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CSR114 - A Vision of Luxury


story of my life. :))


I dunno about this line bruh, I could only agree that it’s not elegance But plain?


You were absolutely spot-on with your choice of six finalists - and got to it straight away without an overly long description for each entry. Good luck to anyone and everyone still in contention!

As for the many cars that didn’t make the cut (including mine), you also made it clear why they were not considered with just a sentence or two - again, a welcome improvement on the previous round.

In short, the reviews for this round of CSR have gotten off to a better start than the previous one - highly concise and informative. Keep up the good work!


Rule of thumb is to never argue against the customer here, if he thinks it’s plain, don’t try to make any excuse or try to justify the design. After all, it’s the customers opinion that matters the most.


I knew I wasn’t making this one. My brand is all about performance.
Maybe next time.
Congrats to those moving on.


Hmm the same design (but 3 series not 5 series) on my entry got 9/10 in another challenge… tough cookie of a customer!


A little bit offensive, but fine you win and always will.


Wym by I win and always will? That sounds kinda offensive to me as well


“Crossing a banana with an anteater” doesn’t really say anything about what’s wrong with the car, just addressing the colour at most.

I don’t even know where the anteater comparison comes in.

EDIT: Also the colour was picked from the BMW Individual Visualizer, just for record keeping;


Reviews should be balanced; likes and dislikes, here I can only see dislikes but if nobody is bothered by that, than I have nothing to complain about. I just wanned to point that out.


Not every color on the BMW Individualizer looks good on every car. I’m not sure if that Birch Green would even look good on any existing BMW’s, but maybe work on a Huracan.


I guess that’s a taste thing. Since it’s from my Swedish/French sourced brand, more vivid colours are prone to happen. I like the colour personally, and if it’s one general criticism the entire world has towards cars it’s that everyone’s sick of white, black, and everything in between (talking greyscale, not the entire colour spectrum).

I’m not trying to get my car a pass here, just trying to understand what’s wrong with it beyond “colour bad” and “anteater?”.


That it didn’t appeal to client and others were better / appealed more.


6 made it to the final tho, compared to the last round that is significant in difference.


No, you’re not understanding me.

I’m not talking about the clients, other people got keynotes which can help them improve in future challenges (insufficient design, wrong body choice, etc.), I got “looks like an anteater”, and a comment on paint which can be changed to meet the demands of the customer. I’m not the most frequent CSR competitor, so I didn’t hold the assumption that the car only comes in one colour, Model T style (normally cars have a palette range of colours)?

Something to use as information in future challenges would be nice.


I think the main criticism I can get from your car is the body itself; the very unique body style ultimately looks dated by 2019 standards, and the color didn’t help either. Chips just wanted to be as straightforward as possible and just put out what he thinks at first from his mind, but just try to ask Chips what he thinks is actually wrong

Besides your car’s review wasn’t the worst, compared to others, it’s actually quite lenient


Fine for the service costs. But the design? I’m confused. It’s a British luxury car, it’s meant to be inconsistent. Maybe something got borked on your end. Sad that my headlights size made a big weight in the judging balance. Anyway Congrats to the finalists.


But the problem with this is that by the very nature of the CSR, different hosts mean different client tastes. And even if you ask the same host, well, if they’re playing a different client with different tastes… same deal really.

It’s not unreasonable to ask for advice or opinions on styling in a general sense, but even the criteria of whether design even matters in the first place can change wildly between CSR rounds, so for the purposes of being more competitive at the CSR, it will have limited yield.


More general information that can be useful in any challenge, but I see where you’re coming from.

Overall, I’m not sore I didn’t place- I never expect it as I go for quirkier designs and don’t have access to the Discord for feedback, so I already have a few odds stacked against me. But knowing how to do better in terms of styling cues or engineering is always good information.


I liked the quirky headlight setup. Even though liking doesn’t equal finding it beautiful.