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CSR Ninety-Seven - NOYFB


foot of the Rockies, where the Midwest meets mountain.


2015 Jinhe Qingxiu SRB

Might as well toss in an ad while I try to figure life out.

Old Jinhe Worst Jinhe



Car:CSR97- DaSovietPotato - DMK Himmel .car (22.6 KB)


The 2015 Tanaka Atlantis 3.0 T

Sleeper incoming…



The legacy lives on.

The MEN Polski Suburbvan. Starting from around $18,000


is this a hard requirement (so it must meet the 200km/h trap speed) or is it optional? I have something that in the test track screen it shows 321km/h top speed & 6.66 seconds 0-100km/h but at the trap at the end of the custom map it only hits 192km/h with a time of 23.4 seconds.




Even 201 kph?

and yes it is a difficult requirement.


If anyone is interested in a collab:

I’ve made a NA V8 muscle car for the challenge, but this week I will have too little time to make the design. If someone wants, you can do the design on it and we can enter it as a collab. You can have the win if it happens to win because I won’t have time later either. Just tell me here or in Discord if you’re interested



it’s too late now, but to make it a bit more easy/open I’d recommend changing location to the Daffy Flyer on the ATT, or increasing the ET a bit.


When you need to make a quick getaway and the HiWay Sport wasn’t quick enough…

The DMC (HiWay) N4SR…


To the stars and beyond - Rocket


Mr Chips, how do we submit the files to you? Do we export them and send them to you in a message? Here is the Yinzer GoFaster.


Export your car as a .car file and PM him.


2015 BT Motors Argonaut FTS



Thank you.


Soul of an Angel, Heart of a King Kong.

2015 Mitsushita Lucido Lusso-R

Finance plan available.


@MrChips the rules say nothing about V16s, I’m assuming, if it fits, it ships?


Mavensworth Belwick

No Time to Waste, Look Once, Get In.

yes yes yes


Pretty much. If you can make it work within the confines of the rules, then it’s legal.