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CSR106 - Late Night Hours


Every thing is fine with your MPG. Just in the real world no car is able to acheave claimed economy. And the engine is fine but they aren’t used to VVL so that is why they mentioned the power delivery.


Ah, i see, you made adjustments for realism(which i hope you applied fairly to every car, because real cars in this segment would have no hope to hit 40 MPG US in general, let alone 50)

Just wanted to make sure there was no bug on your or my end, as i was having issues with bugs while building the car that were effecting the stats.
Thanks for explaining.



It is 8:00 a.m. Kwong just drank a cup of morning tee. She is getting ready for a short meeting at work and then she will be taking a look at the cars.

Kwong locks the apartman doors and heads to the elevator. “I hope this meeting won´t be a long one.” Elevator doors open. Elevator brings her to the underground garage. She unlocks her Zen, throws a breifcase onto the backseats and starts the engine. “Today is really hot.” Meeting was short. On her way to her car she starts thinking what to expect from the cars…

@Boiled_Steak - Caitou MM30

First impressions matter, and this car left a good one. It was in the middle of the showroom on a gray stand. “It looks great in that blue colour” though Kwong.

This is a nice car. It looks great in that blue. Interior is also nice. Nothing special just a casual premium interior. It looks sporty with aluminium and fake carbon fiber effect trim. Materials are nice. Soft touch almost everywhere only lower down is cheap plastic. Storage space is good. Infotainment screen is nice. 8 inches not really laggy. Menus are logicly lead out. Resolution isn´t the best but is alright. All clima related features have buttons but the rest of the features are buried somewhere in the infotainment. Seats are sporty.

Drive was pleasant. On the motorway it is very good. Lot of punch for overtaking and crusing without a lot of steress on the engine. In the city things aren´t that good. Down low there isn´t a lot of power so you have to push the throttle paddle hard. Parking it isn´t the easiest job but it is alright. Reversing camera and parking sensors make it a bit easier. (*This car isn´t equipted with Blind Spot Monitoring, ACC and Lane Keep Asist). On the backroads it is great. There is some fun behind the serious looks.

Economy isn´t impressive I averaged 33.1 mpg. It is a good car but expensive.
The price with import is 42,895$

@yangx2 - Jinhe Tiane Au S-line

When I arrived to the dealership it was parked outside, next to the small city car. You could really see the size of it than. This car didn´t strike in person as it did on the pictures but I still like the design of it.

This car has got convenience package fitted. It includes proximity key, hands-free tailgate, upgraded headlights and taillights. It unlocked when I walked over to it with the key still in my pocket. Interior is really nice. There is dark wood finish on the trim. Steering wheel in wrapped in leather, seats are leather too. Front seats are heated. There aren´t many buttons, just for the air conditioning ,which is dual zone btw, and heated seats and windscreen. Radio and everything elese is in the infotainment. Screen is one of the biggest at 10 inches. It is responsive but the resolution isn´t the best. It has got one of the bets SatNavs on the market.

Drive is very relaxing especially on the motorway. It is loaded with safety features. This is one of the cars that will steer you in land and keep you a safe distance from a car ahead. It will even slow down to the stop is neccessary. It smooths out the bumps really nicely but on the lower speeds you can still feel bigger potholes. Parking is easy because of park assist. “It will help you park your car with no sweat no matter how big your car is.” Those are the words of a car salesman. On the backroads it is okay. This is a big and heavy car, you can have fun with it but not as much as with Caitou MM30, and because of all the safety features it just beeps at you and tryes to stop you having any fun.

Economy is okay. I managed to average 33.1 mpg. Which is okay for a car that size.
The price with import is 40,595$

@CorsicaUnknown - Kadett Beat 2.4 Xplay

Beat was parked in the corner of the huge Kadett showroom. Saleswoman showed me the way to it and explained most things about it.

“The Xplay trim is the top trim of this car, It comes equppted with all safety features and creature comforts you expect from a premium car.” said saleswoman. I like the design of it. Interior has rugged-ish feel to it. Materials are nice. Few cheap plastic pannels here and there but nothing major. Dials are analog with a small coloured screen betwwen them. Screen is just okay. It is small with only 8 inches. Menus are confusing at times. Resolution isn´t the best. This trim does not have SatNav, it is a $300 option. There are buttons for everything. This is what gives it rugged look. Seats are leather and front seats are heated. You can get cooled seats but this is an option. There is single zone clima control, you can have dual zone but this is also and option. Storage space is good in this car.

Driving it in the city is a dream. It smooths out the bumps nicely and speed humps are almost non-existent. Parking it is also easy. Sensors all around and reversing camera. It is equippted with AEB, Lane Departure Wrning, Blind Spot Monitoring, Semi - Adaptive Cruse Control, you name it, it has it. This all helps take out stress out of the long drives on the motorway. However you really have to put your foot down when overtaking. On the backroads it is good. Althrough it understeers, but it does hold the road nicely.

Economy is impressive. I managed 38.3 mpg. It is also cheap compared to the competition but every single thing on this car is an option.
The price with import is 35,650$

@Elizipeazie - Anhulz Mimas CE- XI

The asymmetrical one. The presentation in the showroom was nice. It was displaed on the high shiny platform. It made an impression on me.

Thankfull dashboard was symmetrical. It looked all sweepy and curved. In center there was a 9 inc infotainment screen. It is responsive enough. Well it has to be. Cause this is one of those cars that has 5 buttons on the dashboard. Everything is controlled by the screen. Materials used are plush and soft. Even down low the materials feel up-market. Seats are full leather and front and rear seats are heated. Very good. Overall interior design is nice and it does have some touches that give it very premium feel.

Than I headed on the road and all the preiumness just vanished. The performance is only adequate. It isn´t any faster than Beat. Wind noise is more pronounced in this car than in others. It does have all the safety for easy motorway driving. When overtakig you have to put the paddle to the metal. In city it is much more refined. It goes over bumps like nothing. It is very manoeuvrable, tight turning circle and almost non blind spots. On the back roads it is fun. You can make it miss behave.

Economy is very good I averaged 39.1 mpg which is very good for a car this size.
The price with import is 40,825$

@goblin95 - Kasai Noble Sedan

The dealership didn´t hve this car on stock so, they drove me down to the port where the lates shipment of the cars arrived and I had the opportunity to drive the car to the dealer.

It is very nice to sit in. The cabin is humangus and airy. Dashbord design is nice but a bit old-fashioned. You have a big clock, a lots of wood, and a infotainment screen that has got a wood for the backround. Infotainment screen is 9 in system with SatNav and there is a menu called “Cloud drivnig” I have to try that. Materials are fine not as posh as in some other cars. Rear legroom is good, it has to be. Seats are full leather and are supportive enough. Gear selecter is new. It is just a row of button and than you select between P ,D ,N ,R by presiong on the buttons.

Then I started driving and on the first corner I found out how big it is. I almost curved the wheel almost immediately. Around the port it was fine and It was even better on the motorway to the dealer. I selected “Cloud driving” and things acutaly changed. Throttle response becomed very neutral and brakes too. The radio started playing relaxing music and seats werent as tigh as before. It has good all safety fetures for easy driving on motorway. I noticed that Lane Keep does not work as well as on the Jinhe Tiane Au S-line. In the city it is decenty easy to drive. On dealership parking lot it was easy to park but I think that it would be really hard to find a parking space where it fits.

When I came to dealer I checked the economy. I managed 29.6 mpg. “Wow that is bad”
The price with import is 43,010$

@Xepy - Kuma AL ACE

Kuma dealership looks nice very airy and europian. Everything is really modern looking. The car was nicely presented to me by a Kuma employee.

The interior. It looks boring. You have a tablet like screen. This is a midspec car. Screen is 8 inches, and it is very responsive. You can upgrade to an 10inc screen but that is an option. It has got SatNav and this one has even got WiFi hotspot, which amazed me. But I later found out that subscription only lasts for a year and later I will have to pay for it. Materials used feel nice soft touch on most of the places you touch. There are some cheap plastic here and there but it is fine. Seats are really comfortabile but only drivers side seat is electric. Passinger seats can be electric as weel but it is an option. There is a lot of room in the back and it has got many usefull storage areas. Front seats are heated, you can have rear seats heated as well but that is an option.

When driving it in the city I experienced that it is very easy to drive. High driving position gives you a nice view on the road. Parking it was easy thanks to reversing camera and all around parking sensors. You can have 360 degree camera, it is an option. On the motorway it was nice to drive. You have enough power to overtake, there isn´t a lot of wind noise and suspension deals very well with smaller imperfections on the road. It does have Adapitive Cruse control, and Lane Departure Warning. It won´t drive itself but it isn´t hard to drive on the motorway. On the backroads it is okay. The least sporty of the bunch. It rolls trough the corners and the seats aren´t the most supportive.

Economy was good. It managed 34.4 mpg.
The price with import is 42,895$

@Ryan93 and @MGR_99 - Neubran - RM3 Xdrive

Neurban is a real sporty brand. You can tell this just by looking at theirs showroom. It is packed with many sporty cars. All look nice and are finiched in bright colours. The I came to take a look at was parked in the back finished in the nice dark grey

Interior is nice very sporty looking. Materials are all nice few cheap feeling plastics but nothing major. Infotaiment screen is nowhere to be seen, until you start the engine than it raises up from the dashboard. It is a sick to use 8.5 inc infotainment screen. It isn´t a touch screen, it is operated by a little circle on the central console. There is a lot of alcontara used in this car. Seats are very sporty and big. Dials are digital and very configurable. It has got many small or big usefull storage areas.

On the road it feels very sporty. Sharp steering and low profile tyres make it a dream to drive on the backroads. On the motorway it is refined. But put your foot hard down and wait for a few seconds till the gearbox drops the gear down and you are away. This is the only car that does not have adaptive cruse control, it just have standard cruse control. On the motorway it isn´t as relaxing to drive as other cars but it is still cofortable never the less. In the city is very good. It does have reversing camera but no sensors. Still it is compact and that means it is easy to park and drivie around the city.

I averaged the impressive figure of 41.5 mpg.
The price with import is 40,940$

@Dragawn - Dragotec Gladius E

Dragotec is really small in Hong Kong in their only one showroom in hole of Hong Kong there are only 4 cars on the display. I found the car I was looking for really qiuckly.

The interior feels mass produced. It does have some sporty touches like fake carbon fiber trim but other that that it is pretty uneventfull. The star of the show is a 9 inc portrate style screen. It loks nice but it confusing to use. It does have SatNav bulit in but is isn´t the best on the market. It does have electric front seats, dual zone clima contron, full leather seats. There isn´t a lot of space in the back and the boot is the smalles one here.

Driving it in the city was nice. There are blind spots when parking, and ducking around traffic. This is one of those cars where you really have to step on it to get in moving. It deals with bumps very well. It is really comfortable. On the motorway there isn´t a lot of wind noise and it does have all active safety features to make it very easy to drive. It will keep you in lane and keep you a safe distance from a car ahead. It will start beeping at you if you are not focused on road. A really safe car. On the backroads it is very nice to drive, it feels planted and secure.

Economy was okay. I averaged 39.6 mpg. This is because of the engine, you really have to step on it.
The price with import is 42,665$

@DoctorNarfy - Shromet Parvus BE

This is a big showroom. A lot of cars barked both inside and outside. The car I was looking foward to test was parked outside on the sun

It was really hot inside. The first thing I did is turned the air con on. Than I noticed how nice and posh does the interior feel. There aren´t any big panel gaps, materials all feel very nice, there are some cheap feeling plastics. The dashboard design is very nice, square-ish. The infotainment is very slick and nice to use. Well it beter be because every singe feture is in that screen. This is the biggest screne I have seen, at 11 inches. Seats are good. Not the most supportive but okay. Rear legroom is fine.

Immediately when I started driving there was a problem. It said check the tyre pressure. I stopped and checked the tyre pressure and It was fine. It was later determined that the tyre pressure sensor broke. In the city it was good to drive. Visibility is good, and high driving postion gives you a nice view of the road. When you hit a pot hole it shakes. The suspension is alwas fidgeting about, it never really settles. On the motorway it was good. Some wind wissle and tyre noise but nothing major. The performance is adequate. It does have some safety features for easy motorway driving but not all of them. On the back roads it is better than Kuma AL ACE but it still doesn´t get your pulse going.

Econonomy was dissapointing only 30.1 mpg.
The price with import is 40,595$

@Repti - Veldora Doragon LR

Veldora is very rare here. There aren´t a lot of cars made by them in Hong Kong. The delership looked nice very enviroment friendly. It was a bit out of town. When I arrived the woman greeted me and showed me around the car.

The interior is very nice. The dash design is neutral and practical. Like you are buying a interior from IKEA. Touch screen is easy to use and it is an average size -10 inches. Seats are really comfortabile and there is plenty of space in the back. This car does have mood lighting. It isn´t very pronounced but it looks good. The materials feel like a small let down. They are not as plush as in some other cars. Storage spaces are nice. This car also has a wireless charging and upgraded SatNav system. It has got part digital drivers display. There is a display in the middle that shows your speed and on the left and right there are more conventional analogue dials which show your revs and how much fuel is left.

Driving it on the backroads was fun. It grips the road nicely. You can get it to oversteer if you are not carefull. In the city it is okay to drive suspension deals with bumps nicely and dipping through traffic is easy. On the motorway it is good when crusing but if you want to overtake you really have to put your foot down. If you do this it starts to get noisy and some vibrations can be felt. It does have some but not all active safety features.

Economy was good I managed to do 38.4 mpg.
The price with import is 40,135$

The verdict

Congratulations to @yangx2 for winning this CSR.

2nd - @CorsicaUnknown
3rd - @Repti
4th - @Ryan93 and @MGR_99
5th - @goblin95
6th - @Elizipeazie
7th - @Xepy
8th - @DoctorNarfy
9th - @Boiled_Steak
10th - @Dragawn

Here is a table with more details about your cars - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15Ab5RBexXAc_s3i7Ufm32-pXWZsH4PhlS8bHxdZvUxk/edit?usp=sharing

Thanks for taking part. Hope you haved fun. Leave a commet how you liked this round and what I should improve for the next time (If there will be next time).

*Some cars have diffrent colours. Colours were selected from the palette I got with cars. Colours were changed according to Kwongs liking.

CSR106 is officially done!


Oh no, i didnt send car file in. i messed up baaaad


boy that was a VERY WELL written CSR

especially that spreadsheet gave me a lot of feedback on what to do better next time

i’ll happily take 6th


I really enjoyed this one, good job @Oslo! My only complaint is that the fuel thing was never mentioned so it’d just be nice to know next time. Thanks again for hosting this round!

Note: I’ll be passing hosting if it does end up getting to me, I’m going to sleep so just posting this early.


Interesting spreadsheet, thanks for that! But it shows that I will never come out as a winner.

Every car you buy without being a designated sports car like a GTR or Porsche, has brake fade.
It’s totally normal and a stopping distance of 41m is not good, it’s perfectly realistic in any category even hatchbacks. Below 40m in brake distance is in reality a rare thing and again, only designated sports cars achieve that.
Concerning the engine not making 250hp with 2.5L, that was intended as many car manufacturers choose an engine they already developed, put a turbo on it, lower the hp (in short) and gain mileage. (BMW 116i '17 with 1.5L and turbo 109hp).

It’s okay that not everyone keeps it realistic since it’s a fictional challenge, but I live in the real world and need to engineer real engines.
So either I’m going to be able to adjust to this CSR character, or I will always be binned in the preliminaries save CSCs and other challenges.

Anyway, thank you for hosting an interesting round and the good write up!

P.S.: The design didn’t work for me either, I oriented on some chinese concepts and design elements in Macau, Hong Kong and Beijing.


Good stuff @Oslo, congratulations to the finalists and winner.


And quite rightly too! The Jinhe did everything right, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I was doomed. Overall, this was a very fun CSR to follow, and I hope that CSR107 will be at least as good - regardless of what it’ll be about or who’ll be in charge of it.


Good challenge, excellent hosting for a first time CSR host! Clearly a lot of time went in.

Congratulations to Yang for nailing this one too.

One thing I wanted to point out though: I know Automation is blind itself to it, but I got a remark for low ride height, while my entry had active suspension.
Clearly active suspension wasn’t worth the gamble, but hey, you win some you lose some.



中国第一66666666666 :cn: :cn:

Thanks for hosting a good round, Oslo! Surely there would be bumps and potholes in anyone’s first CSR but the fact you were so open to the community recovered it well! As for next round, predictably, I’ll pass the hosting down. :slight_smile:


Awww come on dude. Just host one, you win all the time. Lets all make commie cars. This one was modern China, lets do a “people can own a car for the first time ever (legally)” one.


I would have but there are no guarantees I’m going to be in the office instead of on-site next week. Also got my hands full with rental stuff, etc.

Either way if I hosted the next challenge, you probably would have gotten a modern Chinese round kind of similar to this one. At the hands of a guy named Dr. Liu :slight_smile:


Even despite some controversy in this round, I think by the end you made a great job at making this a fun round! The hype for the preliminaries and finals during this round were something I’ve never seen before - so again, a great round hosted by a great first-time host.

As for hosting, yeah I’ll do it


Hey I got 5th! Not too shabby for what’s essentially a land yacht meme. Congrats to the winner, congrats to especially Oslo for a good first round, if a bit rough around the edges.

Also, hey a free car

CSR 106 - goblin95 - Kasai Noble Sedan.car (88.0 KB)


Here I go again on my own


Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known


Like a drifter I was born to walk alone


*pan out to a kid’s birthday party

(I really hope I’m not the only one who has seen that ad :joy:)


No TV (on purpose), haven’t watched an ad in 10 years. Is it on youtube?