of these.


Sadly, I cant actually enter my own CSR round, so unless someone makes a mystery machine themselves…

…I’ll be waiting for the inevitable mystery meme machine


LOL @ QuargaTop


I guess that with the A/C turned off, if there is any, the quarga top is able to fry Särimner when parked in the sun.


A real rocker only has the panels on when it’s raining. Those panels stacked on the roof induced some, um, “interesting” high speed aero effects, too, but we won’t talk about that…


'78 LLA K3200 G3

With 26 years of history LLA is ready to present the 3rd generation of the K-series utility vehicle. Being LLA’s first vehicle built on a monocoque chassis back in '52 with a revolutionary independent suspension system the K-series brought many innovations to the LLA line-up. With both cargo and passenger variants available LLA was always able to cater to the needs of any company.

Here today is the K3200 G3, the third generation with an updated 3.2 Litre engine. With yet another innovation LLA would like to announce that all new K-series utility vehicles come with Computer Fuel Injection, allowing better fuel economy and power. With plenty of torque the LLA K3200 G3 offers a massive cargo space with fold-able rear seats and excellent load capacity.

CabSpace Package Details:

  • 3 seat bench + 2 fold-able rears
  • 3.2 Litre fuel injected straight 6
  • Available in Brown, White or Green
  • Standard interior and entertainment
  • Dual exit exhaust
  • Spare wheel
  • Roof rack
  • 4 Speed auto
  • Power Steering
  • Front Disk Brakes

Sub-Total (Inc. VAT) $9813


Is k-series inspired by beam.ng or is it just a coincidence?


Just a coincidence