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CSR120: The Funky So And So [Finals Released]


Automation uses net hp, there is no gross hp value by the game nor is there a way to simulate it with math.


What I was referencing was that real cars would have significantly higher values in gross during this era than what the game would portray, so would they rather we have inflated HP values in net, or tone them down to be more realistic analogues.




Also, what are era-accurate brakes?


1970s was basically a transition period for auto manufacturers worldwide, including the USA is terms of adopting disc brakes as apposed to drum brakes. However, most cars during the earlier part of the 70s were still using drum brakes.

Basically these cars were shit-tastic all-round, but made great noises.


Not having brakes at all


1972 Katsuro Greaser R/T- A great way to make your wife a widow!

Jones sits back in his office chair, and tilts his head back over the headrest and thinks to himself…

“Big V8, big car… Ha! I know just the car”

Jones picks up his office phone and calls his friend Bernie that works at a Katsuro dealership…

“Yo Bernie, what’s up”

“Sup Jonesy, what can I do for ya?”

“Yo, I got a friend that needs something big and fast, I was thinking bout’ one of em greasers you got”

“I already told you Jones that these greasers are limited production, 6.5 liters of Asio-American powa, they go for a pretty penny. I’m not doing no deals for you”

“Calm down Bernie, before I have to tell your wife about them 3 kids you got outside. Listen, this guy is a ole’ friend of mine and I need to deliver. Now let’s work something out.”

“Really Jones? you’re gonna rat on me to my wife? You’re a real piece of shit. Ok I can probably squeeze one through the back door, but it’s gonna cost ya 30k.”

Jones gets up out of his seat and yells at Bernie over the phone:

“30k, are you fuckin’ retarded? I know the Dealer price is 25k so why the fuck would you try to hustle me?”

“Alright alright, I’m kidding. Calm down. Give me 24k and I’ll see what I can do.”

“Okay, that doesn’t sound too bad. You’ve got a deal. I’ll call him up and see if he’s interested.”

Jones hangs up the phone and calls Mark to give him the news.

Price: 23k
305hp, 0-60 is less than 8 seconds


First attempt at one of these design challenges.

The slightly outdated, 1970 TAG Auto Deluxo SS.
An import converted to left hand drive, powered by the Standard 6L Straya V8, good for 265 hp reaching a top speed of 144mph/231kph.
0-100 in 7.03 seconds, got it in good condition, a steal at $23,400!

Got a 2:32.871 in Beam compared to the Automation result of 2:34.93


Added a little explanation for the brakes, not excellent, but it’s something to follow if you don’t know too much about the cars from this period.

I don’t either


1971 M-71 Police Interceptor




Can I resubmit seeing that you made adjustments to the rules?


Sure, but this is why you don’t send in the car before the submissions are open.
And send it to Ryan.


roger that


“The 1972 Kliment Wombat Monaro Special.
Runs a 5.1 Litre oh-aych-see crossplane V8, with 4 barrel twin-carbs, based on a flatplane racing variant. The only reason I bought the bastard.
Also does 0-100 in 7.3 seconds.
Features a special high-range radio for use in the Aussie outback.
Starting price of 18 and 300 American dollars.”

Tosses Jones the keys.
“I’m not bettin’ on your ‘mate’ Mark buyin’ 'er, but if he does, ya owe me a good 16-kay pounds flatplane sport, Jones.”
Points to Jones, then the car.
“Never liked your bloody 'merican crossplanes.” And he walks off.


Which mods are these? I’ve never heard of a user called maymay and I haven’t seen this name on the Steam Workshop!


It’s a joke on the pronunciation of memes. Just avoid the memes if what it means.


OK, makes sense, they want to limit entries to make judging easier and faster. I can now make something without fear of inadvertently installing/using banned mods. :laughing::sunglasses::nerd_face:


My first photoshop (GIMP) for a while. Heavily inspired by the '69 Charger advert. I just did it for Dale!


Okay I might be late but any quality slider restrictions?