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CSR120: The Funky So And So [Finals Released]


I have an issue: No matter what I do my trim reliability doesn’t get any higher than 49 (50 is the min. limit) and I have no idea why. Please help me!


I’m pretty sure that the trim reliability takes the engine reliability into account, so maybe your engine’s too fragile?

Also, more fancy interiors and higher tech fittings have reduced reliability due to their increased complexity; more parts equals more that can go wrong, break or be poorly fitted/engineered. Using negative quality sliders hurts reliability as does allowing the car to bottom out…

If these areas don’t give gains then look at the foundations of your build. Choose simpler suspension and make sure the car is a front-engined, longitudinal configuration with rear wheel drive. Then you should get over that magic 50 reliability you’re chasing!


Thank you, the engine was the issue, I dind’t know the engine counted for the trim score. The other things I did already.


'72 MAD Corsair GTE

Power meets elegance in the new-for-'72 Corsair GTE.

Model shown is equipped with optional 427ci V8, 4-speed manual transmission, alloy wheels and 8-track player.


Love the writing, but Katsuro also made a Japanese Muscle car :sunglasses:

@abg7 very clean design here.



Cavalry Lance

This car is one powerful hunk of metal with a 7.0L V8, over 350HP


From Monarch Motor Company, the 1972 Mystery.

More of the Family for 1972


1972 Albatross Rivera

It's big, it's bold, and it's big.


Agreed. It took me a while to get right, until I settled on a vertically split grille similar to the '69 Charger R/T but with the exposed headlights of the rarer 500.


1972 Dominion Alouette SP440

Police radio and stick on flashing light included.


I was also referencing the charger 69 R/T but just couldn’t get it to work. You did a much better job than I did.


Introducing the 1972 Contra Montegro

For those who like some sport in their luxury, or some luxury in their sport.


Unleash hell in the new Pipi Falcon Devil, the latest edition of the Falcon.

With a unique black-and-red color scheme, there’s no mistaking this for anything else. The moment you see it, you’ll know it’s promising performance. The 406ci V8 engine delivers it, with huge torque from the moment you hit the throttle.

But what good is that performance if the car won’t start? That’s why the Devil - like every Falcon - has been engineered for class-leading reliability, with special attention paid to the most common points of failure.

You might expect to pay through the nose for all this, especially as you get a high-quality interior and AM radio with our latest speaker system as standard.

But go to your Pipi dealer and you’ll find you can drive one away for under $23,000.

Sounds like a hell of a deal to us.


With a sticker price of 24.400 $ incl. options

'nother photo

Big brain moment: Reviewing your own car and posting it on the forum

Detective Richards enters the garage with mechanic Watson

Watson: Right let’s get you the skinney on this baby 'ere

Richards: M-hm, lookin’ bad alright. Big boy.

W: Cool beans. Foxy 'ere’s named ‘Bat’. Equipped with all your million dollar muscle stuff:
A bomb interior, sum primo suspension, real breaks, -

R: No fake, but does it haul too?

W: Ya baby! Audi 5000’s up to 62 in 6.9 seconds!-

R: -Off the hook!-

W: -Books 137 M P H, corners at highway speeds-

R: -Gnarly-

W: -4 speed manual, noSlip differential-

R: -Whoa chill. That’s far out and all, but that sounds like one wheel peel-city.
Like, a phony sports car, you know?

W: Ain’t that exacly what ya need for the case? A real car that still blends in with the luxury?

Watson takes a deep breath

W: It’s got tires to handle it. It’s even got an 8-track for you closet disco queen.

R: Fab. I won’t hear a thing in it.

W: It’s like, silent though. That’s why it’s called the Bat, catch me drift?

R: Smooth play shakespeare, big blocks ain’t for the fauncy ear.

W: Riiight, now don’t blow off on me, but it’s got a 6.5 liter V 12.

Richards freezes up

R: …do me a solid and gag me with a spoon.

W: Ey don’t have a cow man, maintain.

R: That’s busted. No way I’m drivin’ a V 12.

W: Dude, they won’t hear ya coming, you dig’?

R: But that fry ain’t no v8

W: Man, are you jiving yet? That’s a pretty ace car for a fooey smokey you know.

gives him the hairy eye

R: FINE, but this chump better not break foul on me, ya hear?

W: 'course. Just slide me the mulah.

R: I hear that, sit on it.

W: That’s the joint, keep on keeping on and you’ll grow to love it.

R: Yeah right, gonna beat the drag to see for myself.

W: Catch you on the flipside!

R: Buzz off.


Turia Bravo 370
The new edition of the top of the line Bravo model, with a new 370 in engine featuring a six pack.
And offered with 6 new colors. Let people know you are the meanest driver on the road
Sounds like too much for just $23.000

More pics


Avantii Relpaula 72' Facelift



1970 Aldeane Phyton 450 SS, the perfect blend of muscle and class…

Very rushed…

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