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CSR106 - Late Night Hours


This is the marriage version but it’s whatever


Yeah… that’s basically why I gave up on TV. Nice reference though.


Was that a Reincarnated as a Slime reference?


The Name Veldora? Yes it was :wink:


so @Oslo just got binned from the fourms


CSR is such a thing the devs ban people for cheating? Now that is some serious community involvement. Who else got banned (the other account mentioned)?




@mcp928 Oslo was banned for multi accounting and he was caught by someone else from a different challenge submission. He has been multi accounting for quite some time and has participated in many challenges with all his alternative accounts including CSR, CSC and the auction and whatnot. It’s obvious that they’ll ban him and whatever accounts they find of him


Because? What is the benefit of multi accounting? Liking his own ad or what?


Submitting multiple cars in one challenge.
Also in case of auction, bidding with multiple accounts. Whichever account gets it, you win anyway


Oh yeah, true. Maybe that’s why I don’t actively participate in the auction anymore, because the bidding was redicilous.


Yes, he has been found guilty of Multi-Accounting and thus cheating. The excuse here was “I didnt know it was against the rules” - sure. Absolutely.

That also means that the Winner of CSR105 (him) is invalid, CSR106 is not counted at all and CSR107 by @CorsicaUnknown is now infact CSR106 - which stays like that.
Why is the CSR106 not correct? The Host participated with his own car: @Continent - an absolutely unfair move that means that the results are skewed in every way possible.

In the end its a competition hosted in our forums and multi-accounting is fully against the rules of this forum. And doing such thing to get a benefit in a competition is an absolute no-go. Where is the sportsmanship in that?
There is nothing good one can justify about that. Everyone should have the same fair chance.


On the topic, I have a CSR rules question since here are so many knowledgeable folks here.

I found somebody who is good at car design, but lacks mechanical talent. I have the opposite problem producing mechanically sound potatoes.

My general plan is we would both of us would make a complete car. I would tune his engine/trans (making no major changes), and he would improve my fixtures (maintain the spirit of the design). Then we both enter and mention the others relatively specific improvements. Legal?


In my own challenges (damn I am really messing the last up) I do participate with own cars. But I judged them completely fair, and I always avoided judging the design where I would really be unfair.
Of course it’s not cool losing my own challenge, but it’s definitely even less cool to ruin it by giving myself an advantage.


There is a difference to adding your own cars pretty much openly to the competition, with everyone knowing its your car, or joining the competition with another account.


Collabs have always been legal.


Right, but what if both collaborators make a car, the other improves it, and they submit a different car each?


Oops, didn’t read your question fully. I feel like it wouldn’t, but I don’t know


Yeah, it seems like a good way to get banned. Hopefully somebody knows. If not, I’ll just ask the next host on a case by case.


That reminds me of something…

“You got the homework done?”

“Yeeaahh man, just change your name so the teacher can’t tell.”