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CSR117: Rumble in the Bronx


For people who like their sporty cars luxurious.

For people who like their luxury cars sporty.

The Stonewall Virignia II


1975 Watson NoMad


The brand new for '78 Valiant Soleil. Praise the sun


Classic, elegant design showcases the 1978 Monarch Majesty line of fine cars for North America. Powered by the new fuel-efficient v6Ax 244 cubic inch (4.0 liter) V6 engine delivering the power and refinement required of a luxury car. New halogen headlamps with integrated forward facing turn signals complement the chrome accents that encompass Monarch’s signature grille and bumpers, creating a distinctive face for the Majesty. The Majesty Deluxe Sedan, pictured, showcases the trim level’s chrome wheel covers, signature side strake echoing the finest cruise ships, window surrounds, door handles and lower trim moldings. These graceful and stylish accents are capped off with a color-coded vinyl roof that slopes gently down to the large trunk and finishes with beautiful tail lamps separated by chrome-edged vinyl panels that match the roof and are nested softly on either side of the central license plate frame.

Come and drive the 1978 Monarch Majesty…Beauty, Speed and Grace, in the best American tradition.

More Photos


The All New 1978 Phoenix Empire 75 DropHead Coupe. Featuring a 7512cc V8 engine producing 217bhp at 4200rpm and 370 lbs/ft of torque at 1900rpm driving the rear wheels via a revolutionary 4 speed automatic gearbox. This bespoke Luxury car Features 4 wheel disc Brakes of which the front are of a revolutionary new vented design. its hand crafted body shell and interior are fitted to a 100% bespoke and new Ladder chassis for added safety. Phoenix’s Tried and True Hydro500 Series Power steering system allows for excellent control over steering the 17 inch Wheels. Its 126mph top speed and 10.4s 0-62mph time allows you to get wherever you need to go in Quick, Quiet, Refined, Style. Its all Independant suspension designed specifically for this pinnicle of automative engineering allows comfort and brilliant roadholding in an expertly tuned mixture. Offered in 8 Brand new Metal flake colours, this car is Hand Built to order at our historic factory by Experienced Craftsmen and with the high quality standards we impose on all our products each Uniquely tuned and constructed car can take up to a week to complete and each car does not leave the factory without passing the super high quality checks. This Flagship Model can be yours for $27500
Message the Companies Director For more Info.


1974 Innis Evergreen


Barge Car


1978 Farox Royal Oak
400 Brougham

Large Car


Pusilanime Virtuous 1977

More pictures


The 1973 Highland Lausanne:

Shown here in Rose Royce Metallic.


1975 Edelgard Grand Empress Series 400 Coupe

Name not a reference to any sort of character from anything


Originally, the requirements for model and trim years was as follows:

However, in the OP, it now says:

Which one is correct?

Edit: thanks for clarifying that the latest model/trim year is actually 1978, not 1977 as it was previously.


Given that “OP” means “Original Post”, you can take my changing the OP to mean that the rules are indeed as per the OP.


1973 Cailloux S-GT Vista

Burt Reynolds tested and approved.
Live footage of Reynolds testing the car?



Some full body shots of the Brantan Del-Rey 454, a British brand building cars for the American market? It’s just like Buick in recent times!


You should stop using random french words to name your french cars haha


Should he(?) switch to Swahili?


what’s your point?


MasterDoggo is saying this presumably because cailloux translates to “little pebbles”, as in, gravel sized pebbles. Like the dictionary definition stresses that they are of “tiny dimension”.

Considering this is supposed to be a luxobarge i.e. PLV you can imagine just how well that works out :joy:

EDIT: oh god somebody just named their car “wimp” in Spanish French no wait it’s actually Spanish by accident I can’t even :joy:

EDIT 2: I now have confirmed entries from the following people


Obvious housekeeping:
If you have posted an ad and not sent me the car, send me the car before the deadline.
If you have sent me the car and not posted an ad, post the ad on this thread before the deadline.
If you have sent me a car and I have not tagged you in this post, send me another DM!

I’m going away for the weekend, and will check in on everything Sunday evening (my time, Sunday morning for most of you).

1976 Elwood King Brillare

Engineered by @Ryan93
Designed by @MGR_99



The all-new Ares Brougham for '78.