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CSR 98 - She took the kids


Corsica Bolide

from @Repti and @CorsicaUnknown

More pictures because trendy


2003 Griffin CHS


2003 Albatross Mojave

Explore the great outdoors with your family.

Starting at just $10,710.

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very low effort advert. My bad.


Arkadus Motor Corporation presents, new for the 2003 model year, the Arkadus Eloquence:

Featuring dual sunroofs and leather seats, this premium car will take seven people where you need to go in comfort.

The 2L Boxer 4 keeps weight down low allowing for a surprisingly sporty experience.
Producing 102HP at 5500RPM and 161Nm at 2700RPM, this engine will give you the power you need to take everything thats important to you with you.

Featuring turbine alloys and a two tone paint job, this car is stylish as well as functional.

All this for only $12,293!


Hand-crafted at the snowy plains of Archana, the one and only…


  • assembled with absolutely no slave labour, starts at just $9400
  • mighty 2.0L I4 DOHC of one hundred crazy poneys, that’s even more than Karen’s Yotota Yaris
  • that is the first Archana car that is friendly to polar bears, emitting only 172.4 emissions (not sure why our Exports Officer asked to point that out)
  • just enough reliability, and when reliability is not enough, service costs are low af
  • we put a 4-gear manual there so you don’t have to shift so often, just put it in second and forget about it really
  • the size is enough to fit all the kids, that fat bitch Karen and her fatter friend and those 8 bags from Tesco
  • it’s still 40 cm shorter than a Land Roamer though
  • 50.0 driveability ensures you won’t fall asleep at the wheel
  • 0-100: yes!
  • lower fuel consumption than that old rusty Rover

Make that bitch Karen jealous! Buy AMZ Komradesse today! Special pricing for sleeper agents apply, contact your local KGB dealership


Welcome to the all-new Franklin Marshall TrailWay 1.6e.

Please note that this is the base model. $12,383 (@0%)


Eyplore. Discover. Live.
The all-new CUM Crosslander.

Available at your local Canberra Utility Motors Dealership.


Introducing the KGB Marauder, the company’s first foray in to the MPV market.

2399cc Inline-6 (206 hp @ 5800 RPM - 281 nm @ 2500-4800 RPM)
6 Speed Manual Gearbox
Geared Differential
33.5 US MPG (40.2 UK)
Starting at $12453.


2003 BT Motors Alces FE 2.3

wow, the most boring car to ever have the BT Motors name

Photographical Photos Taken By a Photographer™


More Pictures


2003 Pemhall Cantaro

More pictures


Actually ok and very ERA correct design, Great company name.


Armand Voyager Aspire

Thought you needed a big, featureless, blobby MPV to carry you through family crises? Think again! You need a big, featureless, blobby French MPV to haul your kids, their dickhead friends and their Game Boys around in. We’ll answer some commonly asked questions below.

Where’s all the French flair?

That’s a question for the finance department I’m afraid.

Fine. What does it cost?

A bee’s dick under $11,500.

Does it fit all the requirements?

We’ll see.

What makes it go?

A 1.8 litre inline four that produces a whopping 119 bhp!


TRi Efira

1.2 litre 1I-1ti makes this car one of the most economical in its class.


I swear that I did not copy any other design already emtered. The MPV market is just full of cars that all look alike.

All New GMI Maxim only $11,520

The FX Package

  • Painted Bumpers
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Premium Seats
  • 5 Speed Manual
  • Performance Tuned Engine
  • Traction Control Included
  • Front Fog Lights
  • Twin Sun Roof
  • Roof Racks
  • CD Radio with CD Changer Included (Because MP3 Players aren’t a thing yet!)

For an extra $2500 the GX Package is available with All Wheel Drive, Leather Seats, V6 with Auto and all of the above, However a 4 month wait should be expected



2003 Jipot J8 2.0 16s



2003 Yakaza Teema Turbo 2.5 EFI

Pics and .car

Yakaza - Teema Turbo 2.5 EFI.car (65.0 KB)


Oh boy. I see too few crossovers in this 21st century challenge :angry:. Time to fix that

"Budget premium" doesn't have to be an oxymoron

New Crusader Antioch SX. All the goodness of the Antioch in a more affordable package