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CSR121 - Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza


For Sale : 1996’ Kurokama SC-C 2.0 Zenki

Selling my old Kama (Not an import) to all interested car enthusiasists, it is the rare-ish 2.0L (Or as we would say today, iRS) version, painted in the exclusive Danger Yellow colour (Oh how i wish they bring that colour back).
I ask for $4400, but am willing to negotiate the price.
Comes with full service history (Including receipts), never has been crashed, and was kept garaged.
I was the only owner.


Engine : 2000cc Inline Turbo Four-Cylinder INI20RT4, 230Hp/250Nm. The car gets 34Mpg Combined
Condition : Very Good, like new. Also yes, it has Japanese license plates, they are in the papers. DW
Mileage : 126797 miles

Extra :

  • Does 0-60mph in 7.3s (It is not the fastest car around, but fast enough to be fun)
  • Six-speed Gearbox (Exclusive to the 2.0 Models)
  • One of the most powerful two-litre engines of its time. (And still reliable)
  • I had aftermarket radio put into it, clean installation, done by pros.
  • Stock Moonroof
  • Power Windows
  • ABS, Traction Control, Viscous LSD.
  • Custom Japanese-style License plates. (You can get it back on US plates, if you wish)
  • The car is rather cheap to maintain, good for new drivers.


For sale: 1991 Huwonja Sundial GT Turbo
Rare USDM Korean sports coupe, GT Turbo model. Replica Bornett rims, originals were stolen in the dead of night. Asking price: $3400, willing to negotiate.

Engine: 4 cylinder turbocharged EGT4 Sporter engine, all original parts
Mileage: 155400 miles
Condition: All paperwork included, 2 keys, good condition. Exhaust falling at rear, probably a missing clip.
KDM spec bumpers fitted, USDM engine and running gear. Set of new rear all-season tires fitted 2 weeks ago.


Selling: 92’ Alba Spada SLT-R

3970$ Negotiable Price
142256 Miles on the clock

RT23DEF Engine, 5 Seater, Does 0-60 in about 6.8 seconds. 4WD 5-speed Manual.
Oil changed about 2 mo. ago.
95 RON Or more.
Tyrelli P215/50R18 95Z tyres all-round
Original Forged 18 inch wheels
Stock Cassette system
Seats in good state
Will carry your groceries nicely.

Plates are cosmetic, Comes with US plates included (in trunk)
Few scratches on bumpers
Headlights fixed on October 2007
Tyres changed April 2009 (All-Season)
You may or may not find a leaf in the bonnet.

Will lower price by 1$ if you bring an orange. (1$ for 2 tangerines)




yeah cant have shit in detroit


1996 Bogliq Bettong SR8

Goin’ to the country, gonna haul me a load of peaches…

For Sale, MY96 Bettong SR8

One owner from new, serviced by the book its whole life and never skipped a beat. It’s been my constant travel companion, hauling artisanal foodstuffs one day and winding through the canyons the next.

All stock with only genuine parts installed and yes, the stereo recall has been done, so it’s safe to listen to your CD’s louder than a whisper! Reliable, trustworthy and practical; what more could you want?

Only downsides are that it’s a little thirsty (but it runs on horse piss, lol) and that I couldn’t afford the top shelf Action Express high performance parts…

Regretful sale; I would have loved to supercharge her but I couldn’t find any suitable parts kits. I’m moving to Garcia as I’ve inherited my family’s vinyard!

The car has travelled 153,490 miles and I’m looking for $4200, I’m firm on the price but I’m willing to negotiate in good faith with the right buyer.

No tyre kickers please, contact me on 0439 80085 or through the Geoffslist app contact function


runs on 2 RON


Love the referance to Garcia. I’m actually working on a map of Garcia in my time off of uni. Also loving now not being the only wagon.


For sale: 1992 Sanjou Auros S

Good conditions.
Optional audio package installed.
Has full seating for 5.
91RON “N” model.
145543 miles on the car.
Stock parts used when possible.

Asking for $3000, can negotiate.


'85 Calradia Tilbaut R200T also known as “Flying Wardrobe” or “Turbovan” is homologation special made to compete in '85 HTCC season. Rules for this season required car to be over 4m long stock, has minimum of 2 seat rows and minimum 3 doors in road legal trim. The idea behind new regulations was to stop manufacturers from joining competition with detuned versions of high performance cars. Sadly, successful '82 Tilbaut R Coupe was no longer allowed to compete. With less than 3 months to develop new racecar due to delay in rules announcement, Calradia R Performance division replaced rear of coupe with body and frame from light delivery panel van, mounted two seats in the back (engineers believed that 3rd seat was not only and equipped it with all goodies they had available at the moment. Effect? Tiny, lightweight platform with 50/50 weight distribution and boxer 4 engine from its bigger brother - Alburq, easy to modify and cheap to repair/replace parts. Commercial success and mass interest in quirky wagon accelerating 0-100kph in less than 6s was enough for company to produce more civilized, mass produced trim. R200T because this is the car we’re talking about, has real glass windows instead of panels made out of transparent plexi, advanced audio system and quality interior instead of bare metal panels and power steering. Other significant changes are improved exhaust system, softer suspension and uncountable engineering tweaks increasing reliability of the car. That’s all of the history.
Car model: Calradia R200T “Turbovan”
Year of production: 1985
Engine: Boxer 4, Turbocharged, 2000cc, 200hp
Body type: Shooting Brake
Transmission: 5 speed manual
Layout: FR
Seats: 4
Color: “Vintage Racing Blue”
Mileage: 180659 miles
Price: $2295


1996 Hokuto Senera VTi






this is possibly the most epic thing i have ever seen



Grabs popcorn.
This is getting good.


like seeing JC and JM in Africa Special ?




FOR SALE: 1992 Armor Sunburst LX

-V6 LX with the rare 1SA Sport Appearance Package (GT front nose and hood).
-Silver with red interior, custom red stripes on original paint.
-1996 Sunburst GT wheels with Dunlap SuperSport tires (75% tread left). Original 15 inch wheels included.
-Gas shocks.
-Computer chipped and is programmable (software included with car).
-Aftermarket Polke Stereo with graphic equalizer sounds amazing.

This car has been my baby since new. Always changed oil with synthetic. Car has 164k miles and runs STRONG. I planned on keeping this car forever, but we have a baby on the way and I need more doors. My loss is your gain. $3599

more pics