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CSR 93 - Securing the company (car)




2019 Huangdou CC

most of its coverage is on the autoshow page :).

Ad Gallery


Mondo E7 Executive

Available at $21599 or $299.99/month.
Guys help I have a price fetish

EDIT: Guys, tiny disclaimer. The infotainment system there is supposed to be called SerbaConnect+ instead of SerbaDrive+. SerbaDrive is my AWD system. :sweat_smile:

Auto Shanghai 2019


unless you pulled some black magic fuckery, a car with that pricetag and that engine would be a lot more than $300 to lease.


It’s just lease price without all the other costs. Some of the ads above do that too.


I guess we can share…


Korporation Automobil Sven Aranj 2.2 Statement.

German quality and wagon practicality can be yours for only 445.25€ a month.


that makes more sense.




its ok I’m making a crossover now so say goodbye to any form of efficiency


Yay! I have a car that just needs a slight bit of modification to suit (although only slips under the $500pm mark!)


Three possible candidates from ZM Group.


You realise that CSRs only allow one entry per person and you have to choose one that will be judged, correct?


Those are possible because I’m still unsure of which one to send.

(do you realize that I’ve won at least 4 CSR? :stuck_out_tongue: )



should’ve looked at your profile first, bugger


That top one looks amazing, I’m betting on that :euro: :stuck_out_tongue:


The last one, definitely the last…


The first one


Am I the only guy who picks the middle?