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CSR 88 - ''Back to The Future'' (FINAL RESULTS PUBLISHED!)


@yangx2, don’t forget to send me your car


Will do will do



FMC - 102 | e-Tron

A luxury vehicle for a luxury lifestyle.

No expense has been spared with the 102 e-Tron, with the latest in HUD technology and AI crafted seating your vehicles become the social spectacle you need in your life.

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Albatross Motors Presents, a modern rendition of our classic full-size wagons, the Albatross 501. This 6-seater wagon is powered by a 5.4 liter twin-turbo V10, making 504 horsepower and 509 lb-ft of torque, with power sent to all 4 wheels through a 7 speed SpeedShift Dual Clutch Transmission. As a result of this impressive power, the 501 will accelerate from 0-62 mph in 4.2 seconds, and reach a top speed of 170 mph. The interior features 6 leather swiveling captain’s chairs, allowing you to interact as your car drives itself down the highway, a 21-speaker stereo system, voice and gesture controls, holographic head-up display, a panoramic sunroof, and everything else you’d expect from the top of the line Albatross models. Prices start at $59,721. Please see your local Albatross dealer to learn more.


2048 BLASTER Destructor

Pew pew pew, you see the car and immediatly hear this song!

Japanese luxury Turbo V8.
Every single model of this car comes with a unique Honeycomb patern, that makes it very unique!

More Screenshots


At first I thought “Gobi Gor Glowhome”, then I read it properly…


Somewhere on the Matrix

“Hello everybody and greetings to everybody here and on their Datalinks at home. I all welcome you to our yearly ‘Deer And Hunt’ keynote! I am your holographic host J4S0N and i will present today everything we have planned for you today! First, yes we are aware that allegedly we had a brech of containment at our plant in Section 17 but we from ‘Deer and Hunt’ want to say that thoes reports are nothing then lies by the media, funded by our competition. Secondly, yes. Our “Hunter” Operation System will be getting an update to counter the possible deallock in said software. It shouldn’t be possible now to brick the car by turning left and operating the heater. But now to our Main event! We proudly present: The new Tines!”

“I would love to tell you everything about, buuuut let the car speak for itself”

“Thanks Jason. Hi, I am ‘Buddy’ your personal AI.”

“Cool that you could come here Buddy. Tell us a bit about you”

“I would love to! I am ‘Buddy’ Codename ‘BUD-33’ at the moment i am only present in the new Tines model but soon i will be in other cars too! I feature a 530hp V10 engine witch lets me get up to speed in only 5.3 seconds!
All my lights are intergrated into this front screen and the smallers ones at the back! So you can fully customize how my headlights, taillights and indicators look like!
I can also seat 6 people and drive you to your destination! Or if you want to take the wheel by yourself, i can even help you! I can adjust the soundproofing to your desired level! Want to have a nap between meeting? I can completly block the outside world with my double sided windows. My ‘Airjets’ will also blow everything of the windshield for you.
Its posible for me to display anything you want on my inside glass! Now you are able to drive through a night in the countryside while still being in the city at midday! You can even look at the real stars through my glass roof!
I can even be on your Datalink and send you reports about me and my whereabouts. Or even summon me when you are out! Maybe we can even learn more about each other by takling to each other.”

“Wow thats really cool Buddy!”

“I know Jason”

“So where can we get you”

“Oh, you can buy me on the Matrix right now for 59000 credtis!”

“Great. Any words before we wrap up?”

“See you all on the road!”

“And that concludes our keynote. I hope you enjoyed it as much as i did giving it. And see you all next time!”

The Great Cyber-Race 2025

88th post ^^^^^

Nice! We are liking where you guys are going so far and there’ve been some very interesting ideas presented.

Just a heads up:
We’ve had a quick internal chat about it before - and will confer again before reaching a final decision - but we are considering allowing people to sub an amendment. This is mainly motivated by some subs being quite a bit under budget, when more can be had.

I’ve said it before, we won’t penalise budget cars for what they are but they aren’t strictly what we are looking for either. We have 70k to spend and WANT to spend most of it. It’s a limit that exists to see how far you can push things and provide some engineering challenge. If you feel happy that your submission works well enough with money left over, that’s good with us, so long as you don’t give the edge to a car that stretched things to the limit.

On that note, we’ve seen a few cars that skimped on some almost essential features in favor of a lower budget. We don’t want this to turn into a complete free for all again so I wanted to ask what is everyones opinion on this?

We can either allow 1 or more amendments to be made (this can be discussed further) for everyone OR normalize some settings in the review so cars are as-they-are but the review would make a note of some different trim level that we would be interested in or perhaps by way of aftermarket modifications that would be fitted.

This would mean technical changes for mainly interior or aero in trim tab only, no changes to engine or drive train would be made. But this kind of opens up to a world of hurt and lack of clarity, potentially resulting in being perceived as cheating or giving unfair advantage to some entries.

I want your honest opinions about this. I am leaning towards amendments personally as it would preserve the original authors intent of the vehicle and allow for a more impartial review.


Personally I’m fine with people submitting revisions (within the existing timeframe)


MY2048 Bogliq G-Man

What niche will the Bogliq Design AI identify next?

After conducting extensive cultural data-mining in late 2047, the Bogliq Design AI pinpointed a new sub genre in the Law Enforcement Cultural Community. It seemed there was a need for a bold black and chrome SUV analogue without the heavy SUV underpinnings.

Designs were CAD’ed, materials procured, factories tooled and production began. The Bogliq G-Man was then shipped to Bogliq distributors and listed on all the major Cultural sites ready for it’s MY2048 Debut…


2048 Ceephax Squarepusher
Boxiness is back in fashion.



Has anyone contacted the police over the theft of Bogliq Blue ™ paint?

I suspect it’s a time bandit because I seen some older vehicles in not BB paint jobs!


Hey @saddiseased, send me your car




Don’t forget to actually send me that car :stuck_out_tongue: I want to get my hands on it!

About resubs and amendments:

I’m going to make an ‘‘executive decision’’ and we’re going to allow amendments in a timely fashion. If you feel your entry could do with a little extra work or polish, feel free to sub me an update. Just keep in mind this will create extra load for us to process. I’ll update OP accordingly.

We’ll cap this at 1 update per entry for now.

Also, added another pic to the gallery!


80s boxy glory or a 14 liter V12. hmmm


You Want A Comfortable Vehicle

And it needs to be sleek, distinctive, and stylish.

That’s a Tall Order, Slim!

But we got you covered.

Introducing the Muskrat HiLux 400

Classic, distinctive styling like the muscle cars of yesteryear.

Rich, luxurious leather interior with our Hi-Fi surround sound system. An intuitive Holo-HUD to compliment our Muskrat OS that powers the entertainment suite.

Our exclusive Sweep Seats: Swiveling bench seats to make your car you personal living room, with an automatic table for your convenience.

This is not your ordinary luxury automobile, it’s your personal luxury suite on wheels.

And the exterior is just as exquisite as the interior.

LED accents tastefully integrated into the curves.

Chrome accents to hearkening back to the classic era.

Fingertip-sensitive door handles to open the scissors doors.

The chrome super bar to make entering and exiting easier, with embedded sensors.

And a customizable rear display to give the automobile your own personal touch. (By default displays “Muskrat HiLux 400”)

Technical Specs Include (but are not limited to):
327ci V8 Engine
400+ hp
Advanced Automatic RWD System
Carbon Fiber body on Lightweight AHS Steel Chassis

This Luxurious Suite On Wheels only $69,999!

Revised, previously had a slight error in ad

Extra Pictures

Oh, crap how did this pic get in here? Must be a ghost in the system. Full disclaimer, this was an unreleased concept for the front end, the rest is the same.

Anyway, on with the rest of the approved pics…

Revision 2: Disclaimer added to previously unreleased pic of concept front end.


I’ll take that muskrat elongated


Why not both? :wink: unless you meant boxer not “boxy style”.