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CSR114 - A Vision of Luxury


2019 Brigid Coach Works™ Anthurium V10

Distinguished and ostentatious, just like you.
Experience the Anthurium today.


2019 Evgenis Cerberus Coupe Mayfair 3.7T

The ultimate form of luxury doesn’t always come in the most convential packages. The all-new Cerberus Coupe is now available with the highly-regarded Mayfair spec, offering the most luxurious package ever to be found in an Evgenis vehicle. Are you ready to experience the best we have to offer?

Good luck to everybody

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2019 Turból Loncil

Presence. Attitude. Luxury. These traits define Turból, and no model more so than the Loncil.

The Loncil needs no introduction, and makes no apologies.

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Forea Milano

For this, there are the Forea typical distinguishing features such as the heavily emphasised front wings, the long, sloping bonnet with power domes and the characteristic three-piece air intakes, which have become even larger and more dominant. The front apron is new and powerfully styled – even when stationary, it alludes to the concentrated performance. The LED main headlights have an optional new LED matrix beam. The attention is drawn directly to the striking light strip, extending over the entire rear and elegantly emphasising the presence of the new Milano. The taillights use state-of-the-art and precise LED technology, and adopt the design concept of the headlights. Their single light elements are recognisable as three-dimensional bodies. Another highlight of the vehicle design.

When braking


There are many SUVs. But only one where you can breathe in the motorsports atmosphere just from entering it. High quality, sporty, ergonomic. For instance, due to the ¡at, broad dashboard and the ascending centre console for a quick grip from the multifunction sports steering wheel to the gear selector. In short: Forea DNA. Because our origin is motorsports. That is where we have learned how important it is to bring vehicle and driver as close together as possible. The interior is built practically around the driver. And so is completely and fully focused on them.

The coloured ambient lighting – new in the Milano – available on request, sets precisely targeted lighting accents in the interior. You can set different colours for each mood and also the light intensity itself. In particular, the new Milano has features that highlight the sporty character of the car, such as the exclusive steering wheel design or even the adaptive Sports seats with memory package, and – for the frst time in the Milano – integrated front headrests as well as the recessed embossed ‘Forea’ logo. The decorative strip design made of crossbrushed aluminium is exclusive to the Milano.

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Sent car has multiple colours to chose from.
This ad took way too long to make.


2019 Albatross Whitney

Make an impression.


Flat ass

MG-SA Dealership

Suisei AMC

The Suisei AMC Ten’no Executive is the new addition to the 2019 lineup it has a 4.5L DOHC 4V V12 TT that brings both power and smoothness whilst being stealth silent. It has an AWD with an electric LSD paired with the hand made leather interior with Japanese leather as well as the latest luxury HUD. It is a capable car for both daily driving and for long distance travel with a fuel economy of 7.8L/100km.

@That-S-cop will also use the same dealership photo

Glowies bois

TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 4): Comet-Trails, Finished
MG-SA Dealership


The Marksman-Garrison Broadsword 8 is a modern take on Old School American Luxury. Using a Tried and Tested 5.8 Litre DOHC Naturally Aspirated V8 it has less total punch than the Ten’no but makes up for it in mid range Pull. Features of the Broadsword include a Marksman OS of the Suisei Luxury HUD, Marksman developed Keypad keyless entry, lock and unlock, don’t even need the keys on you, optional 4 door Fingerprint scanning, Panoramic Sunroof and Styling that takes cues from previous generations of Broadsword.

MGB in the showroom

Pre-Production model with previous generation smaller engine seen


2019 Kinusoka Tamashii

Tradition doesn't have to be boring.

Boasting a 4.0L twin turbocharged v8, you have all the power you need at the press of the pedal. All of this without compromising on fuel economy, boasting a combined fuel economy of 8.8L/100km.

Kinusoka Tamashi, what more could you want?

More pics



A luxury car for half the price.

Further gallery.

Kadett Motor Company - 2020 Kadett Beat

can i ask how a low price for a luxury car is a good thing? Edit: surely a high class, high end car is suppsoed to be expensive… isnt that the point?


It’s a fleet so if you have a high cost, high maintenance fleet, then it will lose you money, so it’s the business aspect


What logic is this


Same logic that lets a Citroën C6 limousine go for under €50,000 in real life, despite it being a luxury flagship.


Whenever I think I made a good-looking car you come around and put me back down to earth…


Mental giant


The all new Franklin Marshall Bonum Tornacense 2019


I thought mine looks somewhat good until I saw what others made.