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CSR Ninety-Seven - NOYFB


I tested you at 199 km/h on the original track:

And also on the revised track:

So I guess you could attribute your failure as much to the car as you can to your country’s steadfast resistance to the wholesale adoption of the metric system. Please write to your congressman about this grave injustice.


communism /s

anyway that shows the power of Murica. Never liked braking anyhow.


I think I’m perfectly entitled to say that’s a little unreasonable. My name on the discord is that, my description on here is that, all my profile pictures are the same. I’d like to think that even if you had half a glance at who had sent the file before clicking download and move on it would stay in memory. Technically I haven’t broken any rules. I named it with the correct tag “CSR97”. I gave it an appropriate name. Other than your own disliking there is no reason why I should be binned.


When you are submitting a car, you’re submitting it as a forum user. “Riley” also being your name on the discord doesn’t excuse that since not everybody is aware of everyones different names

oops i’m not the host


Idk it seems pretty reasonable to me, when hosts get cars from entrants, they generally expect their forum name to be the one used for the car over a discord name etc. Hosting is difficult enough as is, I wouldn’t say it’s unreasonable for them to require the right name first rather than having to search to find the person submitting.

Edit: plus he never said anywhere that he disliked you or said you had a bad car


Each person that has a forum account also had to fill in their name in one of the spaces, this is displayed underneath the forum name as the actual user.

As shown my name is there. It takes all of 10 seconds to check.

I named it with my username. I followed the rules. Was there something else that I was close to breaking that swayed the judgment?

This is addressed to MrChips too but replys don’t allow for that xD


Is this Car Shopping Round or Salty Arguments Round?


This is a public forums, do you expect him to go through everyone’s profile? Riley, just learn from the mistake and don’t do it again, complaining is obviously not solving anything.

Edit: Also, your username is Sky-High, not Riley


You didnt follow the rules, your username is Sky-High, not riley. Its not the csr host job to hunt down your name. Use Sky-High when you submit stuff.

Side Note: Discord Rule Number 5
Many people had no clue who this forum account belonged too until this post, im one of them.


you know what? i have a suggestion. how about we let @Sky-High to host the next round so he knows the burden of hosting a round. and how that ‘just 10 extra seconds to check’ is annoying when you’re dealing with 40+ cars


I’m no longer in the competition, and you can’t enter back in. Now, could everyone that’s in the discord and on here stop battering me just for the meme, thanks. I expect Mrchips to come back with something similar so thanks for your help.


No problem, glad to assist.


Riley you ask us to stop, but you started it by defending yourself. I’m not going to berate you about it anymore, but don’t blame us for something you started. You could have just accepted the disqualification silently.

That is all


Yeah well, mine has a aluminium chassis monocoque and fibre glass panels. It doesn’t get much lighter than that, except for carbon fibre.
I even chose my suspension type after the weight and the tyre size. Basically everything and didn’t get beneath 1.880kg on my submitted entry.
But it was difficult and I really liked fiddling about on the car for hours to make it work.
I had a vision and I did it, so I’m happy no matter the outcome! :santa:


Fuck I did not read that there is mandatory ESC. Damn it. (kicking my bin away)


Man…this beast is a tank.
If this thing really hit the requirements, hats off to you.
In that case, I’m gonna have to ask you to hand me over those sweet stats of yours!




It saves space in the posts. Didn’t want to scroll so much. :sweat_smile:


Fair enough but, in my defense, it was 139.9 when I last looked at it…I even had -1 quality somewhere to get it there.

Just downloaded it and opened it… it’s now 140.3 so I can’t complain…Grrrrr…… :angry:

At least I didn’t get panned in a scathing review! :rofl:


Ah man! That’s what happened I guess from using mph instead of km/h. God damn it! 198kph only?! I thought it would be a lot closer to 200 or at least 199. You also said that the revised track is roughly the same. Hmmm… I guess I’m not that lucky.


Ah damn, I’m rusty at competitions, I forget to reload and check the stats guess it bumped up a few ticks, thought that issue was fixed already.

Well in that case I managed 225kph on the revised track, 352kph top speed and returned 25mpg(us)