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CSR 93 - Securing the company (car)


You truly are mad.


Amateur. Try an 1940s car with a 2019 trim. /s


I’d go more extreme but unfortunately that’s as far as the game goes.
Devs plz extend game start to 1885


You mean this? :stuck_out_tongue:


I am thinking about a cabriolet :thinking:


So… Does it need a Manuel transmission?


Shift as in move a reasonable pace, not manual shifting. They can use manuals, nearly everybody in Spain owns or has owned a manual.

All-New 2019 Kasai Cambria.

*Pictured in the S trim.

Falling in love at first sight is not just a romantic daydream, and this ultimate urban crossover proves it. Kasai Cambria keeps the balance between sharp looks with soft ride to help you enjoy enlightened city driving at its best. Take control with confidence behind the premium steering wheel, while Cambria’s multifunction infotainment system with six-speaker arrangement lets the melodies pour in. Need an extra space? With more than 1500L of total cargo space, the Cambria always has a room for more.

Available in 6-speed Manual or DCT Auto transmission. Lease prices starting from $310 per month.




Will the practicality bit be measured primarily through the stat number, or are there any certain aspects we need to focus on?


It isn’t based purely on the number. It is an indicator, but the cargo volume and passenger volume figures are more indicative of the space on offer, as well as how long or tall the car is as two cars could have the same passenger volume but the compartment be completely different shapes.


It’s yet another crossover, and it’ll keep being crossovers as long as you keep asking for practical all-around useful modern cars:

(No relation to the “4B Aventure” I made a few CSRs back, this one was made from scratch but stole the previous one’s name)

Fuel efficient, comfortable, premium yet affordable crossover for anything the family could need




I may actually end up going for it - and with a fresh car (since I had to nuke my pc and lost everything reinstalling windows… oh well).





I just realised

Gavril T- Series
And the T- Series youtube channel


beamng is owned by t series confirmed /s


With everything included


Is it just me, or is the car in the reflection a completely different one?


He knows.

Make it look like an accident, Johnson.