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CSR106 - Late Night Hours


This could be a good thing. Lately, CSRs have been 45+ entries, each. A few entrants taking a round off, might help; especially considering, I believe, this is their first time hosting.



After a… warm reception on the Discord for the original version of this challenge, I’ve helped Oslo slightly rework this round into something you’ll all hopefully like more.

So, check the main post for the updated version.


Fuck yeah this is much better and much more straightforward, thanks for helping him out dude!


Corsica helped me with this CSR. He made my messed up text much more nicer to read and he gave me some guide lines on how to make hosting better. So I am asking you if you are willing to let him join this CSR this is the least I can do for him. He helped me a lot!

  • Corsica can enter this CSR
  • Corsica can´t enter this CSR

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May I point out that a 15% extra fee on all cars is equal to a non fee? Isn’t it easier for the participants to have the market price adjusted for “fee”? (15% less budget)


This 15% is why she has 2000$ of tollerance. (And I had to do something to make it diffrent)


you could as well deduct 15% off the initial budget and put that into the ruleset


In terms of approximate costs, the budget is already tight enough as it is. Decreasing it by 15% might actually be unnecessary - I prefer the current system of determining the actual cost, which involves increasing the approximate cost by 15%.


So the actual budget is 32,600



You don’t calculate the import fee. Your budget is up to 37,500$. The import fee just matters to Kwong. This will play role in the finals.

My apologizes for misunderstanding


I am still so confused about the price and fee.


The simple explanation. Just dont go above 37.500 or you will get binned.


Will it be appropriate to allow vans as a body style? Considering that HK’s car population is either those infamous Crown Comfort taxis, Lexus sedans, or Hiaces, Alphards and Vellfires?


You can choose any body type you want


Sounds good. In the body section of the brief, is it outlining Kwong’s preferences as specifically “sedans, wagons, etc.” or just providing examples?


Just examples. I will edit that part


The interesting part is, that she likes to give it some gas on the back roads. This could either mean that a sporty 150hp car is enough. Or, how it has been with a number of previous CSRs, that all of a sudden she wants a sportscar and cars with 280hp get to be finalists although it is completely unrealistic.

So, are there any stats on her previous car or what power she is used to? Just to have at least a rudimentary idea of her longings.


This is actually an issue I’m finding. I can quite easily submit a 450 bhp premium sports sedan that would outperform most things I imagine would be submitted with very little running cost penalty (which doesn’t appear to be a major concern here) if I really wanted to, but I don’t think that would be realistic.


Well here we go again…
Inspired by the Ford ST’s.


I will give more info about Zen.

More info about Zen XZ has been given!

And submissions will be open in 4 hours