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CSR106 - Late Night Hours


2018 Epoch - Ansom ePlus

“Economy never felt so luxurious”

From HKD$33,400


Don’t normally do these sorts of posts but so far it looks like I may have the only RR entry. Although my advert doesn’t even indicate that I’m using RR…


2018 Retro Jiazu GT 2.5e

More pictures


2018 AYO NR5
The Brucemobile

Flere Bilder


Success in life?
You deserve the best
Economical, practical and comfortable…


Does this mean that I’m not allowed to use Luxury interior, even if I could?


You can use luxury interior and infotaiment! I have to edit that tnx for notecing that.


I like how your brand is named like an hessian expression of “well…what can you do”.


I mean it was named after an exclamation in Mauritian Creole, which is used to express surprise, shock or disbelief at a situation or thing.


The 2018 Masada Virtue
(JsX Model Shown in Nautic Blue)

Powered by a 237 hp, 3.5L, AWD, twin turbocharged V6, while maintaining a respectable 28 mpg.

A spacious, upscale interior, liftback design, and now featuring MasadEye, a 360 camera system that utilizes various cameras and sensors located throughout the car, gives many different points of view of the car, all being controlled by the large touchscreen in the new infotainment system.

Dual chrome tipped exhausts provide a subtle, yet reassuring engine note.
Also uses Masada’s new TBHO system, (touch bar hatch opener) by just three taps on the chrome touch bar, the whole hatch opens itself automatically, revealing the spacious cargo area.

So, what are you waiting for?


The 2019 Anhultz Mimas XI

When you really want to be your own in the fleet of boredom-mobiles.

CE trim shown. Displayed vehicle priced at 35500$. For added active safety, Anhultz limits the top speed of their cars to 180kph, thus avoiding overly excessive speeding and reducing the impact velocity in the unfortunate event of an accident happening. Available in these colors. Actual appearance and color may differ.

Some more pictures for you all.


Buick is American. Buick is owned by GM. GM owns a majority share of Opal. Opal is an American car (chassis/platform) with a European body kit. You car must still look American.


Gm sold Opal in 2016. GM’s European operations were vastly different than their American business (as is their Chinese operations) . Cars sold by gm in China do not look American (officially, it’s because our cars are too big and pollutey; in reality it’s because they make them twice as fast,for half as much over there)

The only opel / gm connection is the regal x; it definitely looks European.


I’ll be honest with you, I thought Opal went fully defunct in 2016. If they are still making cars outside the GM banner, then by all means go for it. I know that the operations are vastly different. Pretty much nobody wants a Chevy in Europe (for assorted reasons, excluding some premium models) and that’s why there are International “partnerships.” We all know that’s just jargon for “lets share the mechanical bits to cut costs” I was mostly just propping up American branding. Devils advocate kind of thing.

Saying make a brand look like its owner countries counterparts is a mildly ridiculous statement. Sometimes there is no difference, like the Mazda B series, and the complementing Ranger (04ish) then you look at GM and Holden. Same engine, completely different car.


2018 幸せなスポーティな贅沢 (Happy Sporty Luxury) from Kunshu, a product of Monarch Motor Company Asia…


Introducing the redesigned 2018 Jerboa in Sport Wagon LXi trim.

More pictures

Full disclosure, I don’t know one word of Chinese traditional or otherwise. This ad was done with Bing translate over Google for extra jankiness. If someone is bi-lingual pleae let me know how jacked up the translation is.

Original text:

Redesigned for 2018 the Jerboa returns with new engines, trims, and options.

New features include:
All LED illumination
A new six speed manual, or optional eight speed automatic
ECO3 1.5L turbocharged engines
LXi interior package

New trims include:
Sport wagon
Sport convertible (soft top and hard top)
Estate Eco
Rally plus


I would r/whooosh but even that would probably go over your head


*LE trim shown. Starting at $34300. 48 mpg city, 26 mpg highway.

284 hp, 3.0L I6 turbo, 6 speed automatic

The LE trim comes complete with rear backup camera, KW ParkingAssist, Lane keep assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Automatic Braking System, Leather seating, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto.


2018 Kuma AL ACE



I was mostly being funny/promoting American design. I know that most international partnerships share the expensive parts of development (powertrain, basic chassis) but the cars come out pretty unique to certain markets.