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CSR 99 - Hello Guvnor [FINISHED]


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@titleguy1 which body is that?


The 2.6m long 1984 body.


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wtf? I don’t have that one. Is that an open beta only thing? I’ll have to find that somewhere.


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Seriously can we stop this nonsense? (and here's a random meme)


I’m sure this body and its variants aren’t in the stable release; they were all introduced in the open beta.


The joke isn’t funny anymore can we stop spamming the csr please ?


Damn that body would be a reason to switch to beta…


Introducing the 1989 Letto IDPC:

Powered by the mid mounted 1074cc aluminum CII6LS-11DET engine that makes 97.6hp @ 5800RPM & 113lbn-ft @ 4000RPM, it gets from 0-100 km/h in 14.94 seconds with a 12.5 L/100km fuel economy. you can have this beauty for just $23891

CSR 99 - LordLetto - IDPC.car (28.0 KB)


Submissions are already closed and you were supposed to dm the car file


You’re only 24 hours late. No worries.


I submitted the car on time by PMing the car file to the hosts, I just had to post the ad & considering submissions were closed when I posted the ad I figured it’d be OK to post the car file with the ad if anyone wanted to check the car out for themselves.


Ah, my bad then.


I think it is waaaay underpowered as my car with a 4.3 L V8 engine is already among the rather slower ones. But that should not mean that I think your car is bad.


Might aswell let others try out mine, since it’s been sent in a long time ago.
CSR99-MGR_99 - Rosker Warrior GTX.car (80.7 KB)


Meh, I’ll hitch my pony to this band wagon.

CSR99-MCP928 - Friesian-Police Special.car (30.3 KB)

Unofficial reviews could be fun.



It’s a warm day in October 1989. James Kekwick, one of the producer of the hit Fruinian police drama series “Gecko’s Diary”, is driving his Mitsushita Karna family saloon to the production office in Rye City.

Last night, the latest season ender episode of this prime time television series showed the demise of one of its star. The gold-colored Mitsushita Sesta, which had been in use as the personal car of the show’s hero Sammy Gecko for nearly 4 seasons, was blown up to pieces by the criminals.

[insert picture here]

The reaction of most audience at home were in shock, as this car was as much of a main character as Gecko is. Chosen personally by Kekwick himself, he didn’t wish to blow it up like that at all. But the decision was made between the show producers that this car was now outdated. And since Mitsushita, for some reason, didn’t want to provide the show with a new car, it was decided that their relationship would end in a fiery explosion.

Some people are speculating that this means the end of the show, but the producers have made sure that that’s not going to happen and says the new season will come out early next year. It’s going to start shooting very soon indeed, but there’s something still not done.

”Gecko’s Diary” is an immensely popular television series in '80s Fruinia with ratings that are always at the top of the table. Now that the studio’s looking for a new hero car, it’s not a huge surprise that many manufacturers would want to provide a sponsor car for such show. Today, Kekwick will be joining his co-producer to select the new, much anticipated car from a list of offer from manufacturers.

So to summarize, the “real” client of this CSR is not actually Sammy Gecko himself, but rather the producers of a TV show that needs a new car for their next season.

Kekwick parks his Karna in the underground parking facility and starts walking up to the office. Anticipating the options he has at his hand. Because this is a TV car, it should have a few qualities needed for such work.

One thing is certain, it doesn’t need to be more comfortable than it is believable. And because the manufacturer here acts as the sponsor in exchange for their best product being featured in the series, the producers really don’t care how much the car would cost in real life currency. The servicing expenses will be covered by the manufacturer too.

So that’s down to screen use performance. One of the producers highly prefers authenticity over fake sped-up performance. Acceleration is more important than top speed. Roadholding is also important, but we also have to look at the characteristics, the way the car turns when input with steering movement.

But the most important aspect of all though, is the style and coolness. Whatever the car is, it must make everybody go “Wow” and envy our Sammy Gecko as it’ll be clear that he is the shit, he made it in this world.

“Morning, Jimbo!” Donald McSanderson, the other producer of the show, greets Kekwick with perpetual enthusiasm. On the desk are neatly arranged stacks of proposals and print ads.

“Morning Donny. Is that it?”
“It sure is. All of them. It’s a big pile innit.”
“It’ll take ages to go through them, so let’s start already.”
“Whoa there, I worked overtime last night just to collect all these car proposals sent from literally all over the world, and now I’m starving. Let’s get some breakfast first.”
“Eh whatever. Let’s go.”

A few minutes later in the cafeteria, Donny is eating a bowl of fruit-flavored cereal, but he poured coffee instead of milk into it. James takes a bite out of a croissant while flipping over a thick magazine he carried from the studio office.

“Is that the buyer’s guide? I haven’t got a chance to read it yet,” says Donny as he scoops a spoonful of cereal.
“Yep. I skimmed through the pages, and the enlisted cars here have… Very colorful reviews. There are some cars that I like, but the rest are quite meh. Terrible, even.”
“Pass it to me, will ya?”

James stands up, then chucks the magazine in a frisbee-throwing motion to the other end of the room, where Donny sits. Gracefully, the magazine safely lands… flat onto Donny’s face. His face was not prepared for such aerial attack.

[insert picture here]

“Could’ve just walked over here and hand it over to me, you know.”
James simply shrugged as he munched the last croissant, while Donny looks at the magazine’s front cover.

“People are still reading this crap? You know that motor journalism is one of the most deceiving of any journalism out there?” Donny remarked to James.
“Well, I still think that it represents the cars quite well in a short period of time. We don’t have the luxury of time to inspect them all in person, anyway.”
Donny starts reading the magazine from the first page.

Stage 1: Magazine Reviews and All the Bins that Follow

(Unfortunately, due to severe time constraint, our original plan to eliminate cars in 4 separate stages has been significantly shortened to just 2 stages, which are this one and later the test drive stage.)

@Vri404 - Spirra Cura DTM Homologation No. 77

The Spirra Cura DTM Homologation No. 77 is exactly what it says on the tin: It’s a homologation of the Spirra Cura DTM race car. A successful race car does not always equate to a successful road car, so what do we have here?

This car’s performance is truly not a joke. Chassis itself is exactly like that of the DTM car, and so is the engine. Detuned, of course, to 340 hp on the tap, but still requiring 98 Octane. The difference is in the interior which has this new fake suede material for the upholstery. And it has a stereo. The suspension is also different as it has cutting age Air Suspension set up.

This very stand-out design is actually rather good to drive, with good grips and excellent acceleration from its V6 engine and AWD system. If you think it’s like a race car, you’re not quite right. It’s not as grippy as a real race car would be as it’s nearly 1300 kg with driver included, but for a road car this is nothing to complain about. But considering that the tyres are specifically made 255s with magnesium wheels, you sort of would expect that. Semi-Slick is optional. The brake is powerful and with accompanied loud screech.

It’s a race car for the road. And quite a hardcore one too. It’s very close to what’s racing in DTM, but toned down to be relatively usable. It’s not comfortable or refined but that’s to be expected from such design.

J: “Do you think it’s a strong start or a weak one?”
D: “Well, it certainly looks the part. It is quite brisk. It looks and handles like it belongs more in a Sunday fun race rather than on public roads, but the turbo lag on the engine leaves a lot to be desired. Drive-by shooting scenes with these tiny windows would be a pain in the arse for the actors to do easily.”
J: “There’s a reason for why a race car isn’t usually used on the road. Granted, we won’t be using it on the road per se, but it would still be a pain.”

Verdict: Too much turbo lag to be able to complete the required stunt manoeuvers properly. (binned)

@Jaimz - DMC Horizon

This executive car has a whiff of America about it. But when you start up the engine you’ll be surprised that it has the sound of an Italian V8 screaming in your ears.

5.2-litre Flatplane V8 with two Turbochargers. 430hp available via 4-speed Automatic gearbox. This promised good acceleration and plenty of noise. It certainly does both quite well. This thing also ride just as hard as the Spirra DTM Homologation which means we question what the hell the maker’s smoking. Incredibly harsh ride for a premium car.

This car slides well, very tail happy. The tyres are quite small and thus there isn’t a lot of grip. This thing should be doing smoky burnouts all day long, but the Automatic gearbox setup combined with turbo lag make this actually rather sluggish. And it has traction control. It also has a very complicated Hydropneumatic suspension setup which should means it’s a comfortable ride, but we can safely report that it isn’t. The brakes are okay too.

A good muscle car if you can live with the harsh ride. We personally think that we couldn’t. When we say harsh ride, we mean it. This is riding like an Oregon’s Trail Wagon.

J: “What about this? The Draconis Horizon.”
D: “Hmmm, the engine still has got an uncomfortable amount of lag. It’s also got an Automatic transmission with long spacing on the lower gears, which means that it cannot do dramatic launch much. The styling also doesn’t really pop out to me. When you want to do precision driving, this thing will let go long before desired.”
J: “That’s a no then.”

Verdict: It’s like the opposite of the Spirra Cura: Better straight line performance, but worse at handling. The looks also don’t stand out enough. (binned)

@yangx2 - Honghu 88888888 Heilong 427

A striking Asian design. This Aluminium-bodied luxury saloon also features a V8 engine, twin turbo, and about 430hp. Not as loud as the DMC Horizon, but that’s only in the noise department.

This is a very ostentatious and vulgar design. Very suitable for its home market. And when you step inside you’ll find a decent enough interior with great stereo system. It also has an airbag which means this car is very safe in case of an accident.

Start the car up and it’s quite clear that this will be a hell of a car to drive. Manual gearbox for maximum smoky burnouts, this car will do it all day long. It also features cutting age air suspension and a decently comfortable setup. This doesn’t ride harsh at all which means it’s a better daily driver than the DMC Horizon is. But then again, this cost more than twice as much. Is it twice the car though?

We’d say, no, it isn’t. This is a very overpriced machine costing a lot of money. We reckon it’s due to fancy schmancy technology in cooling and aerodynamics which it proudly acclaims in the brochure but no one would read. At the end of the day, the interior isn’t worth the money. But it is an amazing-looking thing to behold and definitely fitting of the price.

J: “This seems interesting.”
D: “It looks more like a villain’s car, don’t you think? I mean, considering Gecko’s character, it could work. This car is big, fast, flashy, and undeniably intimidating. There are things I definitely like here, but driving reports say that it’s got a slippery tail end, meaning that a better-trained set of legs are required to manhandle this thing at its limit."
J: “Is that supposed to be a good thing?”
D: “Well, kind of, maybe. It certainly can do dramatic burnouts, and without ABS it can do dramatic stopping too.”

Verdict: The car has high marks with its distinctive styling and straight line performance, but it actually doesn’t drive as easy as many of its rivals. The interior is surprisingly low-rent especially for the price. (considered)

@DoctorNarfy - MEN A :b:86 Endgame

This appears to be a coupe that we’ve seen several Times before: A small and lightweight car with 1.6-litre highly tuned engine, but this time it has an avant garde “Infinity” light arrangement at the front of the car.

Starting it up and you’ll find that this car barely has any Soul. About 140hp from a 1.6. Running through the archaic 4-speed gearbox with a lot of Space in between the power curve, it’s quite a lightweight and nimble machine. But this lack of weight is the result of low rent interior and lack of structural integrity.

You may be thinking that this is a recipe for good handling, but the tuning makes this a soft riding car with safe and secure handling characteristic. It’s more akin to a harmless hatchback than a Powerful canyon carver you’d expect it to be. The lack of grip means that you need to be Mindful of it during higher speed.

All in all, in an ideal alternate world where Reality can be anything you want, this car could have scored a lot better. But sadly, this is not an ideal world.

D: “Ugh, what is this car. Pass me the gauntlet, please.”
J: “Here you go.” Hands over a golden gauntlet to Donny
With a snap on the finger, the car is erased from the magazine’s page.

Verdict: Thanos Coupe. Thanos Coupe. (snapped)

@yurimacs - Bradford Alima Turbo

This appears to be a basic and modern saloon car made in preparation for the 1990’s. Sporty and sleek, but is it actually any good? It certainly is chock full of modern technology such as Turbocharging and Air Suspension.

The inside is just about average, especially for its price. The engine unit is a decent enough Inline 6 with 310hp powering through a 5-speed gearbox. The trouble is, it has a hot running issue that we suspect is due to undercooling. We can’t see this thing being a long lasting prospect.

It handles okay. Not great, but not terrible. What’s terrible is the ride, which is more akin to an unladen pickup truck. This makes it an uncomfortable ride despite high tech Suspension components. The brakes also squeal like a race car, and there’s way less grip than we’d like. It’s a fast enough car, but it certainly doesn’t turn well enough for the power.

This car is very much a muscle car, despite it not being so: Not great at many things, apart from going fast in a straight line. At least it’s not a relatively expensive car to buy, and it doesn’t look like a muscle car, so I guess you can call this a sleeper as well.

J: “It looks okay, but kinda boring. The engine cooling issue might going to become a serious design flaw, especially when it’s going to be redlining every day for 2 months."
D: "It also doesn’t appear to have the handling needed for precision driving. Not the worst car engine output-wise, but the handling and rough ride makes it a tough choice.”
J: “That’s a no, then.”

Verdict: Not good enough handling or ride. Lower than average reliability. Design could be improved with more details. (binned)

@fromaj - Mavensworth Mynxe

This car is quite a funny looking one. From its dumpy proportion to its curvy headlamps. I must say it’s a well thought out design that’s very much au courant. It’s not a beautiful car, but it’s likeable in a way.

Inside you’ll find that it’s a decent enough interior. But it’s not very high tech. Starting it up and the 280hp V6 engine screams at high pitch, suggesting a highly tuned engine. This has an AWD system and quite highly sophisticated. We sort of expected it to be a nice drive, and it is.

This car rides harsh, but it turns so well. This car turns like the Spirra DTM does, despite not actually being a detuned race car. In fact, they’re so similar in design and ideology, despite having a completely different background. But we find that the Mynxe is more playful, more agile, and more fun. But not as fast as a real race car would be. Also the brakes are just as annoying. We also find high speed stability to not be its strong suit.

A great car all around, if you can live with an extremely hard suspension, this is a very nice performance car to drive. Not the fastest by any means but a fun, and funny looking one.

D: “It says that this car is a lot of fun to drive.”
J: “But is it any fun to watch?”
D: “Well, the styling certainly is growing on me now, despite not liking it that much before.”
J: “I mean, can it do exuberant driving? The styling is merely a family car with tarted up body kit. It could work with middle class target audience.”
D: “It’s a well-sorted car with turgid suspension, not a ridiculous amount of power, and no wheelspin.”
J: “Can it do dramatic stunts?”
D: “It probably can, if our drivers really try.”
J: “What do you say then?”
D: “Ehhh…”

Verdict: Not very fast with no wheelspin. Looks good but isn’t really popping. A great slightly fast family saloon, but isn’t sporty enough for what the producers have in mind. (binned)

@HybridTronny - Atera Tsukuba SL

Here is another discreet looking premium saloon car. Seems that this has become in vogue so there’s a lot of such car on the market. This one is equipped with a Turbocharged Inline 6 engine driving the rear wheel.

Step inside and you’ll find a typical interior of its class. These cars are all about performance and definitely not showing off. It really is smooth and quiet. 5 Speed manual gearbox also lets you drive this thing with rigour.

It’s a decent enough handler. With decent amount of grip and safe handling characteristic, allowing you to drive at high speed and not worry about spinning out. It rotates well and the brakes stop the car. The ride again is harsh and stiff, although not to the same extent as other cars we’ve seen, and again the brakes are a squealer.

All in all, this is a very decent package deal. If you’re looking for this sort of car we can wholeheartedly recommends.

J: “Check out this car. It’s positively Japanese with some hints of European styling here and there. It’s got as much turbo lag as the DMC, though.”
D: “And it can do dramatic burnouts too when the traction control’s turned off. I don’t see why not.”

Verdict: An average performer so far. (considered)

@Kobacrashi - Reduit GSR8 V12 Turbo

This is a great looking hard top convertible. But with a $163.000 base pricetag, you must prepare a great amount of fortune. What are you getting really with this amazing (or atrocious) flagship coupe?

It’s a very finely crafted hand-made car. And this reflects it in its swoopy styling, which we think can be recreated using typical body making facility. But anyhow, this car takes about 2 years to complete a single unit. The inside is made of really nice, high quality material, and there’s a CRT in the dashboard! You can see why this car cost 163k now right?

The engine is a twin-turbo V12. 672hp as the company proudly claims. However, we found that it actually does barely anything. Its 0-100 time is 7.3 seconds at best due to the massive amount of turbo lag. The company also claims a near-300 km/h top speed, but after a test drive, it takes the car quite some time to even reach 200 km/h as the fourth gear is best described as a long and arduous climb to reach the boost RPM range. The tyres have very little grip and it weighs nearly 2,400kg. With this combination of too high of a power level and inability to turn sharply, it is thus nigh on impossible to drive due to lack of precision in its handling.

All in all, it’s a great ornament and entertaining facility. As a car, however, it isn’t much of one.

D: “Ooh, I like the style, especially those angry front headlights. It gives out a vague imagery of a shark.”
J: “From what I read, this car is quite gutless most of the time. The 4-speed automatic gearbox is also not doing it much favor. Could’ve performed a lot better by either removing the super laggy turbos or swapping the transmission to a manual. Or both.”
D: “That sounds like a lot of work for the engine.”
J: “If there’s one thing this car excels at, though, it’s attracting a great amount of attention at cruising speeds.”

Verdict: Highest Prestige score out of all the reviewed cars by a large margin, comfy enough interior and has good array of technology, but its turbos are unfortunately holding it back from being a truly serious contender. (binned)

(continued in part 2)


So where’s this Calvinator you’re talking about? The magazine cover’s piqued my interest.