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CSR 90 - "Dieselgate Aftermath" [FINAL RESULTS UP]


The 2018 Anhultz Mimas Stationcar

Perfect for when diesels are not an option.

Sorry for low-effort ad.
The car did take like 8 hours to make, tho.


i do it the other way. make it purely subjective!

so that way, you cannot argue that the buyers opinion is wrong with out looking like a cockwomble.

still people try to, though :confused:


2018 Kuma PA

The PA Hatchback from Kuma features a highly efficient 1.6L Turbo I3 engine, built for years to come.

Its small looks hide a spacious cargo hold, while comfortably seating four.

(displayed model starts at $14900)


Ooh, I’m surprised by the diversity. Thought this would be entirely a wagon fest.


Welp, as far as practicality goes, a Mk4 Mondeo hatchback can take a 7ft christmas tree up the boot and shut the lid without any drama. Don’t know about anyone else but I’d call that practical enough. So family hatch it is. Let’s see…


Now go out there and do something.


The Shromet Parvus is here. Starting from under $15,000


2018 SBA Rosales R150 Ciel

The highly efficient and safety packed in one chicc package without any compromising of emission and cost.
While buying a diesel car is not an option anymore, this Rosales R150 Ciel comes with astonishing fuel consumption, only 25.6 km/l (3.9 liter/100 km). What a “le sip”.
Also, Rosales R150 Ciel comes with 6 speed manual transmission for pure driving pleasure.

Test drive our Rosales R150 Ciel at nearby SBA’s authorized dealer.

  • Ciel package is equipped with electronic sunroof for open air experience.


In what page of automation can I see the trim emissions of my car, someone can help me please?


Testing, under “Detailed Stats”


Sorry for double post

Flamers Motor Company - Grevio

Viva La Révolution!

The Flamers Motor Company bring you the latest in efficient motoring, offering over 70 miles per gallon (UK) whilst cruising at all speeds and a top speed of over 130 miles per hour, you’ll get there in a hurry.

If your diesel is for the crusher, this is for you.


Nonus Clairvoyant SB Union. Perfect confluence.

Find the enclosed brochure below!
Nonus Clairvoyant SB Union.zip (1.1 MB)


Kasai Motors Presents The All-New Garamond. Because Family Comes First.

Imagine living in a place where commutes between home and workplace take a great distance to travel and gas stations are far and between. The bus that takes you to the nearest city does not have a consistent schedule, and you value your time too much to stay in the workshop repairing your only car.

You need a brisk, reliable vehicle.

The Garamond is equipped with an upgraded 1.8L turbo engine (the same kind of engine that you can find in the Kasai Calibri) that delivers 154 PS to the wheels and a 0-100 in just under 10 seconds. And what’s more, it only sips as little as 5 litres of gas for every 100 kilometres you travel.

Now, imagine being a family of five. The wife just started her baking class, and the kids are out there playing their friends. But every now and then, she comes to you asking if she could go to the furniture store to buy a new TV, or if the kids could take their bicycles to Riviera beach during family vacation.

Your family needs a large space.

Well, Kasai has got your back. With more than 1000 litres* of cargo space and even more space to put on the roof, the Garamond can easily fulfill everyone’s need to carry large objects from point A to point B.

Prices starting from $14.104 for the base E trim.


The safety stat has to be at least 55?




2018 Esperanza Arlanzon Turismo

*Remote start only available with automatic transmission. Please check local regulations as to the legality of use of remote start system. Never leave children or pets unattended in a car. We blame the Americans for needing all of this legalese garbage.

Submitted trim: Arlanzon Turismo with 6-speed manual, shown in Steel Moss Metallic.


If i created a car that fulfils all the requirements except for the safety but it’s very cheap, can i submit it anyway?
Because whatever value I try to increase i can’t reach the minimum safety value, and I don’t want to remake the car from zero.


The car will just be instabinned if it won’t meet all of the requirements


Well technically you can submit it, I’ll just roleplay the Müllers ranting over the fact that it’s current year and people are still selling cars with 4 star Euro NCAP rating and that blah blah repression blah blah think of the children.

the only cars I’m not gonna accept are cars with no name or brand, because I just can’t roleplay it.