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CSR114 - A Vision of Luxury


somehow i made a six liter V12 rolls beater for $90000 (i wish we had the choice to switch the monetary units… i dont like the dollar)


I’d use Pounds Sterling because Brexit means Brexit


Internal Screaming Intensifies
I’m conflicted on what to send…


Knightwick presents the 2019 Solace Royal

Click me for more pictures and colour choices

Car shown in Dusk with Carbon upper

Car shown in Claret with médaille d’or upper

Car shown in Blue Berry with silver flake upper

Cat shown in Nectarine with Storm Cloud upper


2019 (Technically 2020) Jinhe GC Pearl River Edition

The game has changed a lot since I’ve made the OG 2020 version. Oh well, redesign time!

Actually decent pics

Ye olde version


2019 Tanaka Aventus 5.0 C

Click here to see more about the 2020 Tanaka Aventus!

The 5.0 C is the Aventus’s fleet version. While the 5.0 C is for the 2019 model year, the other civillian versions are for the 2020 model year. Tanaka has started selling the 5.0 C since the production version was revealed, while the other civillian versions (5.0 G, 5.0 L and 5.0 L Executive) will go on sale on early December worldwide. Changes include thinner hard compound eco tires, 20-inch triple 5-spoke rims (optional on the civillian versions), satin grey bottom bumper section and complete chrome trim package.
Only for rental purposes!

Beauty Shots...


The 2019 Bauer L40 Fleet Edition: Make No Compromises

For the 2019 redesign of the L-Series, we started from the ground up - seriously. It comes with lightweight-alloy 20 in. rims with optional 21’s or 22’s, depending on your taste. All rims are offered in brushed aluminum, silver, or the pictured Tailor-Made Black, a custom color inspired by the dark blue hue of a handcrafted suit.

Attached to those wheels is a set of active springs tuned specifically to brace for the bumps before the car hits them, using the same radar system used for the optional Traffic Assist. The brand new lightweight architecture uses the latest lightweight materials yet is the stiffest of any L-Series car by a wide margin.

The Fleet Edition specific 4.0 V8 is optimized for high torque yet simultaneous high efficiency, making 448 lb-ft at 3000RPM and propelling the RWD-only fleet special to 60 in a graceful 4.6 seconds. Don’t be mistaken that the behemoth can’t be a smooth cruiser, because the 4300 lb. sedan still manages a frugal 42.5 MPG at highway speeds, and 31.6 MPG combined.

So let’s tally it all up: 450 lb-ft, 43 MPG, and the smoothest ride around? There’s a reason we say we make no compromises…


2019 Milae Excelsior-XS VB10

Aim ever upwards if you want the very best.
Milae Excelsior

More shots


The 2019 FWM Amavi LX has Arrived.

Travel like you mean business with the 2019 FWM Amavi.
Sharp, Elegant, Luxurious but Aggressive in Nature.

With an economic 3.6L twin turbocharged V6 engine and our patented Performance Shift 7 Speed DCT-AWD transmission.
The FWM Amavi LX is for those who take driving from Point A to Point B seriously.

The Amavi LX with features as shown $135,000.
See your FWM Dealer and ask for a Test Drive.



The new Timms 315. With a smooth 5L Twin Turbo V8, All Wheel Drive and advanced Air Suspension, the 315 excels in Gentle Performance.
Performance that will Impress
Luxury that will Please
Value that will Stun


EFI Yamai (MY2019)

This is a four-door vehicle designed to bring you to your destination safely and comfortably. Prices start at 95.500€.



Marisse VT3

French opulence incarnate in the form of a nearly 5 meters-long limousine. Offering discreet power and full-function rear seating with a wealth of leg room, so you can sit back and relax in unbelievable comfort. With hydropneumatic suspension, a smooth eight-speed automatic gearbox, and the absolute in safety- both passive and active- the VT3 will get you anywhere you need to go without the stresses of daily life haunting you, whether you’re in the driver’s seat or one of the two rear lounge seats.

(how do I collapse?)


2019 Hyunseo Ariusia Luxo

The car


2019 Morton Monarch XL 4.0

Why bother with flying first class when you can experience it on every drive?


2019 KGB Tourer

3.4L I-6 Turbo 8 speed luxury sedan, All things to all people.

RRP £99,999

More shots of the RS model in a clearer colour for more detail.

1598kg - 754hp
3.1s 0-60 - 196mph


19' Alfora Cavalier

2 ads cuz i loved both of them

"More photos

Alfora Cavalier 04’ and 19’, for the ones saying size matters


2019 AMB T180
This could be yours for just 56300 $



Bringing back an odd ball legend, introducing the brand new TATRA T10 turbo

more shots


2019 Shunga Exalt - V12 Supreme

An unforgettable experience


2019 LACAM Excellence V8 4.2

To drive or be driven : it’s up to you choose !