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CSR120: The Funky So And So [Finals Released]


Ok, now I accept that… I just tried to build something different, the oil crisis is comming and I tried to take advantage in fuel economy and price.


I couldn’t have told it in a better way. :slight_smile:


If you know what you’re looking for, this website can really help you to design a realistic car.


1972 Pontiac GTO
1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1
1972 Dodge Challenger
1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442
1972 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Furthermore, I advise Automation car designers to read this topic writen by @titleguy1

Tips and Tricks to Automation Car Design


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Can’t access the automobile catalog site. Any alternatives?


Wikipedia, incredibly useful yet underrated


CSR is about real cars. Using things just for the stats on the game is what we call minmaxing. The companies didnt know the oilcrisis would happen, why they would care about some years earlier? And fibre glass is about cars made in low numbers. Reasonsble but still real choices here is the key. Btw its a good way to learn How to proper make real cars and etc. Getting piss about binning is not the way.


And well, its quite Sad that designs such as the one from mat and nikon were binned


This round is set in 1972, but the oil crisis wouldn’t begin for another year, which defeats the point of going all-in on fuel economy and sacrificing everything else. And transversely mounted engines would not be common in American mid-sized and full-sized cars until the 80s or so.


Phew, i didn’t get binned.


That and Google ends up covering most of my questions


It’s a lot easier to write 4 lines of restrictions than expect 50 people to do an hour of research in to a limited appeal sub-category of vehicles.

One that’s a British sports car that still meets his requirements. If everybody just copy-pastes a Mustang and calls it a day, how is that any fun?

The rules are there to call a hard limit, if something you won’t accept fits then maybe you didn’t actually test that the rules were appropriate.

This is the biggest problem. When you make wishy-washy but strict rules then people will tend to play it safe. It’s a competition; if you can’t take risks to make a winning car then it’s dull.


A few things: there’s a period of time when this round was posted when you give feedback on the rules. Yet you only complain about them after being binned. Not to mention it’s not the host’s job to make sure you read the context of what the round is about, if you misunderstood it, refer to my first point of that period of time to give the host feedback. Also if you take the risk to be different also expect the risk of being binned early. Simple enough.


Aka, I don’t like putting any effort when engineering my car. I’ll keep that in mind.

I’d argue. Even if it was, not a good one.

Trust me when I say this, all top 11 cars from my CSR were unconventional in one way or another. I know what you’re saying. Are you sure that you know about what you’re saying?


I know this challenge is done and all but I keep wondering where people are getting the gremlin body? I can’t seem to find it.


Talking about creating rules, I’m not an expert, but the CSR is a character driven challenge, this one being an american guy.
You can see your banning as an injust use of un-written rules, or as a case where this good ol’ guy woudn’t buy your car because it’s too unconventional for the time


Alright can we stop and just see how the round plays out? I’ve seen what…55 CSR rounds by now and this one looks like a perfectly normal round rules wise. This stuff is supposed to be fun and the salt just brings everyone down including the host who is putting in a lot of work for you all.


cough CSR 94 cough


There was nothing to complain about because the rules didn’t explicitly ban good design. Nobody wants to be treated like they’re illiterate when the host didn’t specify restrictions.

I entered a Japanese car by a sporting-focused Japanese company tailored for Americans. Please point to the bit that bans foreign cars and foreign car design. It’s within the realms of realism for a Japanese company to not make a shitty scrap heap.

Let’s also bare in mind that I don’t care if I’m last place because he likes everything else better, the problem is him getting mad when people followed the rules he wrote, not the ones he didn’t.

I like to make cars that work, I’m not going to make a live axle rebodied truck when the rules allow an Americanised Chaser.

At least that would be a legitimate grievance.

I’m saying your mates know what you like, doesn’t mean you can write.

I’ll stick with this. I’d have no problem with him going “Muricans don’t drive jap crap!” as it’s perfectly in character, but no American has gone “5 GEARS?! THAT’S UNACCEPTABLE!!”


So… I am actually retarded. I was sure that I’ve mirrored antena, I was sure that door handle fixture has keyhole on it’s weird frame thing, I thought that 8s 0-100kph was the fastest you could go because of semi-realism stuff. At the end I really enjoyed this CSR and I am waiting to see what’s the final vehicle of choice. To anyone not understanding critique of their work. Just calm down. You made mistake, you were told you made mistake, you would propably do better in the next CSR.