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CSR 76: Rock 'n Rollin'


Respect FriedUp Camper 2.0 LXE

The LXE Camper, is the highest trim from the FriedUp van. The 2.0 is the smaller engine, a v6, SPFI, with 80hp, featured as a smooth, economical and reliable power unit. And is coupled to a 4-speed automatic gearbox.

The LXE trim it comes with: power-assisted steering, 3-point seatbelts on the front, and 2 on the 2 individual rear seats, halogen headlights, a Blaupunkt 8-track sound system, progressive springs, brake disc brakes, and of course, the foldable joker camper roof, if you want, with no extra cost. And the chromed aesthetical elements.

For $9025, you can have that high quality product!


How’s it so expensive? I have a DOHC 4v EFI 3.0 V6 and struggled to get above budget. (apart from when I put fiberglass panels lol)


IDK exactly why. And I tried everything. All the possible engines, materials, equipment, chassis…


Maximum budget is maximum for a reason. Its also in the restrictions.


Try standard springs and drum brakes


1978 Bogliq Mutineer Entrance

With the new for 1979, and more expensive, Mutineer just around the corner, great value deals can be had on the run out Model 11…


To receive this variant just make sure to choose the options listed:

Default model/trim: Model 11/Entrance

Body style: Wagon

Gearbox: 4spd auto


  • Basic 8 track update
  • Towpack (inc. final drive conversion and towbar w/ ball)

Total price (Automation Dollars): $2,975 ($9938 @ 0%)

For more information on the Model 11 Mutineer or any other of the Bogliq range, don’t hesitate to visit your local, friendly, Bogliq dealer today!

Buy better, buy Bogliq



It’s Stylish.


I submitted a model earlier but have been informed that it didn’t meet basic minimum requirements for Cargo space within the car (1000L). Going back to the drawing board and going to design an all new vehicle for you.


The 1978 Monado Excursion is the only vehicle one should consider for grand road trips with the most comfortable and smooth ride in the small commuter market. We’ll admit, the Excursion isn’t designed to accelerate - it’s designed to advance forward, to travel. To cruise. You’ll be amazed when the hours fly by, totally enveloped in the plushest premium leather seating; it’s like having the best seats in the house to your own personal trip experience.

This isn’t just a car ride, this is a lounge on wheels.

And with a gas-sipping EFI I6 running at 15mpg, you won’t be getting out of your seat to make a gas stop at every little town you pass by, but to make memories all along the way.

All of this premium luxury for a reasonable $9192.

Planning on going places? Go in style and grace. The Monado Excursion.

Contact your local dealership for variant towing and trim level / paint configurations.


I must say that it was a nice effort in getting a very asian look using the german-based body!



Can the trailer be used as the living compartment? It was a common thing in the 60’s and 70’s to have people in the trailer while it was being towed.

IE: I’ve been designing a truck with the Tow capacity to pull a living compartment trailer, and the space in the bed to lug the stuff.

Or do you want to require a 4 seat minium?



Can we use mod bodies?


@Lordred at least 4 seats is a must

@LS-Vehicles yes unless stated otherwise, mods are always allowed


quick poll. Gas mileage, comfort, and driveability. If you were to rank them, which is most important¿


Panels and suspension type can make a lot of difference at final cost, try to check it.


Albatross Motors Presents, the Albatross V200, our latest entry into the family-hauling market. This rear-engined, rear wheel drive 5-passenger van is powered by a 2.0 L 16 valve Inline 4 engine, making 95 horsepower and 107 lb-ft of torque. The engine is complete with Albatross’s new electronic fuel injection system, allowing more efficient delivery and usage of fuel. Coupled with a 3-speed automatic transmission, the Albatross V200 achieves 24 MPG highway (18.4 MPG combined), meaning your long road trips won’t be interrupted by excessive fuel stops. Best of all, this 2,652 lb van comes with near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution, meaning that you can, in fact, tear up those backroads with the family. Finally, you can get it all for only $9,672. See your local Albatross dealer for more.


Luxor Centipede

A car with Knife sharp edges and its Party trim gives you the perfect comfort with a really affordable price.


In the 1970s, the Journeyman averaged 12 mpg, which seriously dragged down the company’s average fuel economy. In an effort to boost their numbers, they released the Journeyman E, with fewer options, and smaller tires and a fuel injected straight 6. Every dealer was required to have one. There wasn’t a lot of profit margin in these, so dealers had a few tricks up their sleeves to hide it from customers and sell the more profitable V-8 S.U.V.s; but if you knew how it worked, you could pick one of these up for less than 10 grand.


This should get an auto win for looking so good.