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CSR 88 - ''Back to The Future'' (FINAL RESULTS PUBLISHED!)



about to make the joke



Well, I was going to do a van but to hit 300 kmh I’d fall way below 10l/100 km… 5.8l V8 was as big as I could go, and low friction pistons were failing at 570 ft-lbs so I guess I have to do something else.


It IS possible with enough eco tuning. My test bed hit over 300 with the wedge van body at less than 10l.

Note that you don’t have to hit 300 anymore - 255 is the low end. More is better but it’s acceptable so if it helps, drop the top speed a bit in favor of economy.


Yeah, it’s not a wedge. It’s a 140 in wheelbase brick that weighs 7000 lbs with light AHS steel and aluminum body panels. It has a 5.8 liter twin turbo flat plane V8 and was getting 15 mpg when I tuned it for 300 km/h.


I don’t want to give you exact pointers on how to achieve that for purposes of fairness within the competition but consider your gearing and top speed balance. Perhaps improvements can be made with engine tuning? That’s about as specific yet vague as I will get for now.


I know how to tune for economy, don’t worry :wink:
Now I’m using my original engine which is MUCH more efficient and a slightly different but equally boxy body. We’ll see if I can get the magic 22 mpg or if a sedan will show up. I’m not giving up on the mobile wall quite yet.


Well, I am really digging that van so if you could make it happen… :wink: I’d love a closer look at it. Keep trying!


It might not be that much of a van but it will still be a big box on wheels. I think the van body I was using just doesn’t have a big enough engine bay + is too much of a brick. I’m doing a thing now, though.


With a V12, and economy, it meets fast everything, with 0-100km/h in 3.6s isnt difficult


There is still plenty of time left to sub/amend entries. We are taking subs untill Saturday 21:00 at GMT 0.

@asami btw I forgot to mention this but look up Maciej Kuciara - Ghost in the Shell limo as you wanted to know where we found it (and if you haven’t found it already)


That guy has some great artwork!



damn it now I have to use the van to be original


The name :joy:



2048 LAGAU AR48

(obviously rushed)



And now for something completely different:

Electrowave is starting to seep into our reality! Muse have just released a new album called ‘‘Simulation Theory’’… well would you look at that!

Maybe it was just meant to be…




Shit welp im late to the party time to get going quickly on an entry quickly