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CSR121 - Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza


Nice made it past the first bins!


It doesn’t really matter. The local dealer called me to say it sold it last Saturday. They found someone who loves old unreliable french cars. :joy:


Ha! Close, Pulsar is french, LHE is American, Unreliable?


But, at least it isn’t an Auto!


expected bin, got binned.

I’ll be real here, I made the Gira Junior SR(which does NOT stand for senior but Sports&Racing) for another competition and pretty much submitted it to this challenge knowing full well it wasn’t really designed for it. Lotsa weird quirks which altogether make it kind of a head scratcher to most.

The high service costs are due to the engine having a bit of trouble fitting properly. Which tends to happen when you stuff a 3.6 boxer in the back of a small car.


Honestly, not my best creation, so I deserved the bin. But there’s one thing I don’t agree with the review, because a turbo engine from the 80s with 3000 thousand rpm would be normal


Whether it was a bug or not, I actually wasn’t able to fit a boxer-six in the Porsche body to meet the 3.9 liter Mezger-like engine. So I had to stick with a boxer-four. Which was 3.9 liters only if ah, fully bored out, since it was currently stuck at 3 liters.

Don’t have a good excuse for the other choices though. But this excuse was significant enough to make mention of, the boxer-four was literally the only engine that fit.


So, where can I look up technical details on engines, up to technology behind them? Wikipedia?
And yes, apparently I was foolish enough to use a body with noticeably shorter wheelbase than the car I was initiating without considering size (which, the game does not take care of)


Google what cars of the era had, when certain tech was more common, what stopped being used at what period etc


Any words to use when searching for engine crank or pistons? “car (piston/crank) technology 90s” didn’t offer much help.
I figured out solutions for other parts, but not these two.


Unless you’re doing a high end car or a limited edition of a car, pistons and cranks are usually only only cast or low friction pistons after they’re invented. This tends go for most cars, and most engines are over-square.


Most modern engines also use hypereutectic pistons


fair enough. not the best car ive built. i did kind of make it purposefully a tad unreliable because of the stupidity of the milage calc. I did screw up with the wheels (if u got 17 inch ones i must have forgotten to change them back to 16 b ecause the car was intended for 16s) I tuned it for regular (read spicy-water shitspec 91 RON fuel) because its a US model. and its a decent 3 door GT so sportiness isnt its focus. Fair enough it wasnt the best car ever though i still think it shouldnt have been instabinned. eh well. good luck to those who werent launched off the face of the earth.


A laggy turbo from an early 80s turbo car is fairly normal, yes, but Kayla doesn’t want something a laggy turbo.


Yay!, Top 34. I’m getting there lol


still survived the first round, phew


Mechanicals aren’t my strongest point lmao


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I really didn’t spend much time or thought doing this challenge, and the results show.


They weren’t that laggy tho. BMW 2002 Turbo which is propably the best example of early turbos revved up to over 6500k rpm with torque topping out at 4000rpm.


Have you seen the model year of BMW 2002?


Aw man. I’ve yet to reach a second round of CSR. Oh well, at least my designs are getting better! I was banking completely on the lightness of my car to upset the turbo lag of the boxer 4. I originally made a turbo Inline 4, but I scrapped it because I didn’t want the top trim to differ in engine layout (the Espada S6 has an NA boxer 6, so I wanted to stick to that) I guess I should’ve ultimately gone with the +3 or +2 configurations. It still did well for a car I’ve made a long time ago.