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CSR117: Rumble in the Bronx


A European invader approaches! (Going against the grain, so the deck is stacked)

The 1978 Pulsar Glydamatic 225

Designed for the American market by French company Pulsar.
With a focus on both comfort, and driver features, the Glydamatic is a perfect choice for a tour of any town, from the worst of roads, to even the highest altitudes.

Never worry about feeling those bumps with our unique independent suspension and variable rate springs.

Large doors and 26cf of cabin space make for easy access to the luxurious back, ride in style, or take the drivers seat and confidently go anywhere the road may take you.

Conscientious of the world around us and new improving emission laws, the Subliner powerplant was tuned for peak efficiency, and is equipped with the new standard in emissions control technology. A new electronic fuel injection system, coupled with a canted valve over head cam design, allows us to have an engine which produces sufficient power to move your vessel comfortably down any roadway, but not sacrifice economy.



Curb Weight: 3500lb
Wheelbase: 120in
Total length: 206in
Steel Uni-body with independent suspension front and rear.

Safety Features:
Auto locking seat belts on detection of impact
Padded dash and driver air bag
Stopping distance from 62mph of only 150ft thanks to solid discs front and rear with easy to service radial mounted two piston calipers.

A robust Iron block inline-six with sturdy cast iron SOHC cylinder head with 16° canted valves into a hemispherical chamber for optimal power production.
Displacement 225cid
Power: Sufficient

With it’s large 20 us Gallon tank, and impressive 16mpg rating, expect to visit the fuel station less often.



Avantii Cellowood



JASPERS Chevalin 400


Morton Primarch Deluxe

Enjoy the comfort of our newly redesigned flagship luxury sedan for just $25,500.


Just under 17 hours to go until deadline. I have an influx of entries in my inbox and will go through them tonight and tomorrow.


1976 Akari Regalia VI 4.0


Deer And Hunt Tines Coupe

Be the statement

More Boat


You must like rubber. Those wheels are chunky.

And so Silver-York begins the downsize

New for 1978 the Silver-York Margrave Brougham, or treat yourself to the Signature package. Somethings are just too good to change.

Imgur Imgur


we are all screwed, the proffessor has joined in. RUN AWAYYYY!!!


In 1976, Rigore unveiled their 4th all-new model; the Anubis luxury sedan. Although it was purportedly aimed squarely at European sports and luxury sedans, the squared edges and imposing design hinted at a more direct attack on its own American soil.

Rigore Automotive Historical Collection

1975 Lafayette Motors Mark III

Signature Coupe V8 model shown.

This is our vision of luxury. It’s got to be a Lafayette.™

Comfort, smoothness, power and size.



The 1978 Contra Chieftain Brougham Du Soleil. Featuring a state-of-the-art Fuel Injected V8, a power-retractable top, an exclusive on a Four-Door car, and a ride so luxurious, you might just forget you are driving.

Why tolerate anything else?

More Photos


1976 Mont Royal Montcalm Phaéton

The freshly updated 1976 Mont Royal Montcalm Phaéton is full of all the features you’d expect from a modern luxury car, and more. With a sleek yet imposing design, the Montcalm easily stands out among the competition. What sets it apart is the four-door convertible Phaéton model, because why should you sacrifice the opulence of top-down motoring just for air conditioning? The Montcalm Phaéton features both.

Optional on hardtop models and standard on the Phaéton is the 410ci V12 offering a smoothness any V8 simply cannot achieve, and when paired with the hydraulic suspension system it makes the Montcalm one of the most comfortable cars on the road.

Visit your Mont Royal dealership and see for yourself what luxury can be.

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1975 Buckler Broadsword Finale

This car took too long

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Anyway, brought to you by American Luxury Motors, this is the

1976 ALM Boston - Grand Special Deluxe

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Yea imma use up that extra advert time thank you very much

1978 Mondo Atlantica
Series d’Elegance

Yummy Shots