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CSR 96 - It's Rewind Time


Not All SUV’s Are Boring - Especially At $75k


Here it is. The vanuatuan built super car. Its made by Team Vila, and is just shy of 70k. i has an N/A flat 6, rear mounted. It goes 192 mph. It has 4 rear Windows and a sunroof. Our design and advertisment teams havent slept in a week. It’s our signature colour, Team Vila Pinkle. I think we have some picures somewhere. Ah, here they are…


Don’t mind me asking, but what happened to your brakes? They seem to be shrunk to a Corsa like size. I mean, in Rally Sport are small discs used but not that small.

Oh waitl, I forgot! Not everyone has BeamNG to testdrive their cars, my bad!
I test drive and setup every car before I submit them so they drive exactly like they are supposed to.


Same here, I often ignore the brake force warnings, it often is wrong, it’s better to make sure the brakes are balanced nicely and the car will stop nicely


No, I do have beamng, but as i am the design/ advertisment team, I havent slept in a week, and i would forget about it if i did it laer. They are 3 + 4 piston carbon ceramics on 20 inch wheels aswell, so ay look smaller because of that


That’s true, hence the testing in beamng. But 300mm brake rotors on a sports car are just not smart, if you achieve all the braking performance by installing race pads and pump up the quality setting or count of pistons.


Patriot - Sedan ofthetown

Is that a ladder frame?

Why yes, yes it is

Why a ladder frame?

Well you can’t take a 1970’s american muscle car and restromod it without a ladder frame.

Well what does it have now?

5.4L V8 producing 477hp
Fully independent suspension
New AHS steel chassis
6 speed manual
Side pipes

Whats the VVL setting?

69 oh yeah

What MPG do you get?


How many pistons are in those brakes?

10 in total

How chonky?


Is it fast?


0-100kph 5.47 seconds
Top seed 171 mph

Does it look cool in a desert?



Greil Alondite GT

This is the Greil Alondite GT. A Luxury Grand Tourer designed by the British, engineered by the Germans and funded by the Arabs. It is equipped with a 7.0L V12 engine, powering all four wheels. Top speed, well over 200 mph. 0-60, 2.5 seconds. Its fast, it’s expensive, it’s the cream of the crop of grand tourers. So naturally, this is not the car you’ll be looking at today.

Aurum Edition

More power.
More gold.
More everything.


Additional Images


I am slightly depressed by year requirement. I actually already have a hyper-car I am proud of that I could make a road legal version of. In fact I do have 7 versions of it, and 6 of them are road legal already. Trouble is the car is a 2019 trim, so I have to white sheet another idiot hauler. Guess I could do a 180, and make an Gerald R. Ford class SUV (The USS Gerald R. Ford CVN78 is the first of the new generation super carriers. It weighs 100,000 Tonnes and the flight deck is 4.5 acres). Plus I have driven this in BeamNG, I describe it as “fear with a steering wheel.” All four wheels burn about 30 feet in every shift 1st-5th, and that’s with +5 quality TCS sitting on 385MM wheels.

A vanity shot of my spurned GT-Unlimited track car:

One day there will be a challenge this thing will be legal for…

This concludes my complaining, now back to our regularly scheduled CSR.


As this round is turning into a meme I might as well

“The above declaration put forth by you containing the news that the year of model which are limited by the stipulations per my original regulations are putting you in a negative state of mind as it has rendered your figment of your imagination that you have expressed as a vehicle of passenger transport of sporting nature in this game of video ineffective or incompatible with the aforementioned regulations of this challenge of the forums pertaining to this fictional game of video and are in a mindset of expressing your discontentment with the rules as you are unable to submit this to my inbox for judgement purposes. Unfortunately, at this location in the time-space continuum, it is not possible at this state of progress in this competition of fictional passenger vehicles to make amendments to the rules and regulations set forth and hitherto unchallenged earlier as this time period for undertaking these actions has passed. Moreover, I would like to extend my sympathy and understanding to wish you good success and luck in securing an entrance into some other fictional competition of fictional passenger vehicles to enter your rather beastly passenger vehicle of sporting nature that have a high potential for inducing a state of human death, particularly in those who may happen perchance to be piloting it at that time, in this forum of people gathered around this fictional tycoon game of video where business ventures to create self-propelled machines of transport are the focus”


Sir, that is the most eloquent suck it up I have ever read. I doff my hat to you in appreciation of the effort put forth in condescending my bemoaning objection of the year model restriction binning my otherwise available rich idiot poster car.

Now onto the relatively, albeit virtually, important task of deciding what excessive real live power plant of personal conveyance for which I should parody to power my parody of the Canonaro, which in itself is a parody of the 'merican (not to be confused with American) Slightly Utilitarian Vehicle (AKA new mom-van).

Again, that was just glorious. Thank you for a good laugh.


I don’t understand a single word but I agree with you.


2018 Graham Bauer Clayton

Something different…

This is the brand-new 2018 Graham Bauer Clayton, built by our passion for luxury. The Clayton has always been our flagship sedan and it will never change. After our bankruptcy at 2008, we are back again after 10 years (thanks to Tanaka Heavy Industries). It is powered by a 6.5 litre biturbo V12 producing 485HP and 766lb-ft of torque. With all this power, the Clayton can accelerate from 0-60mph in 4.9 seconds and has a top speed of 200mph (bragging rights! You can try to reach its top speed and you’ll get a lot of views!). All-wheel-drive is standard (the AWD system helps with drivability and it also improves all-weather performance). The interior is full of beauty and craftsmanship. Made by high-quality leather from Italy, the upholstery are hand-stitched by our higly-skilled craftsmen. The interior trim is made of wood. We can carve the face of the wood to any pattern you’d like. The choice of wood is up to you. At the centre of the rear seats, there is a console in which you can control anything in the car. Massaging seats are standard. There is also a place where you can store champagne and glass bottles. In terms of technology, we are far ahead. The luxury HUD helps with safety guidance and our infotainment system is very intuitive and packed with all the things you want and need. The Clayton is standard with every safety features you want and need. Autopilot is also standard. The possibility of individualism is infinite. With these features (we barely scratched the surface!) and more, we are guaranteed that you will not be disappointed.
Let the elegant looks of the Clayton in the pictures speak for itself…

Service is one of our main priority. We will deliver your car straight to your house so that you don’t have to waste your time going to the dealership whether if it is brand new or certified pre-owned. It is all about the experience.

* This service helps you to get more views… #1 trending video is coming soon!

The Graham Bauer Clayton can be yours for a base price of $86593 (* without mark-up, tax, extra options and delivery service cost)


2018 Mercalli ES63

Hand-built to order according to customers’ exact requirements, the Mercalli ES63 is among the grandest of grand tourers. With bespoke interior tailoring, a sonorous 6.3L V12 up front and an expertly tuned chassis, the ES63 is guaranteed to make you get noticed anywhere, anytime.


I don’t think that other than the colour of my car, that it is too memey. I actually think it has potential to be a good SUV that is comfortable and relatively fast - it hits 186mph and does 0-60 in around 4.6 seconds.


I’m going to have to make a very quick change to one of the statements I made on the original post:

Due to the large number of non-compliant vehicles I have been receiving for this challenge I am going to retract my statement about resubmissions for non-compliant entries. You will no longer be able to resubmit your entry should the vehicle not meet requirements and you will be instantly disqualified. This will also apply if you use the incorrect naming system.

Those who have already entered have already been informed that they can resubmit should their entry not comply and I will not be changing that as that would be going back on what I have personally said to them.

I hope this change will force people to actually check their vehicle prior to submitting it to me, something that should already be occurring and doesn’t take any time at all. This round doesn’t have many restrictions so it has astonished me as to the sheer number of cars that haven’t met the minimal requirements. Please, please check your cars before submitting.

All resubmissions of any kind have been completely outlawed


King Kong is Back.

2018 Mitsushita Sesta R


The DMC Cerberus.

It’s actually a modern day reimagining of the 1960 Franklin Cerberus.

Questions from the press…

Because we could!

Did you really put a 10L, 1000hp, V12 in it?

Is it quick?

Where’s the buffet?
Over there… :point_right:

How much does it cost?
$227,345, on the road. Taxes may apply in various regions.

Do you think this is good enough to win?
Maybe…if he wants to leave it in his living/game/bedroom and look at it.


So this is a stretch, but if you take it with a pinch of salt because of Automation laws it’s pretty good. Anyway.

Zephorus Zelos
An incredible Electric car with over 650BHP and capable of 200MPH+
RWD, Full CFRP to keep the weight at 1430kg. (0% wheelspin too)

We’re going to ignore 0-60s because 1 gear engine :slight_smile:
The car is a full attempt at an electric car in Automation, as i’ve done similar builds in the past I thought it was the right time to enter it into a competition, and actually it still scores well in several markets.
Obviously there are certain drawbacks because its not a true electric engine but its damn close.

It’s 2018 2019
It’s the Ultimate Flexmobile


Don’t judge me, I know it was a bold move.


Actually, yours is my favourite entry so far! I don’t even know why, but I really like the style and even better the idea. I’m no electric fan and normally that would turn me off, but no one can deny the benefits of an electric drive.
Awesome job!