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CSR114 - A Vision of Luxury




CHEAP is better than Being too Expensive.


who would pay $135,000 for my entry :joy::joy::sob::sob::sob:


Who would pay… uhh… 180… for mine… :sweat_smile:

okay it has serious comfort credentials but not for 4x the price of other entries lmao


mine is a quality spam for something that is suppose to be more of an 80K entry just for the comfort and it’s crappy reliability


I based mine off an existing platform… a carbon-monocoque platform lmao


Someone might pay 56,300 $ for my entry.


I made several trims for my entry, but the one I submitted costs $84k.

Edit: all of these trims (including the one I sent in) had an aluminum body and chassis, and were purely RWD. Only the cheapest of those weighed less than two metric tons, though, whereas my submission didn’t.


$56.700 here for what may be the largest non-SUV in the challenge.


Well there’s the problem, carbon monocque chassis is a useless expense for a luxury car - whatever weight savings you make are negated by the interior equipment


Although it’s the 3.1m BMW body, it only weights 4300lbs. with hand-made everything and a turbo V8, so it’s very light for its class. Lightweight doesn’t exactly mean anything in luxury anyways but we can brush over that lol.


Silver-York Sovereign
Some icons have to be redefined



The entry deadline for CSR 114 has now passed, thank you and good luck to all the entrants!


2019 Mont Royal RV-3


Great to see a Silver-York in a CSR, your cars have some of the most attention to detail of any builds on the forum


Good luck everybody. This CSR was quite interesting to say the least.


Initial Reviews

First of all, let’s start with the entries that were disqualified for breaking the rules:

Platinum Roadyacht - @Rise_Comics

Disqualified for using 100 RON fuel when only 95 RON was specified, and still having poor engine stats in spite of the advantage.

Lacam Excellence - @Arn38fr

Disqualified for not following the proper naming scheme.

Silver-York Sovereign - @ProfessorP3PP3R

Disqualified for the wrong model year - 2020 instead of 2019.

Qualified Entries

Brantan Protruse Wagon - @Fletchyboy100

This entry has overly-simplified styling, and what styling is present is pretty awful. Does not qualify for finals.

Hyunseo Ariusia Luxo - @Boiled_Steak

Decent styling though it comes across as a cynical copy of a Mercedes-Benz in places, has good stats overall but is very expensive and has high service costs. Longlisted for the finals.

FWM-Howl Amavi LX - @Vena.Sera423

Not what I was looking for at all - too expensive, too sporty and too boy-racerish in appearances; basically this is just a Subaru WRX wannabe in a dinner jacket. Does not qualify for the finals.

Morton Monarch XL 4.0 - @abg7

Yawn-inducing styling goes straight to the bin. Does not qualify for the finals.

Fugitso Striker 3.3 GTS - @balkanski_brat

The design is very nice all things considered, but this is basically bringing a Subaru Legacy to a Rolls-Royce fight, it’s just not relavent to this competition. Does not qualify for the finals.

AMB T180 - @EnCR

The deisgn was pretty plain and inelegant overall (especially the rear), and it fell short on a number of very key stats. Does not qualify for the finals.

EFI Yamai S - @Lazar

This isn’t a great body to begin with, but the morphing done here makes it look absolutely awful, and the styling choices haven’t helped much either. The of this car is min-max as hell as well. Does not qualify for the finals.

Knightwich Solace Royal - @mart1n2005

Quiet, prestigious and reasonably priced, this entry overcomes some wonky styling choices and garish badging with its objective stats. Does not qualify for the finals.

Mariesse VT3 2.2Ti Presidentielle - @Niveon

What do you get when you cross a banana with an anteater? This car. Does not qualify for the finals.

Tatra T10 Turbo - @OME

I really, really wanted to like this entry because it has some fantastic touches in it; however, the engine and drivetrain are nonsensical and it has as many really off-putting, bad elements in the styling as good. Does not qualify for the finals.

Milae Exelsior-XS VB10 - @Xepy

Very min-maxy, but still somehow has poor prestige…plus it looks like a goddamned school bus and it’s so big the designers forgot how to spell its name on the long trek from the front doors to the rear liftgate. Does not qualify for the finals.

Timms 315 Executive - @AshleyBlack

Overly simplistic styling with questionable wheel choice, combined with an old-fashioned, unrealistic engine and drivetrain. Does not qualify for the finals.

CMT SL480 Executive - @CMT

The messy and incoherent styling of this entry was so bad I didn’t even bother looking at its objective stats…and what’s with those door handles?! Does not qualify for the finals.

Tanaka Aventus 5.0C - @Aaron.W

Decent styling overall, even if it has a whiff of Volkswagen Phaeton about it in that it just doesn’t look expensive enough, while a very poor engine tune doesn’t help its case either. Does not qualify for the finals.

Shunga Exalt V12 Supreme - @CriticalSet9849

In all the CSRs I have hosted, this is the second-worst car I’ve ever had submitted styling-wise, behind only the infamous DMK Himmel. Does not qualify for the finals.

Neko LX-6 - @Mikonp7

This entry is in the wrong size class entirely, plus its styling is really quite poor. Does not qualify for the finals.

Bauer L40 - @Watermelon3878

An outrageously expensive car with an unpleasant, barren design and poor key stats, especially driveability. Does not qualify for the finals.

Jinhe GC Pt Pearl River Edition - @yangx2

Overall a decent design with only a couple weaknesses, but good key stats. Longlisted for the finals.

Shromet Levine Limited - @DoctorNarfy

This SUV has a simple, tired design, with that cursed chrome wart for a fuel cap; while the costs are quite low for this, it holds it back in a lot of key stats more than it helps. Does not qualify for the finals.

D’Angelo Serafino 712 Superveloce - @Ne0

If you’re sending in an SUV with nearly double the power of the next highest entry, and more than two hundred horsepower more than even the most powerful SUV in the world currently, you need to stop for a moment and ask yourself, “why am I doing this?” Does not qualify for the finals.

Evgenis Cerberus Coupe Mayfair 3.7T - @Cheeseman

This entry has decent performance in the objective stats, and while the design is well-done and thoughtfully executed overall, it feels less like a luxury vehicle and more like an obnoxious, nouveau-riche X6 rival. Longlisted for the finals.

Alfora Cavalier - @Arvok1

Lots of very sloppy details in this that just can’t be ignored easily, plus the objective stats are very poor, especially fuel economy, reliability and driveability. Also anyone in North America would raise an eyebrow at anything other than a complete shitbox being called “Cavalier”. Does not qualify for the finals.

Kinusoka Tamashii - @Centurion_23

Very plain design that’s out of its element for this competition; like bringing a VW Passat to a Bentley fight. Does not qualify for the finals.

Turbol Loncil 4.0T - @donutsnail

This design is incoherent to say the least, plus very low prestige and some very questionable engineering choices really hurt its chances. Does not qualify for the finals.

Suisei AMC Tan’no Executive XV12C - @Falling_Comet

This design has a very strange engine and transmission choice, to say the least, plus it’s about as elegant as a brick to the face in terms of its appearance. Does not qualify for the finals.

Franklin Marshall BT2019 - @Jaimz

I mean just look at it. Does not qualify for the finals.

Brigid Anthurium V10 - @mcp928 & @mat1476

The headlights are very poorly proportioned to the rest of the front end, and it really makes for an incoherent design overall; under the hood, the Anthurium has abolutely eye-watering service costs. Does not qualify for the finals.

Farox Excapade 35T - @On3CherryShake

A very handsome and elegant design overall, with decent stats that were hurt by below average reliability and poor prestige. Longlisted for the finals.

Marksman-Garrison Broadsword Executive - @That-S-cop

This design is covered in absolutely grotesque, poorly-thought-out lettering, plus using a cast-iron engine in this era screams min-maxing. Does not qualify for the finals.

Forea Milano Launch Edition - @vouge

This design just doesn’t look very good overall, with poor attention to detail and far too many clashing shapes. Poor prestige doesn’t help either. Does not qualify for the finals.

Albatross Whitney - @zschmeez

Incredibly plain, old-fashioned design that has no place in 2019 at all, plus very low prestige. Does not qualify for the finals.

Kadett Vision - @CorsicaUnknown

This is a generally handsome design overall, with some wonkiness to overcome especially in the front headlights; cheap, and with average stats, but below-average prestige and comfort. Longlisted for the finals.

Mont-Royal RV-3 - @thecarlover

This design is reasonably good, if incoherent from front to rear; good comfort and cost, but low prestige compared to the rest of the field and the highly-revving naturally-aspirated engine is an odd choice to say the least. Longlisted for the finals.

Congratulations to @Boiled_Steak, @yangx2, @Cheeseman, @On3CherryShake, @CorsicaUnknown and @thecarlover for making the finals of CSR 114!


Oups… Beginner error! I’ll do better next time…


It was obvious I was gonna get binned. There’s always a next time tho.


to be expected, I based it off an existing carbon platform

Should have swapped out the DCT for 7AT, I think that’s the largest factor