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CSR 99 - Hello Guvnor [FINISHED]


Here is my car. It is very cool and good and also under 1000KG so therefore it is best car.


Sub to BaE for more entries compromised by a refusal to go over a meaningless self-set weight target


You’re damn right I am!



1989 Greil Tyrfing 4.0 Biturbo Sedan



Beat me to it…

Fruinia’s #1 producer of knockoff automobiles, working with Archana’s #1 producer of light utility vehicles, present the ATI/Giusseppe G350 Tsunami.

It's a Truck!

It’s a truck
Technically, It’s a performance Ute; with all the muscle under the hood, in a 3.5 liter inline 6, that stock provides 213 Kw power and 330 Nm of torque. Due to the availability of 98 RON, we’ve equipped a Fleischer Turbo charger to it; bringing it’s total power to 302 Kw, and 501 Nm of torque.

Is it fast?

Is it fast?
The stock version of this vehicle can walk the stock version of the finely made Bavarian vehicle, which inspired the engine. The turbo-charger shaves over a second off the 0-100 Km/h time, at 5.47 seconds. 1/4 mile time of 13.86 at 165 Km/h, and a top speed of 250 Km/h/

Is it intimdating?

Is it intimidating?
Imagine this thing barrelling down on you, in your rear view mirror.

It needs to be easy to drive!

It needs to be easy to drive!
The 4 speed electronic automatic transmission and geared limited slip differential, make this a rather enjoyable driving experience; especially for a car with so much power.

And comfortable too.

And comfortable too.
Premium leather seats, platinum sound system, and many convenience options, make this car far more comfortable than any of those intended 2+2 coupes with 5 full seats shoehorned into them.

Tsunami by Giusseppe and ATI


Hello world!

This will be my first CSR Entry, i’ve spent a total of 6 days designing the entre from the car, to the mechanics, to the advertisement. I have to say that it came out better than I expected, normally i take a lot longer making a car. And the development of this one wasn’t exactly without it’s roadblocks…

The MAKINA MOTOR COMPANY presents you with the 1988.5 ('89 for the challenge) Makina Spectra 3000 GT-Turbo, It features partial aluminum made panels, a corrosion resistant monocoque chassis, all-round double wishbone suspension, and a thorough-bred IS30TE 3.0 Litre Inline-6 Making at least 279+ PS.

For this final 1988.5 Edition, The interior has been modified by our Fruinian Importers to meet the demand for a 5-seater, and 3 full rear seats have been added at the cost of luggage space. It also runs on 95 RON, as we know that 98 Octane fuel can be hard to come by, do not worry though, as the engine has plenty of performance to still accelerate from zero to sixty-two in under 6 seconds. All while maintaining an average 16 US MPG fuel mileage, above average for the Grand Tourer class.

No Expense has been spared in the interior, featuring the finest premium adjustable seats and hi-quality audio system. As well as other creature comforts like an electric sunroof, rear window heating, and electronically adjustable fender mirrors. The double wishbone suspension is optimized for a comfortable, yet easy to handle ride and uses our latest technology, ASC-I (Active Suspension Control - Version I) which adjusts the damping on demand.

We at MAKINA Fruina hope you enjoy your new 1988.5 Spectra GT-Turbo, our best Spectra yet.


1989 Centauri Boulevard GTZ, powered by a 406hp 6.5 liter OHV V8, unmatched quality inside, and Muscle car performance under your right foot, 0-62mph in 5.7 seconds and the quarter mile in under 14 seconds@102mph. 4 wheel double wishbone suspension, 4 wheel ABS disk brakes, and a state of the art electronically controlled 4 speed automatic transmission gives you superb control, performance, and comfort.


((The first facelift of EcaMobiles first vehicle. I really need to make some threads for these :P))


1989 AAAA Dynasty Vanguard

“Built for any occasion”

More Shots


Less than 25 hours before deadline!


well time to try rebuilding my entire entry to actually enter…


Oh shoot! I finished my car 4 days ago but I’m moving into a house. Well I guess I need to hurry this one up tomorrow. :disappointed_relieved:


I made another thing!™®©

This time, it’s less weeb! It’s a crappy 80s sedan that has schport!



Bruckell LeGran incoming.


The weak should fear the strong.


Someone finally did it. They entered the LAV body. Absolute madlad.


Not quite the LAV body, that only just missed out. It’s meme potential wasn’t high enough


1989 Saito Akira Razgriz

is got the powah (436 by 3.7 6)


3.4 L 24 Valve V6
4 Speed Automatic Transmission
Rear Wheel Drive
Starting at just $11,072.


Obligatory “TruckGang” post. but this time it’s not an f150.

Eye Candy!