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CSR 76: Rock 'n Rollin'


Albatross Motors would like to assure its customers that its vehicles are available in more than the one color shown on the brochure. Please see your local Albatross dealer to learn more.


Likewise, the Genra GVC Combi is available not just in black, but in several other exterior colors as well. I only went with black because it would seem more menacing.

This round, however, will be remembered for a low turnout - 18 entrants is the smallest field we’ve had in a while, but at least I still enjoyed it regardless, even if I don’t win in the end.


Are we getting a novel for each of the finalists?



Nope, personalised songs, written by Eagle Heart for each finalist, :laughing:


Ofc, I have to do all the song writing first.


Final Reviews

16th March 1978.

It was a surprisingly dreary Thursday morning. Mac and picked up Steven from the bar and Jack got into his aunts old beater.
“Oi, lets get going” yelled Jack, “we’ve got six cars to go and test so lets go.”
Getting into the cramped car, they drove to the first dealership, Anhultz Pasedena.

Anhultz Mimas

Jack: It’s pretty roomy inside and theres a fair amount of space in trunk.
Mac: Looking around theres nothing that ain’t too out of the ordinary. Except for that undertray. That’s gonna be a pain in the arse to remove when repairing and for whatever reason, it has a massive air duct underneath the car, although I guess that does help the reliability.
Bud: Lets take it for a spin then…

A couple of laps around the block later

Steven: It’s pretty comfy and looking at it in person, it certainly is good looking. Not as good as the SpaceDragon though.
Jack: Are you still going on about that?
Bud: And easy to drive, but it takes an eternity to reach highway speeds.
Mac: It’s pretty barebones but I guess thats what makes it one of the cheapest, although we still need that trailer.
Bud: Well lets move onto the next dealership.

It was a short uneventful drive to the next dealership, IP California.

IP Highway Star

Steven: You know what, it doesn’t look too bad when you’re standing in front of it.
Jack: See, I told ya, aint too bad. And there’s plenty of space for us and even more in the back.
Mac: Those back doors make it real easy to load too. Though its gonna be a tight fit to get all our gear in there.
Bud: Well, hop on in then…

A couple of laps around the block and a near crash with a truck later

Jack: That was bloody close, and you’re out main driver.
Bud: Look, it wasn’t the easiest to drive you know. Besides, if it weren’t for my driving we’d be all dead. This thing doesn’t have that high of a safety rating.
Mac: Besides that, the ride wasn’t too bad, though I would say its pretty expensive for what we’re gonna get.
Steven: Alrighty, onto the next one.

The Genra GVC dealership was just down the road from the IP dealership so they group decided to walk there instead.

Genra GVC Combi

Steven: No, even up close it looks pretty ugly.
Jack: That rear is pretty plain and doesn’t look like it can be opened.
Mac: If thats the case, loading it is gonna be a bitch. At least the side door is pretty big.
Bud: I guess the next thing to do is to test it out on the road.

They drove the van up and down the road until they were told to go back by the car dealer

Bud: That was easy to drive. By far the easiest driving car of all that we’ve looked at so far.
Jack: Easy to drive yes, but it was fucking hard on my ass.
Steven: That was not comfortable. At all.
Mac: That being said, its one of the cheapest vans. If only it looked better.

The DAAG was next up, with their signature German styling.


Steven: This. This is good.
Mac: Plenty of space, easy to load, especially with that rear hatch.
Bud: One of the best fuel eco, comfy seats, this is almost the perfect package. If only it wasn’t so expensive to run and purchase.
Jack: Time to take it for a test ride then…

Weaving through traffic, they drove the van onto the highway before coming back

Bud: My god. This van. I love it. It’s so easy to drive.
Mac: The ride in the rear was pretty good too.
Steven: Plenty of space for other crap too. Guys, we have a winner.
Bud: Hold on though, theres more stuff to look at, besides which, this thing is one of the most expensive vehicles we’ve looked at, and it’s not exactly the most reliable either. Not to mention, that it can’t carry that much heavy equipment in the rear compared with the others. Anyways off to the next place then.

It was a pretty long drive to the Albatross dealership, rush hour traffic was not helping, but they eventually arrived.

Albatross V200

Steven: Looks okay from the front I guess. But its as empty as the bar in monday morning round the back.
Mac: Ouch, that price tag. This is by far the most expensive van out there.
Jack: Not to bad inside, pretty spacious and looks like theres a rear hatch too.
Bud: Has an automatic too, so it should be easy to drive.

One loop around the block later

Bud: Not as easy to drive as the GVC or the DAAG, but its close.
Steven: I guess if we got this one it would be okay, just choose any color other than that one. That green is not good.
Mac: Yeah, but it has the highest service costs of any car so far, and again its rear engined so working on it is gonna be fucking hard.
Jack: But it isnt too bad is it though. So, shall we head off to the last dealer?

One short drive later and they finally arrived at the Baltazar-Bush Dealership.

Bush Cargo

Steven: It’s not that bad looking at it now. Though the side decals look pretty crap.
Bud: Doesn’t look like its got a rear hatch either, and its though it has a lot of space in the rear too.
Mac: One of the lowest service costs too. And is by far the cheapest car so far.
Jack: Yeah its probably gonna be the most uncomfortable ride ever.

One quick trip to the beach and back later

Jack: Yep, fucking pain in the ass.
Bud: Its not as bad as the Genra, but this is a lot harder to drive too.
Mac: It is the cheapest though.
Bud: Well, we’ve gotta make our decision now, what should we go for…

May 10th 1998.

20 years had passed since EagleHeart’s first tour, California to Miami. Along the way they met one of Werner Music’s agents. Signing that contract in '79 the band shot to fame releasing top hits such as “Downstream From St Louis”, “Arboretum Of The Undying” and most famous of them all “Rock ‘n Rollin’”. The band would eventually disband in '86. As for what happened to the members, well, Buddy would eventually start a new band in '89 along with Jack. Mac decided to leave the rockstar life behind, marrying his long time childhood friend Anna Rosen. Steven on the other hand, would leave EagleHeart in '85, starting his successful solo career. With that money, he did eventually manage to buy himself a Mitsushita SpaceDragon. Sadly, his life filled with drugs and alcohol got the better of him and on June 12th 1988, he was found dead from drug overdose.

sigh “20 years ago huh. Has it really been that long” muttered Bud, lying on top of the old battered Mimas, lighting a cigar and gazing at the night sky. “Man, we had some good adventures back then.” bzzt bzzt Bud looked at his phone. “Hmm, a reunion tour huh…California to Miami…looks like we’ll all be going back tour again” said Buddy, stepping into the seat of the Mimas…

Well done to Elizipeazie for winning round 76!

1st: Elizipeazie
2nd: NiuYorqCiti
3rd: zschmeez
4th: abg7
5th: Leonardo9613
6th: Knugcab

If Elizipeazie cannot host, hosting duties will be given to zschmeez as NiuYorqCiti has already messaged me saying that he would be unable to host.

Here’s a link to the finalists spreadsheet.


Hello there.

First: Thanks to all the competitors fir entering. This is my first CSR victory and i am very happy about it.

It might take a bit longer than 24 hours for me to set up the new CSR.

  • Reason I: I am waiting for the BeamNG update to start building test mules
  • Reason II: I am out of home and therefore cannot type a novel of text for the introduction.
    (Especially not on the phone lol)

Simply put:
I will host CSR 77, but it will also take some time to be launched.


It was real fun to compete with you guys. I’m pretty much happy with how my entry fared against the others, firstly because it has a turbocharged engine, which was one of my main concerns (because of the high running costs that are usual to this kind of setup), and if I’m not mistaken, the only one that made it into the final stage. Also, it’s the first time that I make it into the top 3 of a CSR.

Kudos to @Dorifto_Dorito for hosting this awesome CSR. And congratulations to @Elizipeazie for getting the first place.


i also did have a turbo and SPEFI
also running floor cladding for aero as well as i was the only towing entry in the finals
increased running costs by like 4$


[double post intended]

Disclaimer for CSR77

The CSR77 thread is expected to be up some time tomorrow afternoon. I just got home from a week of traveling and need to start doing some CSR and BeamNG related testing.
(yes. BeamNG will play a role to some degree)


[again: double post intended to let you know better what is happening; sorry about that]

Sadly, I might run into some, not yet known degree of delay for the CSR77 thread.

Reason is the newly released BeamNG exporter update causing a lot of issues for me at the moment.

I am trying to get the update to work until tomorrow, but there is no guarantee yet.
If i cannot make it work, CSR 77 will sadly have to be ran without BeamNG integration.


I’m currently having no issues with the exporter, ATM i am having issues with beamng’s hotlapping app


might be true for you.
the exporter seems to be working relatively well for most of us, but for me it simply doesn´t.
I can not get an exported car to even load.



I am currently setting up the limitations and rules for the following Car Shopping Round.
I hope to get it finished today, but i do not want to half-ass it and screw your experienc up because of badly made rules.

Therefore i wanted to ask if it is okay to set a two-day-non- entry time to suggest rule alterations and improvements.
During this time, building cars would be allowed, but any entry in that time frame might have to be altered to fit the changed ruleset.


Sounds good to me.