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CSR 99 - Hello Guvnor [FINISHED]


Amazing writing and a very good round, thank you for hosting!

Also I love the Frog nickname given to the Tyrfing, ironically also fitting the main reason it lost by being too springy and not firm enough.

If anyone else wants to take a look at it:
CSR99 - Xepy - Greil Tyrfing 4.0 BiTurbo Sedan.car (78 KB)


if i deserve it stat-wise, i’ll happily take the task.

gotta wait for confirmation until i start working on anything


Not insinuating anything or trying to remove someone from hosting, but it’d be pretty neat to have some massive CSR 100 blowout round with a bunch of fireworks and action. Maybe @strop could comment…?


Okay, here are the next names in the standings:
5. Elizipeazie
6. HowlerAutomotive
7. Titleguy1
8. Yangx2
9. Quotex
10. HybridTronny


well then i’ll take the burden of Hosting the anniversary of CSR

thread will follow within 24 hours.


I think it’s still better than my original “This car is boring, instabin” verdict. :smile:


It’s conservative in its design. Think early 90s Lexus.


Honorable Mentions

These cars didn’t go past the first round for many reasons, but they are what I find it to be remarkable in some way. In my opinion.


  1. Aaron.W’s Tanaka 300X: Just look at it! This car is one of the most beautiful car entered despite a few mistake (flipped decal and missing fixtures). But the engineering side is so pedestrian and flawed that it’s the epitome of California (or Shibuya) cruiser.


  1. abg7’s AMA Kingbird: This right here is the opposite of the Tanaka. It’s made very well but styling is so forgettable. If those two cars are combined (styling of the Tanaka, engineering of the Kingbird) I can imagine this thing being a finalist.


  1. Centurion_23’s CKL Anvil: Even though we did not use BeamNG for judging process (due to many reasons already stated in many CSRs), I did try most of the entries we have basically to have a bit of fun (so we don’t go crazy running this thing). This is by far the most surprisingly fun car I have the pleasure to test.


  1. TheElt’s Colin: Anything to add?


  1. saddiseased’s Berkley Devon Turbo: It’s here because it’s one of my favourite car, not much else. It’s one of those car that gives me inspiration to create something else. I like it a lot, personally. And quite well made if not exactly right for the purpose we have in mind.


oh look! a :electric_plug: