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CSR 96 - It's Rewind Time


Honghu 16777216 黑龙 Edition

“Pull up in the Honghu I’m a communist (COMMIE)


Forgive Me


okay i already lost

not gonna enter

(no way am i gonna have a chance at winning if THIS is the first entry)


If he’s going for stats I can’t help, it might be time for the Speedster


Haussliech MONTECARLO.

The official car to make you say: “Is this stock?”

Yeah. It’s stock. I know. V12. 20in rims.


y maximum loudness so low? Can it be raised to 40?
Will still strip about 200hp from my engine but I can’t reach 35 without losing 300


There was 24 hour period to dispute these sort of things but that time has passed.

The 35 limit is to simulate noise limits in LA/California. The same goes for the emissions. It will not be altered now I am already taking entries.


Can’t get 1800 hp in that case, will have to settle for 1600 :wink:


Just a reminder.


Well he does want stats, and what’s better to brag than a 330 mph top speed while managing 10 mpg on premium gas?


The 2012 Columbus got a new trim in 2018 - the “Executive Diamant” edition, providing a 6.0L Biturbo V10.
It is expensive.
It is heavy.
It is not capable for real offroad use.
It looks good in front of the kindergarden.

You know, sometimes you need big things to compensate the small ones.

CMT Columbus Executive Diamant. You don’t need it. But you want it.


Is there like, a maximum amount of horsepower entries can have? I feel like a lot of people are going to pull up with 2000 horsepower meme machines and that would be kind of a huge cancer, not to mention a totally uninteresting CSR in my eyes.

You could limit hp based on real life cars and maaaybe add like a 10 percent above it, for example:

  • SUVs: 800 hp max / Jeep Trackhawk has 707 hp
  • Supercars: 1700 hp max / Bugatti Chiron 1500 hp (not sure about this one)
  • Supersedans(?): 800 hp max / Dodge Charger has 707 hp

I don’t know, this is just an idea.


I just wanna mention that HP directly effect PU/ET now.
The more HP you have, the more Cooling you need.
More Cooling more, more time needed to figure out how to give it that cooling.


Ghost Squadron Halcyon

Small, Light, Fun. 1100kg, 409hp.

4.4L V8, RWD, 6 Speed Sequential Gear Box, and A hell of a load of Fun.



Too late


Introducing the 2018 Velocita Estrema!

Not too much to know here, so let’s just cut to the chase: 7.0L V12, 935 HP, 948 lb-ft of torque, 6-speed DCT transmission, 0-60 in 2.2 seconds, the 1/4 mile in 9.7 seconds, 1.37 cornering g- well, I got a bit carried away there. :sweat_smile:

all you really need to know is that it has wicked looks, incredible acceleration and unrivaled stabilty at high speed.


I woulda given you extra points if you’d said it was marketed specifically to only the most spoilt of fuerdai :joy:

Also to all of you people who are entering small and light or mid engined supercars, I salute your attempts to kill off the cancer that is our vacuous youtube youth, since it should be quite obvious that such cars aren’t actually all that easy to drive.



And I’ll just say, this thing is extremely stable at most speeds :joy::joy:


yeah, well, so is the Audi R8 v10 plus, but that doesn’t stop idiots from forgetting how to drive mid-engined and binning it taking off from the lights or trying to pull up a bit too sharpish :wink:


Quost One-X – R-Package

You want to suprise your bros at the drag strip or traffic light? You’re the kind of guy who likes to show off and drive into the crowd? Tyre smoke is your air and flashy colours your style?

Wait no longer! You’re almost right at Quost Autosport!
The car is too stable to drive into the crowd and too grippy to let the wheels spin, but surprise butseks at the traffic light is guaranteed with an accelaretaion of just 3,2s to 100km/h thanks to a launch control so that even YOU can manage – your “friends” will hate you for it!

So what are you once again waiting for? To actually find sense in what you’re doing?
Sod it! Come buy the One-X and experience the pure scabrous lifestyle you always seem to brag about!

-Quost Autosport does not assume liabiliy for inconsiderate behaviour and reckless driving leading to the death of numerous or more people. All rights reserved.-


- Puh, that took some time


insert Chinese version “Take by breath away” (林憶蓮 - 激情) here