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CSR 88 - ''Back to The Future'' (FINAL RESULTS PUBLISHED!)


Could have said that sooner…
proceeds to scrap current car and start over



Sorry for the inconvenience :S We were trying to get everything clearly defined and set all the rules before subs open in a few hours.

If it’s any consolation, there shouldn’t be any more major changes or limits put on now. Unless the community isn’t happy with the ruleset, it will go ahead as is at 9pm.

@conan is getting into the spirit :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, one more thing that came to my mind considering the lore:
How advanced of a road surface are the skyways? Are they never wet/dirty or even icy, so pretty much always have top notch grippy condition?
If so… Semi Slick tyres might be viable?
Even though cornering grip may not be something one would ask for with automated vehicles (unless there’s like a “hurry-mode”), and the service costs would also get a 1up from that, could maybe be useful for acceleration grip.


Tyre choice is not restricted. If you can make it work, you can have it. While that is a minor oversight, the rule set is already bloated enough as it is. Therefore I don’t intend to limit this in any way.

As long as you can hit all other reqs, you won’t be penalised for using slicks - though that may change depending on how the community feels about it.


What brand new cars are looking in this story? does it have to look new, Like a futuristic '80 concept?
Or like these images? (not necessarily made of junk, but with this approach of cyberpunk)


Second one (Cyberpunk 2077 one, from which Marcus ‘‘borrowed’’ to come up with the idea in the first place) will be a very close match here.

To an extent, 3rd one (a Saleem photoshop, we did list him as an artist to draw inspiration from after all) is a fairly close match too. The ideal car is somewhere in between these two, though I would say it could be closer to the 2077 one.

We aren’t necessarily looking for crazy or outragous. If you make a Testarossa and tastefully adorn it with neon lights, vents and some high tech equipment, painted in some vibrant color, it will most likely score high.

That’s not to say we won’t accept a far out concept - if you DO come up with something like that Land Rover, I will be very impressed and will give it a fair shout if it’s kept relatively tasteful. Am I explaining myself with any degree of accuracy here?

What I will do is post a few pictures under the ‘‘inspiration’’ tab to provide even more guidance.

At the end of the day, every car (even a joke entry) will be given a fair consideration. I don’t want to discourage anyone from entering this round nor make anyone feel like their interpretation of the rules and design guidelines is vastly different to ours.

If it so happens that people don’t quite match our ‘‘vision’’ we will still choose the best vehicle overall, based on how well the entrant carried out their own interpretation of our brief. I don’t expect many people if anyone at all will be binned for looks here.


Got it!
And yes posting image as inspiration must be a good idea, I searched some names you mentioned and found nothing about the cyberpunk universe. With clear examples, we’ll have a better of the cyberpunk interpretation of the universe you described in your lore.


Okay, will do!

45 minutes till subs open!


Heads up! Posted a new expandable for ‘‘visual guidelines’’.

It is meant to be purely for inspirational purposes and is in no way intended to limit your own interpretations of our theme - you are not required to copy these cars in your designs. Fair consideration will be given to all entries!

We are now open. I hope everyone and everything is now clear on what is happening. If not, we are and would be very happy to provide any further explanations.


Meet TeskaMotive’s 2048 NovaLiner G16 PVAN.

New ad! (photoshop noob btw)


Technical aspects:

  • TeskaMotive’s StarPower Turbo I4 (345 lb-ft and 324 hp)
  • 0-62mph in 5.7s;
  • 6 individual seats divided on 3 rows;
  • LED strips EVERYWHERE;
  • 10L/100km thanks to its aerodynamic body;
  • AWD
  • Great reliability.


Is low economy acceptable if the vehicle is good otherwise? I want a huge engine but it’s not working well.


Eh, I think Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” is more my jam… Car is in progress.


So, am I allowed to use the dual clutch transmission?


You tell us you want 6 seats, and then you show 2 door sports and super cars as an example


Im sorry, they are meant for inspiration purposes only. I did try to find pictures of suitable vans and limos but came up with fairly little material. Basically, imagine a car like these but a van or wagon or any other body style you wish. Your car won’t be penalised for body style choices.

@CC9020 while it should be perfectly achievable to have good economy and speed, anything up to 10l is acceptable. If the vehicle is good otherwise, it shouldn’t be a problem though more economy is always welcome.

@HighOctaneLove yes, as long as it is not a manual transmission, any automatic including dct would be fine for purposes of this challenge. There is a marginal preference towards the adv. Auto i guess because of the ludicrous amount of gears it can contain but it doesnt really matter which one you want to use.

To all:
Keep in mind the budget is set high for a reason! Don’t be afraid to push it harder, future money is practically worthless and big sums mean little.


psst: Sequential is a manual. It’s specifically a race style manual.


You got me there. I was thinking of a sequential gearbox actuated automatically but I’ll amend that post and op to reflect that.


E N T E R T H E H A S S E L - Z O N E

(best I could do with that app, also I realized that David Hasselhoff was spelled with -el and not -le)

The 2048 Meijer Hassel Turbomatic-3500EX is ready to hassle with a brand-new A E S T H E T I C flat plane V8 with new Dual-Turbomatic technology. Relax in the comfortable interior filled to the brim with tech while the AI cruises on the skyways. The AI, called “The Hasseler”, is voiced by no other than David Hasselhoff (a synthetic voice created by sampling old movies) and has three modes: off, cruise and Hoffmeister-EX Max Power. On the outside we have a moving indicator on the mono-light, a light that lights up whenever it talks, vortex generators on the roof, quad gullwing doors and 16k p camera mirrors.

More Pictures


Looks like everyone is using the body I was going to use. Sooo… can’t have that lol. Back to the drawing board.