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CSR106 - Late Night Hours


Avalon A5

Lets see how this one goes…


I can’t help myself from seeing a Škoda.


The latest (4th) generation of our popular SC series brings in one new variant.
The A, the Active.
Active, while keeping all of SC series qualities, brings few new technlogies to the series.

The most prominent one is its reworked Advanced Adaptive Rear-Biased AWD, as compared to previous generation SC’s standard FWD or Front-Biased AWD.
While being based on Viscous Limited Slip Differential system, combined with its Advanced Stability Control and clutch-pack control, it creates drivetrain with unique driving feel, and revolutionary handling in its class.
Good example of this system is cornering, the harder you attack a corner, the more the front wheels dis-engage to allow for better steering control and sportier feel.

More Pictures

Color Palette :


’18 Dragotec Gladius E

Your trusty companion
As you approach the Gladius its lights flicker to light and the engine fires up. Powering it’s active suspension to raising itself from its slumbering squat, allowing its master to gracefully slip in. After it senses all of the occupants have seated themselves it goes into its nominal stance, ready to adapt for whatever journey lies ahead.

Luxury without bounds
For said journey, the Gladius is ready to entertain you with its Bawse speakers, fully completed by a subwoofer and tweeters. Planning your trip for you in its active info display, so you can keep your eyes on where they have to be as much as possible and your ears entertained.

Safety today for everyone’s tomorrow
Have a safe journey with adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistance, pedestrian detection, blindspot monitoring and others.

A smooth and effortless journey
Go where you need to go swiftly with 185 hp, while consuming merely 5L/100km combined.

more in bronze


KnightWick UrbanWise SE

2.2 turbocharged inline 5 cylinder engine. 195bhp@6000rpm
$35,200 cost

more pictures below

picture below showing front parking sensors and front traffic camera

picture showing rear parking sensors and backup camera

picture showing car in Black, Grey, Red and Brown


Sized to Fit the Way Your Life Moves. The Shromet Parvus.


The all-new 2019 Shromet Parvus is for the go-getters, the adventure seekers, the family that’s always in motion and anyone else who finds meaning in the everyday drive. Because no matter where you’re headed, this midsize SUV has the technology, safety and capability to take you there.


48h left till the submissions close.

So far I got submissions from:

@Ryan93 and @MGR_99

If you have submitted and your name is not on the list pm me.

Good luck!


2018 NCP Polar 4-Street

Look stylish in a sporty truck for urban use! With premium seating, panoramic roof, advanced safety features (including radar cruise control, reverse camera, parking sensors), sleek body kit, and 20" alloy wheels, the 4-Street is perfect for anyone looking to stand out. The 270 hp inline-6 turbo engine provides plenty of pull without sacrificing fuel economy. The NCP Polar 4-Street can be yours for only $31,100!


Have you ever wanted to float on a cloud?

With the Arkadus Prince Premium pack you can.


A Luxury 5dr Hatchback powered by a torquey 5 cylinder? Check.

Air suspension? Check.

Fuel Efficient? How does 50.4 UKMPG sound? Check.

The Arkadus Prince is a lovely car; but the Premium Package is designed for customers who need more.

2 more cylinders than the regular Prince,

90 more Horsepower than the regular Prince.

Black effect turbine wheels? only with the Premium Package on the Arkadus Prince

The same fuel mileage you know and love.

Powered by the CrownTec5-200TC you are treated to a world of luxury and comfort as you traverse the world ahead; With a sip of fuel it will propel you to 60MPH in 8 seconds, and can continue to take you to 147 Miles per house. Here are the numbers that let you do that:

2.5 Litre Turbocharged 5 Cylinder producing 305Nm@2100RPM and 200HP@6000RPM.

Safety? The Premium pack enhances the Prince’s already exemplary safety features by surrounding the car in advanced sensors. You now have a reversing camera, Emergency autonomous braking and Blind-Spot monitoring; along with the standard Front and Rear parking sensors.

Additional technological features include Adaptive Cruise Control and Advanced Daytime Running Lights, as well as Arkadus Infotainment System 2.0 and Premium Leather Seats With The Arkadus Premium logo stitched in.

The Premium Pack also comes with a Front to Rear Panoramic Roof and Premium badging.

This can be yours for only $35,500.

Arkadus Prince Premium, The only way to drive


KGB fully behind the Ronin

Designs for their 2019 DTM Prototype have surfaced.


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Neko MX-5 Targa

Yeah i know, but this stands for 'Mid engine eXperiment Gen 5'

Car shown in ‘Neko Blue’

Break out of equality

Car shown in ‘Black Metallic’ and Bronze Wheels

Break out the normality with the Neko MX-5 Targa. The car for everybody which most drivin racetrack is the way to work!

Car shown in ‘Ultra Blue’ with black Two Tone

Lightness and aglity. Thats the MX-5. Powered by a 1.5L Turbo I4 we achived a great balance between Supercar feeling and Economy. The small engine not only allows for a good weight distrution, but also room to store bags in the frunk AND trunk. The Premium seats will keep you comfy in traffic, and fixed on the track.
Comes Standard with Park Assist, Bluethooth Radio and 3 year warrenty.

Car shown in ‘White’ with black Two Tone

The Neko MX-5. Starting at 32500$


sexy italian voiceover:

Driving is an art
A true artist has a fine brush in hand

The seduction to speed is inevitable
So when the open road lies ahead, be prepared to feel it in it’s purest form

The 340-ts. Lather the canvas with your story

Alfrezza. Driving passione.

More details
  • The passion of power from a fine Italian built motor, sent through to the rear wheels by the ASG dual clutch gearbox with 3 modes. Comfort, for your long highway cruises; Sport, for some back road fun; and Passione (manual), for the ultimate Alfrezza driving experience

  • Surround yourself in indulgence with the 340-ts’ Italian leather interior and premium infotainment (with Pear VehicleConnect and Auntroid-Lotto)

  • Reach for the stars with the sky-view panoramic roof

  • Life deserves to be lived. The 340-ts has the latest advanced active safety features including the Alfrezza Premium parking assistance package, emergency autonomous braking, adaptive cruise control, and blind spot monitoring to keep you safe in the artistry of life

$36,000 is a small price to pay for the key to living life to its fullest.


Get the attention you deserve.

The Apogé Batiscan combines luxury and sportiness at a premium price.

The Batiscan comes standard with a 3.2L Sportster I6 paired with a 6 speed DCT made for quicker and smoother shifts while keeping fuel consomption low.

The Batiscan offers one of the best interior with the use of rich leather and crisp Alpine Sound System.
It comes standard with front and rear camera, parking and emergency braking sensors and can be ordered with a panoramic sunroof, a 3.6L TT V6 and an advanced AWD system.


Introducing the LAP LE3 3.0 Coupe.

Drive into the future with confidence in the all-new LE3 3.0 Coupe, starting from $35,100.


Vector Motors presents, The 2018 235 LPC, specially tuned for the Chinese market.

Model shown has 2.1L Straight 6 Turbo engine with a 7 Speed Advanced Auto gearbox and Advanced safety measures, fitted with Night Vision, Adaptive Cruise Control Radar, 360 degree camera system, and smart safety bags. Premium leather interior and infotainment system capable of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It uses a responsive 8-inch display and an easy-to-use central knob for operation. You can also choose to control it with your voice.


Turból j4-22t


A stylish executive sedan. A practical family car. A thrilling RWD sports car…
What do these vehicles have in common?

They can all be the same car: The Turból j Series.



Turból has been an American style leader since its inception. The j Series continues that tradition. Tasteful design hallmarks like the chrome-laden shark-mouth grille, aeroplane-shape badges, hide-away windshield wipers hidden beneath the hood, and lowercase script badging are applied to a squat, muscular, modern shape.

But what is style without substance? The j Series delivers, treating its occupants to premium appointings and modern tech. Dual zone climate control and heated and cooled power front seats keep occupants comfortable. A full-length center console provides ample storage, cupholders, and USB ports for front and rear seats alike. Keyless entry and start are paired with a Duo-Lock® physical key for added security. A rear-view camera with trunklid-mounted wide-angle lens and rear proximity sensors send useful information to the crisp LCD infotainment screen. Rain-sensing windshield wipers automatically retract under the hood and out of view when not in use. Optional radar cruise control is discreetly hidden in the grille, just under the Turból badge.


The j4-22t is equipped with a 2.2 liter turbocharged inline 4 making 245hp at 7300 rpm, and peak torque of 287nm at 5400 rpm. The engine has useful mid-range punch, producing no less than 260nm between 2800 and 6500 rpm. Don’t let the torque curve fool you, though, as the engine loves to spin all the way to its lofty 7800 rpm redline, propelling the car from 0-62mph in under 6.8* seconds and to a top speed of 155* mph. All this, while returning a stunning 42.9* US MPG.

*with optional DCT

The punchy yet economical engine, compact dimensions, and athletic handling make the j Series your weapon of choice for the daily commute. Comfortable seating for four and a spacious trunk with rear folding seats complete its family car portfolio.


The rear wheel drive j4 is an FMR platform; the engine’s weight does not sit ahead of the front wheels, which, paired with double wishbone suspension in all four corners, provide the car with excellent handling balance. To save on weight, the chassis is a fully aluminum structure, and the body utilizes aluminum panels where possible.

The Preferred Package Group 1 contains the Safety & Technology Package and the Carbon Sport Package.

The Safety & Technology Package adds class-leading features:

Turból Media Plus® multimedia infotainment, compatible with Apple Carplay and Andriod Auto
Turból Signature Surround­­® luxury sound system
Active Blind Spot monitoring with lane keep assist
Forward collision detection with automatic braking*
Adaptive cruise control with grill-mounted radar*
Parrallel Park Assist*
Light-sensing automatic headlights
Headlight washers with retracting, hide-away headlight wipers
LED foglamps

*not available with manual transmission

The Carbon Sport package includes:

6 speed dual clutch transmission with steering-column-mounted reconfigurable paddle shifters (manual available by request)
Black and Chrome Split-5 18" wheels with 235 wide tires
Rear Spoiler
Carbon Fiber ground effects package with integrated twin exhaust tips
Carbon Fiber front fascia trim, fender vent trim, and licence plate surround

Price as picutred, with Preferred Package Group 1: $35,400