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CSR121 - Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza


An update to to the calculator has been posted. Compared to the original version:

  • the effect of the engineering times on used price have been reduced
  • the effect of depreciation from age has been modified
  • the effect of the car’s original base price has been increased

I have also specified that “+” seats are permitted for the second row. If they make sense for your vehicle, you can use them.


Not all of them. Only the top trims of the cars have that amount of horsepower. Most of the lower trim models hover around 140-200 hp


the shromet ableton. a simple rwd car for enthusiasts.


Volvo 740 Turbo

As opposed to the 850 Estate…
Smh, I thought this girl was serious.


You aren’t going to drift much with an 850 are you?


1990 Franklin Marshall Hydra 1.8 Sport - $3200 ovno


An 850 great for BTCC or to find the source of the river nile but for Formula D you’ll need to spread oil everywhere on the track :rofl:


Benezia Sphinx GT-S 3.0TT

$3150 asking price, b.y. 1991, 210hp man
Runs well and has been driven frequently, just over 73000 mi and no body damage. some paint scuffs front and rear.
Engine serviced 4 mo. ago, wheels are aftermarket, orig wheels available for $300


would we be able to have an engine swap from a later year car as a modification? if so then how do we calculate that for the resale price?

1990 Hitomi 200SR Twin Turbo - $3,225 (Eaton Rapids)

This is a fun car to drive. I Bought it for my wife for Christmas 8 years ago. Ever since then this car has been driven less than 3,000 miles a year. It has 144,904 miles on it. The paint has normal wear, you know the deal. My wife treats this car better than me so you don’t have to worry about any serious damage.

1990 Hitomi 200SR TT
condition: good
cylinders: 6 cylinders
drive: rwd
odometer: 144,904
paint color: “limited white”
size: compact
title status: clean
transmission: manual
type: hatchback


1990 Katsuro LS 300 GT

Asking $4020


Has any deadline been decided?


Please don’t swap a more modern engine into a newer car. It’s too complicated on the pricing.

Since I’m starting to receive entries, I think it is time to officially open entries. I will not be making any more adjustments to the calculator. Entries will be open one week; until March 21st at 8:00 PM GMT.

Please re-read the prompt, as some things have changed.

This is a short brief on the changes:

  • “+” seats acceptable for 2nd row.
  • clarification on expectations on catalytic converters
  • Small adjustments to the priorities. Looks are still top priority, sportiness is high but a fast car that is only marginally sporty works just as well.
  • clarification that newer, lower-mileage cars will be looked on more fondly in terms of running costs and reliability than an older, higher mileage cars with better stats. Cars at or above 250k miles will be a hard sell.
  • lowered octane maximum, and made a fuel adjustment cost factor for the use of regular gas.
  • added the concluding point of well-roundedness. Sports cars, sure, but not track-day-only toys please.
  • commented on mileage. No hard cap, but over 250k miles is a very tough sell.
  • modifications to calculator for balance.


I’m glad someone asked about engine swaps as I was working on that exact thing tbh lol. I didn’t see it in the rules.


1993 KGB Caballero S - $3,785

Solid daily driver, no complaints in 150k miles since new. Modded with RS model bonnet and spoiler, comfortable coilovers, wider wheels, bucket seat and newer head unit.

2L inline-4 with 203hp, RWD and a geared diff, this beast a hoot to hoon. Never misses a beat and is surprisingly practical for how sporty it is.


MAHG Silhouette 3000 GT24v

I sell my beloved sports car because I’ll be dad in few month so it’s time for me to get a more practical car.

It’s got 162 000-ish miles on the clock, with regular maintenance and few modifications.

This is the non-turbo but top of the range version of the 4 seater Silhouette.

Manual 5 gearbox,Viscous LSD, ABS,2 Airbags,8 Speakers cassette stereo with EQ (I keep it for the steering controls, but I use an FM transmitter to connect my phone to it). Nice manual leather seats,gear lever and handbrake, Climate control and Sunroof.

Engine wise it’s all-good, had some modifications done to it for track day use.

Slight retune of the timing to accomodate the change of exhaust. I installed a Fujitsaba full sport exhaust line which includes long headers,sport catalytic converter and muffler delete.

I changed the stock suspensions for Bill-Stain sport kit with sport shock/springs/anti-sway bars. It gives the car great grip but with a bit of tail-happiness.

I leave the standard set of 16in wheels with Yakahama UHP sport tyres, 50% tread life left and the Bramba sports pads.

All fluids,timing belt ,water pump taken cared of about a 1000 miles ago, Front upper wishbone refurbished, Rockercover gasket replaced.

2732 negociable.


Why need a 4 seater for friends when you can have a 2 seater, for you and a co-driver in a little car that weighs less than a ton and can kill you at any moment? :smiling_imp:
Well that would be my entry but it’s not meeting the rules and is instabinned by the moment I send it in. So unfortunately I will not partake in this CSR as much as I would like to.

This is the 1996 FWM Kiana Roadster
The first model made for the FWM line-up.
It’s 950 kilos, has a 150hp RWD, 5-speed manual, No power-steering, no ABS, no TC, no power brakes. I had to put advanced safety just to meet safety rules so y’all can at least survive ya twats! Or else I will have this thing at about 800 kilos. If that’s a problem, then that is your problem. After all you bought the thing and signed the waver. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Vena.Sera423 why don’t you try and submit a car that follows your “ultralight” philosophy but has four seats?

It’s good practice, since you’re out of your comfort zone, plus you may even win! :nerd_face:


Mitsushita Cassiopeia for $2,050.


Let’s say you want to do something, do the calculations, but you want the mileage lower, can you fudge a stat like, the year, and use the higher price but advertise the car at the desired mileage? or am I going too far into this? Because I was thinking of something that might be boarding on classic status, but would like the Miles to reflect it.