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CSR120: The Funky So And So [Finals Released]


Shite, was really planning on making it into this one. That’s a shame.
Good luck everyone!


Am I late to post the ad?
Am I recycling an already used ad?
Am I crunching the hell out of absolutely everything while keeping up with RL stuff?

1972 Marvin Charlotte 378 GT

Moar Phodos

Small change, due to my poor communication with Ryan, and my general laziness, there will be no binings today, however, we plan on posting the binings and the first part of the preliminaries tomorrow. Hope that's alright with you fine people.


1972 Succard Massif
My photo mode is super laggy, sorry for the bad pic:

I don't like delaying the binning twice, but I don't like the idea of posting an unfinished binning even more and since I've got to get to work in the morning I can't stay up any longer, I'll just drop this pic of whats coming soon(?).


Take your time my friend!

Just… Try and buy a better camera please…


Or at least change out your chemicals

Idk how many submissions you got but it seems pretty big. A few days is no big deal. :wink:


Thank you for your comprehension :slight_smile:



Early 1973

Mark has lost his limp and Jones has found him some cars,
however …… not everything that Jones has found is quite what they are looking for.

John spots some of the cars, that Jones has found, on the table in his office.

"So, what has Jonsey found us then?"

John looking at the images of cars scattered on the table with notes tacked on with their respective specifications.

“Christ almighty what are these? This can’t be the best he’s been able to find……”


Prefect Mk III
Not following the CSR naming, very loud (34.6), low 0-100 (7.9), headers / 4 barrel (not technically illegal, however a lot of performance parts, high service costs)
The design is clearly more of a British one, not horrible, not great either, it's almost solid broadly speaking.


Kawaiidesu Carnage Second Generation
Not following the CSR naming, very loud (34.8), low trim reliability (51.5), many performance parts, 4.8 DOHC I6 ??? too advanced with high service costs 1411.2 (bad eco as well), monocoque not great for strength, missing key holes and police antennas. Not even going to mention the name, no sir.
The design however isn't too bad, really nice front grille and lights, the rest goes downhill however.


Pipi Falcon Devil
5-speed manual in 70s american car, standard interior with +2 quality, hard long life tyres are very questionable in a big v8 car… oh and 315’s in the back on 19’’ donks. Also very poor and sloppy styling.


Greaser GT
Severe wheelspin, 6 seats… not against the rules or even the era, however kinda odd choice, 7.9 seconds (0 -100) with terrible gearing, very loud (34.3), highest service costs of all the entries (1782). Forgettable design.


KGB Magnanimous
Man what were you thinking with this design? Very loud (34.2), DCOE and 5-speed, again, why? Low trim reliability 51.5.


M-71 Police Interceptor
I think we are done here.


Succard Massif
Very loud (34.2), meme-tier engine, 9L fully aluminium V8, worst reliability of all entries (50.6), I rated it the worst design of all, since it’s not even consistent, one side has a chrome stripe…. The other? Doesn’t!


Simentro Barge SS
50.5 engine PU, we are done with this one.
Design is a bit underwhelming, however solid and fitting to the era, more or less.


Interceptor V8 GT
LOUD NOISES (36.9), DCOE and long tubular headers are questionable, very slow 8s (0-100), high service costs 1655.1, missing keyholes and police antenna, solid looking car, however a bit outdated for the early 70s


Quezon Laguna 409ci Marikina Special
Below safety minimum (33.9).
Great looking car, a shame really.


Denver Crusader GT
Tony, Tony, Tronny, are you a wise guy or something? A brand new engine in this car (1973 engine)?
And why are you using 91 RON? You and your future fuels. Get outta here.
On the styling front, very very nice, a bit plain in some ways and the bumpers are a little out of place, but the whole package is so nice.


Micardo Splinter Stag
2/2* seats, no siree, we need 4 full seats minimum.
Solid looking car however, a bit odd in my opinion, but solid none the less.


Deer And Hunt SuperCoupe Superroad
Above the allowed loudness maximum (35.9), very slow 8s (8-100).
Great styling, very much a muscle car of the 70s, fantastic work, a shame to bin, really.


Aldeane Riviera 450 SS
Right at the maximum loudness (35), using 98 RON are we? Must be nice to be that rich.
Engine has some more spicy parts (again, not against the rules, but what you get with those parts is a high service cost of 1556.7).
Fantastic styling, nice period fitting design, even has protruding bumpers, just awesome. Again, sad to bin this.

@mcp928 & @mat1476

Sierra Durante GT
Very loud (34.1), quite unsafe (35.9), very sporty engine, very fancy bits in there, shame you have to pay a lot for that when it comes to servicing (1409), now the real reason for the bin is the 5-speed, why? Just why?
Such a shame to bin this design, highest rated out of all, just beautiful work, no question what decade it’s from. Everything is there, protruding bumpers, CHROME, mahogany….. Uuuggghhh, shame.

Preliminaries part 1 coming soon™


Your elimination criteria for the first set of cuts is quite reminiscent of the binning process for CSR64, which also had a muscle car theme - and one thing about it reminded me of how realistic American cars of the early 70s should be:

Spot on - as far as I am aware, no American car of that era was fitted with a five-speed gearbox, even as an option. Nor did their engines have alloy blocks or heads, or multivalve setups for that matter. And they definitely didn’t have double wishbone rear suspension either.

On a side note, this is the third time in a row that I haven’t fallen at the first hurdle of a CSR - and I can’t wait to see your verdicts on the remaining cars, including mine.


There was no requirement the car be American.

Wouldn’t it be easier for TC to have listed illegal parts if they’re instabin? Not everybody has an encyclopedic knowledge of early 70s US-specific car building conventions.


Quick question, what does the engine PU refer to?


production units




I didn’t broke any rule, stop being a dick.


Looks like someone isn’t used to get binned.

Also, this gif pic



You used fiber glass panel ¯_(ツ)_/¯

And also monocoque with V6 even if it wasn’t unrealistic, it was mentionned that ladder en V8 were hardly prefered.

But yeah Fiber Glass is unrealistic




I thought “loosey-goosey rules” was just optional requirements.


If you don’t know about certain regulations/conventions based on a region, then research. It takes an hour at most to have a decent chunk of knowledge if you know what to look for. Besides it’s easier to bin people by their silly mistakes instead of holding their hands in the rules.

Yeah except you literally broke the CSR rule of keep it real. How about you stop giving a hard time to the host and try to understand where you went wrong. Fiberglass panels and a V6? What muscle car from that era had either of those?