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CSR 99 - Hello Guvnor [FINISHED]


“that damn A :b:86… and that Sushi Delivery boy Sushiwara. He has something coming for him he’s never seen the likes of before!”
“the Superlative power and abilities of the Tokachi D will put that fake in his place, and beat him on the
Mount :b:akina Downhill!”

Inertia Drifts into a tree



1989 Concord LaCampeli Elonta GTS

Limited edition brochure.

What’s that?

Let’s get a bit closer, shall we?

That’s more like it.

Welcome, lucky friend, to the 1989 Concord LaCampeli Elonta GTS! We at Concord recognized that you are one of our esteemed customers. So we are entrusting you with this brochure, that tells you about a car that a normal Concord owner doesn’t know exists. Most of you have heard about the LaCampeli Elonta, the mid-trim luxury model. And many of you have also heard about the mighty GTS. The LaCampeli’s sport trim. But this, is something else.

Something, better.

You see, this trim is a specialized, Grand Tourer, that has a few extra features, (borrowed from our FBI-spec trim, such as these:

The refined yet extremely durable Concord Max Protection Hubcaps.

The Concord Max Protection Bumper Cover.

And of course, the Concord emblem. A sign of protection, America, and America’s minds and workforce.

All of this, along with the brand new Concord Torrence V8, for just $25,600*.

*Automation dollars.

Be on the lookout for this fall’s mega detective blockbuster, starring Norman Lake and Mary Warner, and an Elonta GTS, in Lone Wolf, a Largeamount production!



Ponni Menace H.O.

400 tire-burning hp through the rear wheels and a 1st gear that goes to 62 mph, what could go wrong?


Imma just going throw this out there… But can’t say that ‘colin’ is much of a strong name… :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree it should be called Jeff…


LSV Privateer

The east and the west collide after 48 years.


Keika Tekko "FlexTape" Edition


please don’t bin me because of the (fitting) name, i gotta stay true to Keikas origins


Birch Arrowhead

I6. AWD. 7000 RPMs of N/A goodness. Bred on the track. Honed on special stages. Tamed for the road.


The new HPM Dominator NT-R

Raw Performance.

The rest is up to you.

More pictures and details

  • 555hp from a Naturally aspirated 6.7L V8
  • 0-62 mph in a staggering 3.7 seconds
  • Top Speed 186mph

  • Sophisticated Air suspension to ensure the best balance of performance, safety and comfort.
  • Revolutionary AWD system providing outstanding grip in any circumstance.
  • Front and Rear Double Wishbone Suspension which have been tuned and balanced on a race track.


FSR - Helios

Does it go fast?

0-100kph in 4.2 seconds, I’d say so

Is it AWD?

Of course

What’s that engine?

93.8 mm x 96.4 mm, 4 litre twin turbo V6 producing 373hp

Is that a knock-off Mk2 Golf?

We’ve not had a DCMA yet so, no?


Berkley Devon Biturbo
CSR 82 remake



Submission has closed!

Thank you everyone for submitting! Unfortunately, due to the sheer amount of entries you have enthusiastically submitted near the deadline, we will need an overtime to process them all and wrap them up in a comprehensive package. Estimated delivery for the first round of review is in a bit over 24 hours.

In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of a bunny wearing a hat.




So although I was moving and couldn’t set up my pc in time, I can’t take part in a challenge I enjoyed the most.
Cool thing.

Here is what I have come up with anyway:

Since what happened, I won’t be taking part in a challenge anytime soon I think.
Putting more than 10 hours into a car and testing it and then not being able to participate is bitter.

Good luck to the accepted entrants, nice builds I’ve seen here!


Ever heard of time zones?



Some stats on the Opulence in case anyone is interested.

Automatic gearbox vs awd was a tough call. I’m happy with it though. Surprisingly manageable in Beam even.


What a cool bunny :heart_eyes:

Here's a duck for you


What a cool duck :wink:

Here's a horse for you


Cmon, come here and get a beer and it surely will become better tomorrow after you survived the hangover.