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CSR 96 - It's Rewind Time




This is probably a stupid question, but the “trim emissions” is limited to 40, is that for just the engine, of for the whole vehicle? I am legal for every category except emissions. The vehicle total is 135.9, engine alone is 74.9. Trying to get an idea of how much trimming this will require.


Hansheng Bendan T

It's... a van.


But why?

Can't roll with your crew if you only have one seat, can you?

So how many seats does it have?

It has seven of them.

Is it fast?

It has a 416 horsepower V8 enabling it to do 0-60 in 5.6 seconds, have a top speed governed to 155 MPH, and run a 13.6-second quarter mile.

Sounds like such a machine would probably be quite thirsty.

Depends on what you consider 21.7 MPG to be, but probably not.

Anything else that might be considered noteworthy for the cool kids on YouTube?

Prices start below $50000. Also, there's a class-exclusive rear-mounted cabin air diffuser that removes particles and vapors from the air inside the cabin and discreetly extracts them into the outside air.


When all your flexmobiles are 2019 cars:



2018 Tianjin PuTao Auto Supercarry 4^4 Supreme

“Van gang, van gang, van gang, van gang
Spend 90k in a new way”
-'Lil Crump

This was a mistake






Trim emissions is for the full vehicle and can be found on the summary screen :slight_smile:


From the OP

And Flamers gave you the place to look for it :slight_smile:


Maybe I should have submitted this one instead?




Block: 6.9L V12
Cmpr: 9,6:1
Injection: Direct Injected and bi-turbo charged
Valvetrain: 4-Valve per cylinder with variable-valve-timing and -lift
Power: 621HP @ 6.100rpm
Torque: 1.005Nm @ 3.600rpm – >900Nm 2.200rpm - 4.600rpm


Aluminium Semi-Spaceframe with Active-Springs and Twin-Tube dampers
Fully-Clad-Underside for maximum comfort and aerodynamic efficiency
Front: Double-Wishbone – 4-piston CarbonCeramicCompositBrakes (CCCB) 420mm ventilated
Rear: 5 strut Multi-Link – 2-piston HighCarbonSteelBrakes (HCSB) 400mm ventilated
Weight: 2.258kg drive ready


9-speed Advanced-Automatic TorqThrust Gearbox with variable AWD and Electric-Sport-Differential (ESD) on both axles
Front: 295/40 R21 Alloy Wheels (Windsor) Medium Compound
Rear: 295/40 R21 Alloy Wheels (Windsor) Medium Compound


4 seats in hand-made interiour with a Luxury HD entertainment system, HUD and two electricly dimmable and controllable sunroofs as well as front and rear camera


0-100km/h in 3.75s
Top Speed of 316km/h
braking distance 100-0m in 35.8m
load capacity of 920kg

Price: 114.751$

For the geeks:

And emissions of 74


So it is 80, don’t know where I got 40 from… If it is 80 for the full vehicle then I am down to only 56 off for my entry. Now to trim some fat without losing anything out of this self propelled bro-cave. Maybe drop the gearing, and change chassis type to reduce the curb weight, can’t sacrifice equipment. When you’re spending daddys’ money only the best will do.


I’d guess you have to retune the engine too, unfortunately


Lower the compression and raise ignition timing…and add some q points to you exhaust. :slightly_smiling_face:


Gearing also affects the emissions, I managed to make mine comply with a minor change to gear length and a small reduction to compression


Oh no, I just commited a supercar :open_mouth:

It’s the 2018 Scarab Nebula TX 660

As the name already hints at, it has a transverse engine w 660 hp and awd, and the color tells that it’s loud and obnoxious. But thats not all… for being a supercar it actually has some creature comforts and it’s not as unsafe as it seems. And even if the engine is big and burly and roars alot, its actually quite polarbear friendly.
And yes, its fast… not ludacrisly so, but still :slight_smile:




When the one "S" isnt enough, you get a Supersport Utility Vehicle.

605hp 7 litre V12 developed and designed by the Pfeil Studio.
A Top Speed of 320km/h and a 0-100 in 4.8s.
A luxurious interior for you and 3 others.
Advanced Safety features like Semi Automatic Parking and Line assist.
Multiple Drivemodes (From Offroad to Race)

EcaMobile. The Ace on the River

More Pictures and other colors

(White and Black wheels)

(Black and Chromed Wheels)

(Gunmetal and Copper Wheels)

(EcaMobil Signature Color shown in Ad)



The MT3000 Special Edition is a collaboration project between PMC and Bro-Mo.

*Heavily inspired by “This Party Took a Turn for the Douche” - Garfunkel and Oates

Pitch Meeting

A stuffed shirt looking out of place in anything but a mahogany study buzzes in two young entrepreneurs in tuxedo tees.
“Gentlemen…” Mr Snow, acting design lead for PMC greeted, “I will be perfectly blunt. My advertising and sales departments have agreed that despite the internationally successful venture into both WRC and Sports Car Racing circuits our brand still struggles domestically with vehicle sales. We are hoping that with a fresh young perspective on vehicle design will help break the grip of Big Three Auto Group on the luxury truck, and SUV market.”
1 - “Wow bro, you are like dusty robot bro.” The first man answered.
S - “I’m not familiar with that expression.”
2 - “Bro, there is is again. Like chillax bro. Bro I’m Espn, and this is my hetero-sexual partner PJ” said the second man.
S - “…Perhaps we should begin some preliminary design.”
P - “Preliminary?! Bro, is that the stuff before you…”
S - “It means brainstorming options for the vehicle.” He interrupted.
E - “Oh! Bro, were like gonna pimp a new ride.”
S - “We should avoid copyrighted material in our branding…”
E - “Bro, man. I said chillax. I respect you bro, but bro this is the wrong aggression.”
S - “…”
P - “So what is the car bro?”
S - “We feel the best bet is to start with a large SUV, and make a luxury edition. Then move to smaller vehicles.”
P - “Bro, party wagon!”
E - “Bro!”
P - “Bro!”
E - “BRO!”
S - “Gentlemen! Can we focus?!” A substantial annoyance was setting in.
P - “I know bro, but this is a huge opportunity for all us bros.”
E - “Bro, we only made unique customs for single clients, but with a whole company we can really make something special.”
S - “That is the general plan, umm bro? However this vehicle is for the mass market, so we must temper…”
E - “Bro, remember the bro rule. YOLO!”
S - “YOLO, yes the Carpe Diem of idiots.” Having lost tact shortly after losing patience.
P - “It’s not about fish bro.”
E - “Stacy is bro.”
P - “BRO! Not cool bro.”
E - “I’m sorry bro. Bro hug?”
P - “Bro hug. No homo.”
S - Watches this strange phenomenon in confused silence “So, we are ready to get to work?”
E - “Totally bro, I dedicate this car to body artist Ned Hardley.”
P - “Bro, yes! I dedicate this car to clothing designer Louis Voltaire.”
S - “I dedicate this meeting to The Ballad of Onan.”
E - “Bro, ballads are so boring. Blast some techno.”
P - “Totally bro, DJ Iron Monkey. You know he uses whales to pull his yacht?”
E - “I know bro, totally Eco-freindly. Skirts love the environment bro.”
P - “Bro.”
E - “Bro.”
S - “…To our partnership then.”
E&P - “No homo!”

One scotch, and two Yeager bombs later and the collaboration was forged.

Finally the car is done, I think about something other than bros for awhile.



For that price you get:

  • A 593hp 6.4L twin turbocharged V12
  • 0-60 in 4.0s and a top speed of 330km/h
  • Handmade interior for you and 3 friends
  • Heads up display
  • Various safety features such as lane keeping assistance, electronic stability control, crash avoidance systems and automatic reverse parking
  • A silky smooth 8 speed automatic transmission

What are you waiting for?

More pics