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CSR106 - Late Night Hours


True the Kei-Sport is a bit rough with the suspension and handling set ups. You will slide the car before you even understeer. Indeed, The Kiwi and the Kei-Sport are inspired by the Ford Focus ST and the Fiesta ST. My engines don’t make power but they have high mid range torque to pull you out of that corner. Well until next time.
Good Luck to everyone proceeding on and hope you enjoy my car.


Mate, we all love manual shifters. And that is a subjective thing. We’re making fictional cars for a fictional character who is apparently a businesswoman looking for a car that does the shifting for her. Cramming in some premium interior and calling it good is a very crude way of building cars. Mental supercars might work that way, premium lushboxed cars don’t


Very true. I submit though she currently drives a stick, so there must be some comfort there? Say what you will about crude, but it is generally reliable. My lore is predominantly function over form. The Jerboa has a straight axle, and a standard manual for just that reason. My reliability is probably as high as most of the groups comfort rating. All car design is based on compromise, I just prioritize things differently. Just hope the next CSR is for a panel van.

All that aside, I haven’t seen your entry yet, so good luck to you. Lets see what the round brings, and who gets next host.


Well, no.


My entry also featured a FWD 6 speed manual.
I feel you on this issue with manual cars slowly fading out to better performing automatic transmissions or just lazy drivers.
Nowadays manuals are just there for the enthusiasts who prefer the manual. Like myself, my real daily is the Focus ST which only comes in a manual.
I do make my cars inspired by these cars.
Hence why my company slogan is “For the Spirited Driver in All of Us.”
I’m hoping eventually my cars will make it past the binning stage…
I need an enthusiastic client to sell my damn cars…


Prelims Part Two

Kwong is going foward with hers car hunt.

@Ryan93 and @MGR_99 - Neubran RM3 Xdrive


RM3 Xdrive impressed us because it just proves that you can have a very good car for a not a lot of money. There is a lot of space inside. Boot is on the smaller side. Inner city useage is what this thing is made for. Service costs are a little higher than averahe but the mileage is ery good.

It looks really agressive. And it is decently fast. I am going to take a look at it.

@Continent - Avalon A5


We liked A5. It has got all safety features active or passive. Performance is good onthing outstanding. It is really comfortable car to travel in. It is average across the range. There is nothing outstanding about it. Running costs are expected to be low.

Yea I dunno… There are better cars for the money… But I like the styling of it…(This one was soo close but at the end the price was a bit high)

@Dragawn - Dragotec Gladius E


It is a 2 door, with a sleek and sharp design language. Practicality is low. Boot isn´t huge. Our test cars performance were good but we recomend going for a higher powered engine. It is really fun on backroads.

I like the design, performance isn´t bad, I will take a look at it.

@ST1Letho - Kurokama SC-A


This is a really solid car. It is average, it will do everything you ask it to do. Power is sufficient, boot is on the smaller side. If you drive it hard it will understeer. Running costs are average. Mpg is very good. We would recomend it, but the list price is high.

I like this car, but it is expensive I can´t find it any cheaper than for $37,000. Shame I liked it.

@DoctorNarfy - Shromet Parvus BE


It is again an average car. It has got plenty of space for stuff and for occupants. Performance is average. Suspension is a bit firm so it feels sporty and it is easy to drive. It isn´t as comfortabile as other cuvs we took a look

Well… The design is nice and people say that the interior is really plush and nice. I will take a look at it.

@Kyuu77 - KNG Ronin S


This isn´t the best car. Practicality is low. It isn´t particulary comfortable due to its firm ride. It lacks any kind of active safety and it scored 4 stars in crash tests. However it is well priced and service costs are low. Mileage is good, and because of its firm ride you can ejoj it on thr back roads.

Ufff, I am not a fan of a design, and 4 stars in crash test. I don´t think so.

@mart1n2005 - Knightwick UrbanWise SE


This is a easy to drive, comfortable, pracitcal family runaround. Performance is good, but we recomend going for a stronger engine. Some ownsers did report some reliability problems, but nothing major. Service costs are high and not the best mileage bring it down.

This sounds promesing, but the styling… Nope not this one.

@mat1476 - Warren SRX


We are big fans of the styling. We think it loks great. It is however let down by its engine. This is one of the slowest cars on the test. When driving at higher speeds there is a lot of wind noise. And suspernsion is good but it doesn´t smooth out the bumps as well as some other cars we teted.

I do like it, but the engine is a real let down. Shame I can´t get a more powered version.

@Caine - Arkadus Prince Premium

This is a nice car to travel in. It has got spaceous cabin which is quiet on motorway speeds. Boot is on the smaller side, however it has got many storage areas inside the cabin. High service costs are a real bummer for this car. We would recomend taking a look.

Yea I don´t know. I don´t like the way it looks and whilst performance is good there are faster and cheaper cars…

@NormanVauxhall and @Rk38 - AExelia Terbium


This car is big. A lot of space for the kids and for luggage. Performance is great more than enough. It is really comfortable and safe. But it is one of the most unreliable cars in the segment. Running costs are average but on the high side.

Well the car is expensive to buy at the first place, mix that with low mileage, poor reliability and high - ish running costs and you have a financial nightmare. So no.

@Repti - Veldora Doragon LR


This is a comfortable, reliable, decently pracitcal and sporty car. It scores 5 stars in crash test but it lacks some active safety features. It isn´t expensive to buy and running costs are expected to be average for this type of car.

It looks good, and people say it is nice to drive. I will take a look at it.

@abg7 - LAP LE3


This is a really fast car. Engine is responsive and steering is very accurate. Suspension is really firm, every little bump shakes the car. Driving in city is sterssful, big blind spots and bumpy ride aren´t relaxing when driving. There isn´t a lot of space in the cabin, but the boot is big.

I need something more comfortable. Next one!

@BF94387 - Alfezza 340 TS


Small boot with next no non rear legroom make this car fall behind the competition. Ride is firm and reliability is low. Add to that high service cots and very bad 23mpg and you have financal disister waiting to happen. You should avoid this car even if you have deep pockets.

I like the design of this car, and it is fast but everything elese is a let down. Not this one.

@donutsnail - Turboi j4 - 22t


This is a sporty car. Brakes are really grabby and steering is heavy giving the car sporty feel. It isn´t particularly reliable nor practical. Performance is good but it is not good enough to cancle out the flaws.

Not for me.

@Mad_Cat - Fujita ikema G6A DX


With plenty of space in the cabin and all around good visibility this car is very easy to drive in the city. On the backroads it holds the road nicely. But its is noisy when traveling at speed, and when you hit a deeper pothole it shakes a lot. Fit and finish isn´t the best.

I don´t like the design, it is slow, but the service costs are low… But no.

@GetWrekt01 - Vector 235 LPC


First thing we noticed it is how slow is actualy is. You put the foot down and nothing happens. Comfort leves are really high. Innercity driving is okay, there are some blind spots but not major ones. It is one of the most expensive cars that we tested and mpg didn´t impressed us.

I don´t really think much about it. It looks fine but the numbers suggest diffrently… The price is high for what it offer so no.

@Awoo - Pendleton Sunrise.


This is an okay car. Not too much cabin space but a big boot. Comfort levels aren´t class leading but are allwright. Big flaw with this car is the price. It is expensive. There are better cars for much less.

Nope It is just too expensive, and it is… well there isn´t really a better word for it - ugly.

@USDMFTW - Hawker Kamala LXT25


Performance is great. It is fast and comfortabe to travel in and sporty enough. Driving it isn´t the most relaxing. Steering is good but the way of delivering power it just seems odd, and there are some blind spots. The manufacturer claims it will do 50mpg but we only managed 43mpg.

The design is nice. But service costs are really high for a medium size sedan, and reliability is lower than average. I won´t take a look at this one.

@ColonelSanders - Apoge Batiscan


Looks are very controversial. But the performances aren´t. It is decently quick and it will do everything you ask it to do. It isn´t expensive to buy, althrough service costs seem to be high. It is packing a thirsty big engine under the bonnet. We like it but we wouldn´t recomend this version with a big engine.

Engine is really thirsty and I don´t like the design. Next one!

@ramthecowy - GSF GS7155BS5


This is a very good car, considering it only costs $28,500. For the price you won´t find a better car. The engine is 1.5T which is responsive and it makes 160hp this is enough to propel it from 0-100kph in 9s. We would advise you to go for a more powerful version. In the city it is a bit difficult to park because reversing camera is low quality.

I like the design and everything but I can buy a car that costs more and offers more. Good car but I can do better.

This concludes prelims. Now to the finals

Congrads to : @Boiled_Steak, @yangx2, @CorsicaUnknown, @Elizipeazie, @goblin95, @Xepy, @Ryan93 and @MGR_99,@repti, @Dragawn, @DoctorNarfy you are going through!


I also used a manual transmission to save costs, and because it would appeal to the sporty side in the client. However… it turns out she wants something very comfortable, and to get that, soft suspension combined with a torque-converter automatic gearbox is virtually a must. My entry was ignored for having neither, but at least it had some merit, being fun to drive and quick off the mark. And considering that practicality was a key consideration, it should come as no surprise that many of the top 10 entries had at least 4 doors - all of them also had 4 or more seats.


Well, I guess it lives up to it’s Italian heritage


64.4 drivability is one of the lowest driveability scores? That’s quite an impressive field.


Yeah, I got binned pretty much immediately in every round so far too. This time she was looking for an is300, and I delivered a BRZ. We just need more CSR experience. Only reason I went M/T this time is because she already drove one, so why change teams? My company focuses mostly on fleet sales, so a luxury sedan was kind of out of my area anyway. Lets see what’s next.


There’s a difference between what the game says in a figurative manner and what it would be like IRL. Maybe you had a snap oversteer/understeer issue. Maybe your suspension tuning was off, thus giving you high scores but those settings IRL wouldn’t be much drivable


I didn’t have high hopes for my entry. Oh well more luck next time!


Well, I have a DSG or DCT transmission for the sporty touch and still manage to get enough comfort out of my car. Of course, prices went up but you won’t get gold if you pay for silver. And if you don’t want silver, then you have to pay for gold.
2 times I tried out to make a cheaper car so that it would be more interesting because you have something left to spend. Both times I came back at me full force. Never again, there is a reason why german cars are as popular as they are around the world.


oof. What I was not sure about was my engine. I still need to figure out how to build an engine with good mileage while keeping decent power. Glad you like the design tho


I like how the finalists are basically always the same people. Sure, they have the most experience and/or luck.
But it’s a funny sight across the CSRs.


I have the exact opposite problem, would you consider collaborating?


Sure! Hit me up in PM with what you have in mind.


This is in no way disputing my binning, but after some testing i want to verify a few things:

My fuel econ is 50.7 US mpg on my system after a reinstall and on another discord users system.

The power delivery is typical of an automation turbo engine with VVL.

My stats as shown above on me and another discord users automation install


UK vs US Gallons.


This is US gallons