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CSR106 - Late Night Hours



中国第一66666666666 :cn: :cn:

Thanks for hosting a good round, Oslo! Surely there would be bumps and potholes in anyone’s first CSR but the fact you were so open to the community recovered it well! As for next round, predictably, I’ll pass the hosting down. :slight_smile:


Awww come on dude. Just host one, you win all the time. Lets all make commie cars. This one was modern China, lets do a “people can own a car for the first time ever (legally)” one.


I would have but there are no guarantees I’m going to be in the office instead of on-site next week. Also got my hands full with rental stuff, etc.

Either way if I hosted the next challenge, you probably would have gotten a modern Chinese round kind of similar to this one. At the hands of a guy named Dr. Liu :slight_smile:


Even despite some controversy in this round, I think by the end you made a great job at making this a fun round! The hype for the preliminaries and finals during this round were something I’ve never seen before - so again, a great round hosted by a great first-time host.

As for hosting, yeah I’ll do it


Hey I got 5th! Not too shabby for what’s essentially a land yacht meme. Congrats to the winner, congrats to especially Oslo for a good first round, if a bit rough around the edges.

Also, hey a free car

CSR 106 - goblin95 - Kasai Noble Sedan.car (88.0 KB)


Here I go again on my own


Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known


Like a drifter I was born to walk alone


*pan out to a kid’s birthday party

(I really hope I’m not the only one who has seen that ad :joy:)


No TV (on purpose), haven’t watched an ad in 10 years. Is it on youtube?


This is the marriage version but it’s whatever


Yeah… that’s basically why I gave up on TV. Nice reference though.


Was that a Reincarnated as a Slime reference?


The Name Veldora? Yes it was :wink:


so @Oslo just got binned from the fourms


CSR is such a thing the devs ban people for cheating? Now that is some serious community involvement. Who else got banned (the other account mentioned)?




@mcp928 Oslo was banned for multi accounting and he was caught by someone else from a different challenge submission. He has been multi accounting for quite some time and has participated in many challenges with all his alternative accounts including CSR, CSC and the auction and whatnot. It’s obvious that they’ll ban him and whatever accounts they find of him


Because? What is the benefit of multi accounting? Liking his own ad or what?


Submitting multiple cars in one challenge.
Also in case of auction, bidding with multiple accounts. Whichever account gets it, you win anyway