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CSR Ninety-Seven - NOYFB


time for the fastest car in the world


They’re expensive


I live in California so I assumed the 91-max thing was just crazy Cali regulations :joy: on trips to Arizona and Nevada I’ve seen plenty of instances of 92 and 93 AKI stations, though not very common. Either way it is out there to an extent


200kph in the test track length is tough. Not used to tuning around that kind of target. Good challenge.


If I am not mistaken, this equates to 87 AKI - but I’ll happily accept that in any case.


It’s primarily because 91 AKI is the standard set for “Premium Unleaded” in many Western states. I’m also in California, around Sacramento. The highest octane fuel you can buy around here is E85 (maybe slightly cheating), but I know there’s a station in the Bay Area that sells street-legal 100 octane, though it costs a pretty penny. In California, no refineries bother making a California blend that’s higher octane than what’s required for the standard. There’s not really a point, and it would just cost them more, and all cars that require Premium are tuned for 91 anyways, and may just advance timing on 93. There’s only a handful of refineries making California blend anyways, in the Bay Area, San Joaquin Valley, and a couple along the coast in the LA area. In Nevada or Arizona, even with the 91 AKI set standard, they can pull fuel from elsewhere, because as far as I know they only use the federal reformulated blend, which is refined pretty much everywhere.

And for an interesting reference, Euro 95 is equal to 90 AKI (95 RON, 85 MON, averaged), and 91 RON in Australia and New Zealand is 86 AKI (91 RON, 81 MON, averaged). So the common fuels in the US, 87 AKI, 91 AKI, and 93 AKI, are roughly 92 RON, 96 RON, and 99 RON, respectively.


Sooo… I can’t get the track to load. I’m probably doing something wrong. What are we talkin about here, quarter mile? Eighth mile?

  1. It’s an automation track, check the drop down list in the test track tab.
  2. Make sure the track is one level down from the track name folder. When extracting it was doubled up for me, maybe the same thing for you.


I figured out what I was doing wrong. Thanks. Damn it’s so close to the speed I need lol


Does the “trap” speed mean the trap that is kinda on the map? or what speed the car finishes at, would make sense for it to be when it finishes so you don’t get it wrong

Just a question.


So anyway, after discovering that indeed my car is okay this will be my Contender:
Zephorus Z10 S

5.0L V10 producing 480hp and a top speed of 198 mph, this car is sure to give you the real driving experience of a lifetime.


Design is important

So, er… what kind of design? Sporty and aggressive? Unassuming?


Let’s just say, “something you wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen driving in front of a large number of your peers”.


You underestimate my lack of shame but well, works I guess

I mean, I have little shame if I’m going to send a naturally aspirated car in here lol


Incoming, the KGB X Immortalem…


552 HP V8 Twin Turbo
205 mph

The ultimate performance sedan at ultimate fleet price of $29500!


Naturally aspirated V8 of displacement above 6.5 liters?


And i was just about to post my… NA, 6.5L V8… time for a REDESIGN


Well, I’m kinda bouncing between a 6.5 liter virgin V8 and a 12 liter chad V10

and a Communist piece of five cylinder Tu-95


i live in the west and most gas stations have it, unless it is either an old, or unpopular one.


What part? Here in California we get 87, 89, 91, and every once in a while E85 or diesel