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CSR114 - A Vision of Luxury


Luxury SUVs are definitely common, especially in the USA.
Even in Europe more people tend to prefer a G-Class over an S-Class and I recently saw the one or other Bentayaga (whoa, that’s really an ugly car).

For me it is rather the question if I go for the S560-range or rather a RR Ghost


I dont think that we have to question if suv are allowed or not. in the end you have to convince the owner (host in this case) that your car is better than others being a suv or not (as in real life). If the rules dont say anything, the host cant reject your SUV for being a SUV. Also, the host said taht this round will be less restrictive than others, only rules set are year, safety and drivind aids, gas, doors and seats, and no meme cars… quite easy


But since the host acts like a owner, he got some choice he woule prefer, so “inspirations” photos would be a fair thing, since its normal in almost every challenge too


IS 211 mph a bit high of a top speed for a rolls royce beater?


I’ve added some pictures for inspiration in the original post; note that while these are high-end vehicles, you don’t necessarily need to match them in terms of their price/content levels - go as expensive as you feel is necessary for this challenge.

With regard to SUVs versus sedans, they will be evaluated on as equal a footing as I can give them. Within the ruleset, they both have advantages and disadvantages alike as it is.


In my opinion it depends on what sort of manufacturer you are. If you’re something like Bentley, 200mph isn’t ridiculous. High top speeds are very prestigious


A Grand Tourer for the family: Platinum Roadyacht.

Now available with skirt mounted lights for maximum visibility around the car.


So I ended up making an incredible car I was very happy with. But the game has been updated and now it’s ruined. It’ll take hours to recreate, if I’m able to at all.
Obviously this is nothing new and I don’t normally care. But seeing it’s for a competition I’d like to get it back. Is there anything you guys usually do when this happens?
As in is there a way to go back to the old game mode or something? I’m using 10sLuxury body by Corvette6317. I think that’s what doesn’t work with the update
(This is why I avoid mods, as someone asked earlier haha)


I take it you are opted in to the beta version, opt out and it should return to normal for you


Hopefully that’s it. I’ll take a look. Thanks :+1:
(Edit: that fixed it. Thank you)


In this CSR you can go two diffrent ways

  1. Go a sedan route and be competative

  2. Go SUV route a be less competative, but it is something market/consumer woud prefer. (At least that would be the case IRL.)


I might be blind, but where is the Production Units/Engineering Time limit at?


Probably none.


And that’s why I’m going something completely different, just because it is uncommon doesn’t mean that it can’t be good.


On what game version the cars will be judged? Usual open beta or stable for now? I’ve heard that a couple things are broken on the open beta at the moment.


My car will defo lose mirrors on open beta as it’s the 5 series body which has built in mirrors


did they finally remove the mirrors on the 5-series body


A Note Regarding The Open Beta

Since I have already received some entries before the update dropped, I WILL NOT be switching to the open beta for the duration of this challenge.


I’m just wondering, is low cost going to have a negative effect on our score?
The idea is to make a car that projects the image of prestige and wealth, but we still want to price the car competitively.
Do we have to find a balance between too affordable to be a symbol of wealth and too expensive to be competitive? Or is it like, if you can build a top-of-the-line Rolls Royce for the cost of a Corolla, you win?


That’d be minmaxing so the rolls for corolla money is a bit out there. Mine’s 85k roughly so M5 top spec money. I think a good balance would be 70-100k