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CSR 98 - She took the kids


Wow, can’t say I was expecting that result, congrats to everyone who participated and good job to cheese on another great round.

Although I would love to host the next round, my lack of experience in hosting any challenge and the impending doom of multiple assignments exams and other related school torture methods make it not very possible to host, so i’m gonna be passing the baton to @ElMenduko.

Good luck, I know you’re gonna make something great!


You know what, I’m okay with 5th for a bit of a wildcard entry. Great fun round, and best of luck to the next host! CSR 100 awaits :eyes:


Gahhhhhhh, I’ve been waiting for this bin for days.

Well, great writing as usual, was fun to participate!


After digesting that we came fourth, I just really need to thank @Repti for this wonderful collaboration. We really did do this together, so thanks!

And very obviously a big thank you to Cheeseman, I presumed that you wouldn’t have many brain cells left after writing for Paul Logan but boy was I wrong :smile: (that sounded mean but it wasn’t)

And congrats to Centurion - you really deserved it, hopefully Sharon will be happy



I’d like to host if I had time, but I’m pretty tight in that aspect too these weeks and I’d rather play it safe instead of making something half-assed or rushed.

Now let’s see if @titleguy1 can host


Yeah it was great working with you! Hope we can do another competition together sometime.


Thanks for hosting Cheeseman, you made Sharon Karen Ramsbottom a great character.

Also congrats @Centurion_23 for winning!


Believe it or not, this makes him the second first-time CSR winner in a row, which is quite remarkable indeed. What will the next host come up with? I’m hoping it’ll be as hilarious as this one, no matter what it’ll be about or when and where it’s set in.

Anyway, Sharon was a very picky customer, but at least her patience was rewarded with a car she could enjoy for the remainder of her life!

And many thanks for successfully hosting two compelling and competitive rounds in a very short space of time.

On a side note, this was the first CSR round since CSR 89 which was not set in 2010 or later.


Thanks Cheeseman for creating a great challenge and one hell of a character, made this a really great read. Congratulations to Centurion for stealing the show! May Ms. Ramsbottom enjoy many years of happy, Lucas Electrics-free motoring in her new Cantaro!


Thanks for hosting this wildly entertaining round! I’m afraid I don’t think I’ll be able to host this round, I’m approaching the midst of hell on earth AP and IB testing. I’ll have to give the reigns to @CorsicaUnknownor @Repti for now.


I’m gonna have to pass on this one since for the next couple weeks my job gave a crap ton of hours and I get school work almost every night so I’d be unable to do reviewing quick enough I feel. Otherwise I would have been down. I’ll hand it over to @CorsicaUnknown for now even though he’s currently busy with CSC.


It’s best of luck to you now then.


Corsica still has yet to respond and while he is busy, we should probably wait for a response just to make sure.


Yep, as much as I’d adore to host a CSR, I am currently busy with CSC and life in general. @yangx2 your turn to pass it down now


Yang has confirmed via Discord that he won’t be able to, so I will happily take on the job to host the next round. The thread will be ready in around less than 48 hours from now.