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CSR120: The Funky So And So [Finals Released]


Oh, I think we can do loud…


It says it requires “at least 4 seats”, but if Coupé bodies are allowed, does that mean +2 or +3 suffice? Or is it specific to 4 full-size seats?

I also used twin/single drum brakes, because I wasn’t sure what the brake requirement means in actuality.


Pls use only 4 or more full-size seats guys :slight_smile:
About the brakes we are not sure yet but it’s a good choice so far.


While a good choice, there should probably be some leniency on brake fade though. These are going to be heavy cars, and drums will heat up fast.


is Mid-Engine Monocoque with McPhersons allowed or nah


I don’t see many of those with 4 seats.


It seems like that car gave PTSD to a lot of people


Is the new version of the Falcon body allowed, or too small? The thumbnail gives a 2.8m wheelbase, but the actual wheelbase is 2.78m



Yes it is allowed, that is also the body used for the Panther :slight_smile:


1972 Denver Crusader GT


1972 KGB Magnanimous

For you leaded-gang Americans who want Mustang performance and Cadillac flair.

0-60 in 6.9 seconds
140mph real world top speed
Hydraulic steering assistance
Premium trim


1972 Saenz Tridente

Prototypical finger exercise given form, it qualifies in all but wheelbase (of course) but I figured it fit the spirit of the challenge.

0-60 in 5.36 seconds, 142 mph through a four-on-the-floor, power sourced from a 372ci V8.


BKOO Senner 427: A Horse with Name

*Car depicted includes the optional L69 Handling Package, High Output Engine and PowerSport Appearance Package.


Rules have been updated :>




Does this mean Engine family year or Variant year?


Read the rules again :slight_smile:


Rules have been updated, Premium AM Radio is now the standard Police Radio and specified the years to the model’s Trim and engine’s Variant.


Are flatplane cranks allowed? I don’t see any reason not to.


I know submissions have started, but since you care quite a bit about authenticity, whats the rundown on gross versus net horsepower, since this is a transitory stage in that respect?