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CSR 96 - It's Rewind Time


Semi slick tires will hurt drivability, I reckon.


by stable release Its been a few months as i dont know what release to goto


Maybe the last one.


so they want to be in a stuipid fast hpyer car try this hazzard 9000 for size after filling out a contract saying that we are NOT liable for any injury death or damages.

JKJK an actual build is now in progress this pic was for giggles XD


does this mean…

quality spam??? :smiley: finally I can show the people for who I really am!!!

EDIT: not total quality spam but there’s definitely a LOT of wiggle room for this one, I’m excited


Make. Them. Notice.

600 horsepower, 700lbs/ft of torque. The 2018 Shromet Levine RINO.

Now with a mild hybrid motor so you can hog the carpool lane guilt free!

CSR 103 - Oh the Places You'll Go

A Chevy Suburban with a Mercedes-AMG BiTurbo V12 and a mild hybrid system… I wanna drive one :thinking:


i think the devil is knocking on my car


Now I get why there aren’t any PU limits for the engine or the trim - the ET limits are restrictive enough for a round without a maximum price value, regardless of whether or not markups have been added.


Look abg imma let you finish but I just gotta get this off my chest:

This round is pure vomit. It’s so disgusting it’s brilliant. It’s so brilliant I think the CSR should die in a fire after this.


It might be the ultimate way to reduce entries, make everyone hate building the car!


but CSR 100


I’m honestly sat learning a track in Beam for an Idea I have had for a while - losely based on past challenges made by @Private_Miros but most likely a little less well - put together. No date on when it’ll happen tho, I’m busy IRL prepping for A-Level exams


Submissions are now open

Good luck to everybody and I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to offer!


Honghu 16777216 黑龙 Edition

“Pull up in the Honghu I’m a communist (COMMIE)


Forgive Me


okay i already lost

not gonna enter

(no way am i gonna have a chance at winning if THIS is the first entry)


If he’s going for stats I can’t help, it might be time for the Speedster


Haussliech MONTECARLO.

The official car to make you say: “Is this stock?”

Yeah. It’s stock. I know. V12. 20in rims.


y maximum loudness so low? Can it be raised to 40?
Will still strip about 200hp from my engine but I can’t reach 35 without losing 300


There was 24 hour period to dispute these sort of things but that time has passed.

The 35 limit is to simulate noise limits in LA/California. The same goes for the emissions. It will not be altered now I am already taking entries.